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S.w.o.t. analysis and marketing scheme of a library


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Best Marketing scheme of a library

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S.w.o.t. analysis and marketing scheme of a library

  2. 2. SWOT AnalysisStrategic balance sheet of an organization;Usesto determine the Strength, Weakness,Opportunities, and Threat of the library.Used to determine on what area should the librarywill focus its program based on the weaknesses found ● Strength ● Weaknesses ● Opportunities ● Threats
  3. 3. STRENGTH Excellent, experienced staff Public service orientation Systematized circulation Collections (print, non print, electronic, internet based resources) Adequate legal resources Services
  4. 4. STRENGTH Working Hours Reading area Geographical location Equipment
  5. 5. WEAKNESSES The building is too high and too tiresome to go at Security (Surveillance Camera) Library webpage outdated Staff computers outdated and very slow Outdated brochure OPAC is very hard to findonline
  6. 6. WEAKNESSES Old Facilities Studentassistants are more visible in rendering service
  7. 7. OPPORTUNITIES Outreach and marketing library services and collections New staff and faculty hires Digitization of archive materials Seminars Networking or cooperation with other libraries
  8. 8. THREATS Budget cut Changing perception of students concerning the role of library  Time saving for computer than scanning books  The internet is more fun, etc. Publication costs increases ever Alternative information providers  Vendors bypass libraries and go directly to users  Increasing number of computer shops
  9. 9. MARKETING Has been looked at as the “4P’s” (Product; Price; Place; and Promotion) The process of finding and then keeping customers ● ~Theodore Levitt
  10. 10. MARKETING GOAL Everyone in the organization will be aware of the services the library provides Everyonewithin the organization will make use of the library services Clients value and use library as part of the learning experience
  11. 11. Why MARKETING? Simply, we are letting the customers to know that we, our library, can meet their needs Increasing competition with the internet (Google, Yahoo, Wiki, blogs, e-books, others) Promoting Information Literacy (the ability to locate, evaluate and use needed information) Awareness of the services of the library“If no one knows about the library, the services, itwill not or should not exist”
  12. 12. Why Marketing? Today’sstudent- the digital native – defaults to the open Web for research Many adults are unaware of the range of the services that libraries offer Need targeted, high impact, low cost ways to reach and engage customers/users
  13. 13. Marketing (4 P’s)PRODUCT=Services Reader Services  Circulation  Museum Multimedia Services Auxiliary Services (ID, Borrowers Card, Referral letters, Library Clearances) Library Network Service (Consortium)
  14. 14. PRODUCT=Services Readers Advisory Services Current Awareness Services Publication Bulletin Boards Displays and Exhibits Photocopy
  15. 15. PRICE Free
  16. 16. PLACE Inside the institution or community
  17. 17. PROMOTION How to let users know what product or servicesare available Anything libraries do to let the communityknow who they are and what they do!
  18. 18. PROMOTION NEWSPAPER One way of informing clients or even other libraries on what is happening in the library Disseminating information Contents show that library is active Journal for library Readers are attracted by people’s stories
  19. 19. PROMOTIONBROCHURE or HANDBOOK History of the library, VMGO, Policies, Services, Sections, Library Hours Clients reminder Introduces library with the clients
  20. 20. PROMOTION BULLETIN BOARD Bulletin board displays are an easy and creative way to spice up the décor in a library, brighten the walls and educate library patrons about the resources the library has to offer. Activities, Current Awareness, trivia (question and answers), Service, Announcements, VMGO keep people abreast of events, opportunities and peer activities in library serve to inspire and motivate
  21. 21. PROMOTION WEBSITE Brief description of community/University and library, contact details, library hours, library services, Policy, online communities of library user (chat, comments, etc.) The #1 marketing tool for libraries today is a comprehensive, user-friendly, frequently updated online resource, aka, a top-notch Web site!! Integral part of the library
  22. 22. PROMOTION WEBSITE  Farcheaper and more flexible than print advertising  Market expansion  24/7 service  Customers will find out whether the book they are looking is available or not before coming  Coming events  Affordable market research  Visitor polls, online survey, website statistics
  23. 23. PROMOTIONWEBSITE Communicating information to current and prospective clients Can be easily updated
  24. 24. WEBSITE BUILDING THE BEST SITEGive Users What They Expect Quality - Your site must meet quality standards of other library and commercial sites in your community Performance - The site and content need to load quickly in comparison to the competition’s sites Reliability - The site must be constantly updated and as free from technological problems as possible
  25. 25. WEBSITE BUILDING THE BEST SITEAdd Enticing “Digital Extras” Access to online catalogs Immediate reference services Overdue notices by e-mail Library e-newsletters or a library newsroom Online calendar of events Links to search engines for the site Social networking tools (Blog, podcasts, wikis…)
  26. 26. Additional promotional strategies Word of mouth marketing Exhibits Orientation programs Social Network Pages (e.i. Facebook)
  27. 27. SUCCESSFUL MARKETINGGreat spirit of cooperation withinthe organizationSense of responsibility ofeverybodyGood leadership
  28. 28. EVALUATIONSurveyNumber of library usersPatronsnumber in participating programs/activitiesStats of the websiteEnrolleesCirculation
  29. 29. THANK YOU andGood Morning!!!