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Digital dance march 2012


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Crowdfunding is a modern, online and interactive way to raise funds directly from the public – or the Crowd – for your projects and activities. With the advent of Crowdfunding we can now turn our audiences into supporters and funders, by collecting multiple small donations online and offering unique incentives to encourage giving, not only can you raise funds to get your project of the ground but you can start to build a ‘buzz’ around it before hand.

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Digital dance march 2012

  1. 1. Digital Dance Making use of the Social Media Revolution© The White Light Company
  2. 2. Dance in Scotland 2010-2011• 19% took part in a dance activity• 51% of the NE of Scotland took part in dance• 79% of the population of Edinburgh and South Scotland took part in dance• 19 of the 32 Scottish local authorities have dance development officers© The White Light Company
  3. 3. Enthralled Why? PhysicalEngrossed PowerfulEmotional BalanceExperience Co-ordinationUnique ControlLive HappyMusic DifferentVisuals ExpressionCostumes BeautySkill TalentWow GraceImpossible PerfectionExhausting MovementGymnastics Body © The White Light Company
  4. 4. Why Not? • Intimidating • Risky • Going it alone • Time • Copy • Trust • Knowledge • Choice • Cost© The White Light Company
  5. 5. What can Social Media do?1. Offers you a FREE communication tool2. Measures your success3. Strengthens relationships with existing audiences4. Creates relationships with new people5. Raises awareness and gives you higher visibility6. Send out reminders, special offers, prize draws etc7. Build up an interactive, social network of fans © The White Light Company
  6. 6. And More…1. Valuable feedback and insight into who your audiences are2. Your content is shareable, creating that Viral effect3. Makes it easy for people to find you4. Keep up to date with news and conversations5. Stay in touch with other organisations6. Recruiting staff or volunteers © The White Light Company
  7. 7. Social Media Facts 2011• People spend 1 out of every 6 minutes on Social Networks• There are 150 million Blogs online• 60,000 websites are added to the internet every day• YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit every month• You Tube users upload 35 hours of video every minute• Facebook has 600 million active users• Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site• Twitter handles 155 million tweets daily• Twitter is adding nearly 500,000 users a day• People upload 3,000 images to Flickr every minute• Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days
  8. 8. Social Media Platforms © The White Light Company
  9. 9. Blogging• Blogging is about branding• The stream of consciousness,• personality,• interests,• tonality and opinion of your brand• More compelling and engagingUse Blogging to:• Communicate your view point• Celebrate work• Provide updates• Make announcements• Ask questions• Start conversations• Respond to comments from othersRemember no Blog is an island – Connect
  10. 10. Twitter • Micro-blogging (140 characters) • Delivers short, sharp and sweet messages • Twitter is about information dissemination and Niche targeting Use it to: • Develop personal branding • Direct traffic to sites, blogs, podcasts, videos, images, comments etc • Organisation happens through #tags • Collate tweets around topics© The White Light Company
  11. 11. You Tube• The home of Online Video• Other sites - vimeo, viddler and videojug• You will have to work hard to carve out a viewershipUse it to:• Set up a You Tube Channel, and brand it.• Create, Collect and Share video content• Create playlists• Tell a story
  12. 12. Facebook• Is THE social connection platform• Fan pages for businesses with vanity URLs helps grow your network• Builds awareness• Links new prospects through news feeds of your followersUse it to:• Create a hub rooted in sociability• Upload images, video, thoughts, opinions and links• Create a dialogue with audiences to ask questions to and seek feedback from• It is not a one-way advertising platform!
  13. 13. Linkedin• An online rolodex• Create a professional profile and sell yourself• Include your professional experience, fields of interest and expertise• Add in contacts• Helps to widen the netUse it to:• Link to people you know professionally• Keep people informed about what you are doing or looking to be involved in• But you need to stay interested in what everyone else is saying too
  14. 14. Before you start… Ask yourself the following questions 1. What do you hope to achieve? 2. Who are you talking to? 3. How does SM align with your brand? 4. What are your resources? 5. What do you know about the media? 6. How will you handle interactions and dialogue? 7. Who will be responsible in the long-run? 8. How will you integrate these platforms? 9. How will you distribute?© The White Light Company
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