Media Studies Research


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For my A2 Coursework

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Media Studies Research

  1. 1. Research Corrie Wheeler
  2. 2. Codes and Conventions of a Documentary There are different genres of documentaries; codes and conventions may differ slightly depending on this.  Interviews  Voice-over  Soundtrack  Slow motion / fast motion footage  Close-ups and extreme close-ups  Establishing shots  Archive footage  Video diaries  Text and graphics  Juxtaposition
  3. 3. Codes and Conventions of… a double page spread from a listings magazine focused on the documentary  Images, usually large and/or multiple and with captions  Columns  Informative content  Date of airing  Synopsis  Rating  Main features tab a newspaper advertisement on the documentary  Large image showing main feature  Reviews  Large title  Majority printed in colour and high resolution  Channel or company logo
  4. 4. Audience Research
  5. 5. Audience Research Do you watch documentaries on a regular basis?
  6. 6. Audience Research What genre of documentary do you most enjoy?
  7. 7. Audience Research Which channel do you usually watch them on?
  8. 8. Audience Research How much time do you usually spend on the internet per day?
  9. 9. Audience Research What do you mostly use the internet for?
  10. 10. Audience Research Which of these websites do you use on a regular basis?
  11. 11. Audience Research Do you attend any internet community events?
  12. 12. Audience Research (a) Have you ever made any friends on the internet? (b) If yes, have you ever met them in person?
  13. 13. History of Documentaries “a film or television or radio programme that gives facts and information about a subject”.  The first documentary piece was done in 1877 by Eadweard Muybridge – a series of sequential images on the way a horse runs  In 1895 Auguste and Louis Lumière made a series of short actuality films  In the 1920s, Nanook of the North was filmed by Flaherty  After the 1920s, documentary films mainly consisted of propaganda e.g. Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will on the Nazi Party  From 1950 to 1970, cinéma vérité was developed where handheld equipment enabled film crews to follow a natural disaster
  14. 14. According to IMDb, the most popular documentary in the US box office was in 2004, named Fahrenheit 9/11. It grossed $119 million (Wikipedia states it grossed more, with $222,446,882), while Jackass grossed $117 million. We can now watch documentaries on the go due to technological advancements and the internet.
  15. 15. Consideration of Institutional Platforms  BBC Three and Channel 4’s target audience is 16-34 year olds  Both channels air documentaries on controversial topics, such as Horsemeat Banquet (BBC Three) and Crazy about One Direction (Channel 4)  Our documentary would be independent – BBC Three airs documentaries from independent studios like Studio Lambert  Both channels have an on-demand service: BBC iPlayer and 4oD.