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A Basic Guide to Setting Up & Using Flickr


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Moray Connections organised a training day for museum and heritage centre volunteers in using Flickr. This basic guide provides information on setting up a Flickr account, creating your profile, uploading photos, creating sets and groups.

Published in: Technology, Sports
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A Basic Guide to Setting Up & Using Flickr

  1. 1. Setting up and Using Flickr – A Moray Heritage Connections Training Event
  2. 2. Why use Flickr?• Creates an online, accessible archive• Enables you to open up collections• Enables others to contribute• Engages your audience• Encourages sharing
  3. 3. How museums are using Flickr• Opening up archives to audiences• Asking visitors/ fans to contribute to exhibitions• Demonstrating visitor experiences• Help to curate exhibitions• Engage audiences with games
  4. 4. Visit to create an account
  5. 5. Click on ‘Sign Up’ to start the process
  6. 6. To create an accountyou have 4 options1. Sign in with your Yahoo email account2. Sign in with your Facebook account3. Sign in with your Google email account4. If you don’t have any of these you can create a new account from scratch.
  7. 7. If you select ‘Create aNew Account’ youwill need to completethe followingregistration form.
  8. 8. If you sign in withFacebook, Yahoo, orGoogle you will beprompted to give youraccount email addressand password.
  9. 9. You will be asked toconfirm that you wouldlike Flickr (which isowned by Yahoo) tolink up with youraccount beforeproceeding.
  10. 10. You are then asked tocomplete some detailsabout yourself.Enter in your name ifthis has not beencompleted already.And select a Flickrscreen name – thismight be your ownname or the name ofyour organisation –this will be seen byother members ofFlickr and non-Flickrmembers whensearching for you.
  11. 11. After completing the set up you now have a Flickr account – which will look like this.
  12. 12. First you need to completeyour profile.By clicking on ‘Personaliseyour Profile’ you can begin toadd in information and createa buddy icon.You can start to uploadphotos and find friends orpeople to connect with onthe Flickr community.
  13. 13. When you click on ‘Personalise your Profile’ you are presented with 3 options – creatinga buddy icon (which is the image you will use to identify yourself), choose your customURL and personalise your profile. We will start with creating a buddy icon.
  14. 14. You will be asked to find an imagefrom your computer. Click on thelink here to find your image.
  15. 15. Once you have found the imageyou would like to use as yourBuddy Icon you can then clickUpload.
  16. 16. Once your image has upload youneed to drag and resize theimage to fit the square.Once you are happy with yourimage click on the Pink button‘Make the icon’.To drag and resize the Squarehold your left mouse key downover the corner of the squareand drag.
  17. 17. Flickr will now displayyour Buddy Icon.Click on Next to proceed.
  18. 18. Flickr allows you to create acustom URL extension. Thiswill help people to find yourprofile.You can only set this ONCE – itcannot be changedafterwards.
  19. 19. The final step is to completeyour profile details.If you have ‘About Us copyalready available you cancopy & paste this here.
  20. 20. To upload photos and videos you need to click on the link hereYou can upload 300MB of photos and 2 Videos a month.
  21. 21. Flickr has introduced a new Photo and Video Uploader (June 2012).To start you need to click on ‘Choose photos and videos to upload’.
  22. 22. You will be prompted to look for your photos on your computer.To select more then 1 photo hold on ‘Ctrl’ and select the photos you want to upload.
  23. 23. The photos will start to Upload. You can now give each image a Title and Description.You can complete the sections provided underneath the photo.Or complete the sections provided in the column to the left.
  24. 24. If your photo is not aligned correctly you can rotate your image by clicking on the circulararrow which will appear when you hover your mouse over the image.
  25. 25. It is important that each of your images are tagged. These are the keywords thatdescribe the image and enable people to search for your images. You can add theseTags in the left hand column under ‘Add Tags’.
  26. 26. You should organise your images into ‘Sets’ (or photo albums), this will allow you tomanage your images more effectively.To create a set you first need to click on the link ‘Add to Sets’ below – a dialogue box willappear so you can create your first Set.
  27. 27. Flickr will ask you to give the Set (or photo album) a Title and Description – this willhelp other people understand what your Set is.
  28. 28. When you go to add animage to a Set now yournewly created set willappear.If you want to create anew Set you need toclick on ‘Create a newset’.
  29. 29. Once you are happy with all your images and your Sets you then need to click onUpload Photos in the top right hand corner. This will then upload your photos to yourphotostream for Flickr members and non-members to see.
  30. 30. When you return toyour FlickrPhotostream youwill now see yournewly upload photosand the Set you havecreated. You Sets will appear here.
  31. 31. Next we will look at Groups – groups are designed for a collection of Flickr users tocome together and share and discuss photos around a specific theme.To get started you need to click on the tab Groups.
  32. 32. On the Groups page you can explore and find interesting groups to join or follow bysearching for keywords i.e. museum
  33. 33. You will then be presented with a list of groups that include your keyword search.You can now request to become members and start to interact with different groups onFlickr.
  34. 34. To create your own group you need to click on the link ‘Create your own group’.
  35. 35. You can create 3 types of groups – Public (anyone on Flickr can join and contribute),Public by invitation only (only those Flickr users you invite can join the group), andPrivate (only you and friends & family can see the group).
  36. 36. Once you have selectedthe type of group youneed to give the group atitle and description andset the Group Safetylevel.
  37. 37. You will then be asked toselect the permissions fornon-members of yourgroup.
  38. 38. You can also edit the titlesgiven to administrators,moderators and membersif you so wished.
  39. 39. Finally, you will be able to edit and control all the elements of your group in yourAdministration Panel. Here you can ban or temporarily remove members, create a groupicon and moderate your group content.
  40. 40. Adding an Icon will be important for identifying your group.This can be upload in the same way you uploaded your buddy icon.
  41. 41. Or you can select an image already uploaded to Flickr.
  42. 42. When you view your group you will be able to see the photos you and members ofthe group have uploaded (this is called your Group Pool) and the discussions takingplace.To Add Photos to your group click on the link ‘Add Photos’.
  43. 43. You will now be able to see all the photos you have upload to Flickr. You can pick whichimages to upload to your group by selecting the images from the box below.
  44. 44. By clicking on the drop down menu you can see your images categorised into differentgroups. This is designed to make it easier for you to search for your images once youhave a larger pool of images to choose from.
  45. 45. If you want to include photos from a Set you have created click on the set and thenselect the image you want to include in the group. Once you have selected an imageit will then appear in the right hand box called ‘Your Selections’.
  46. 46. Once you have completed this process you will then be returned to your Group pageand you will see your images uploaded to the Group Pool. To start a discussion you need to click on ‘Post a new topic’ under the Discussion tab.
  47. 47. On creating a discussion topic for your group you need to think of a Subject title andthe content for your Post. Once you are happy with your discussion post you need toclick on ‘Start Topic’.
  48. 48. You will now see your discussion topic posted to your Group and members will have theopportunity to respond and leave their own posts.
  49. 49. When you return to your Group Page you will now see your discussion topic postedbelow. To invite people to your group you need to click on the tab ‘Invite Friends’
  50. 50. You have two options 1. Add other Flickr members – if you know their email address orflickr user name you can search for people and invite them to your group.2. Add a friend that isn’t a flickr member- the individual will receive an email from youand will need to create a flickr account in order to join your group.
  51. 51. Now when you click on the tab Groups you will see your newly created group.
  52. 52. To access your Account settings you need to click on the downward facing arrow next tothe tab ‘You’, in the drop down menu you need to select ‘Your Account’.
  53. 53. You can edit your personal details, privacy & permissions, email & notifications, andenable levels of content sharing.To edit any of this information you need to click on the link ‘Edit’ next to the item youwish to change.
  54. 54. To edit your profile you can select ‘Your Profile’ from the drop down menu.
  55. 55. Here you can edit your profile information, privacy, buddy icon, screen name as well asread any testimonials or reviews written by other Flickr members about your profile.
  56. 56. You can also Organise your photographs by clicking on the tab ‘Organise & Create’.
  57. 57. You will see a new window for organising and editing your photographs.To start you need to select the images you want to organise and drag them into the greybox in the middle of your screen.
  58. 58. You can edit Batches of images at the same time. By clicking on Batch Organise and thenEdit Photos - you will be able to add or change titles, tags and descriptions.
  59. 59. If you select ‘edit titles, descriptions and tags’ your images will now appear like so.This will then enable you to edit any and all content. Once you have completed thisprocess scroll down and click on ‘Save’.
  60. 60. If you would like to reorganise the order that your photos appear in your set you need toclick on ‘Set’ and select the set you wish to edit. By clicking and dragging your photosaround you can then decide the order that they will appear in your set.
  61. 61. When you are finished organising and editing your images you need to click on ‘YourPhotostream’ to return to your Flickr home page.
  62. 62. To add, view, engage with and edit your contacts you need to click on the tab ‘Contacts’.
  63. 63. Here you can Find Your Friends who might already be on Flickr and search forinteresting people to add to your contacts database.
  64. 64. When you search for contacts you will be presented with a list of all the possiblematches.When you have found the person or organisation you wish to make contact with youneed to click on the link ‘add as contact’.
  65. 65. You will now be asked to decide what type of contact to make this member – simply a contact,friend or family.Once you have selected, you need to click on the button ‘Add Contact’ .This member will then be sent a notification that you would like to be a contact on Flickr.
  66. 66. To delete your account you need to select ‘Your Account’ from the drop down menuunder the tab called ‘You’ and at the bottom of the page is a link to ‘delete yourFlickr account’ – click on this.
  67. 67. You will be presented with this warning. Click on ‘OK – Next’ to continue andcomplete the process.
  68. 68. When you are finished using Flickr you can log off by clicking ‘Sign Out’ in the top righthand corner of your screen.
  69. 69. When you come to log back into Flickr you now need to click on the link ‘Sign In’.
  70. 70. This was a basic overview of how to set up and use Flickr, Flickr Sets and Flickr Groups. Thank you for your time. If you liked this presentation please share it with your colleagues and friends.