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Msp 9; analyse cover and contents page of three magazines


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task 9

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Msp 9; analyse cover and contents page of three magazines

  1. 1. The whole of the front cover contains pink which clearly shows the target audience will be girls/women Using someone famous to attract more customers (boost) ‘clothes’ relates to the genre of fashion Sell lines Pink represents girly and nice things Floral pattern represents fashion Same font and title is used throughout the magazine so that the audience know this is ‘glamour magazine’ Includes a lot more text and information about the cover page Boost Sell line
  2. 2. Clearly states the genre on the cover of the magazine By using a girl model it suggests that this magazine is going to contain fashion and glamour and also they are trying to attract a certain target audience (boost) The same font is used on all of the ‘Elle’ magazines which helps you immediately identify the magazine Use of the model’s make-up suggests that it’s about glamour and she is representing fashion The same font is used on all of the ‘Elle’ magazines The image of makeup represents the genre of the magazine Target audience are girls/women The contents page contains a lot more text and information than the cover page does, this means that it would be giving more information to what the magazine is about Clear and bold to the page Sell line
  3. 3. Uses the same colour scheme throughout of black, white and neon pink Involving the audience Using slogans to try and attract customers It is obvious that the contents page is part of the same magazine as the cover because the colour scheme runs throughout and also the same model is used The same model from the cover page is used in the contents page to show that it’s the same magazine Contains a lot more text than the cover page does The target audience are clearly girls because there is a use of pink used throughout all of the cover