Marketing final one


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Marketing final one

  1. 1. Rejoice It is the best choice !! Presentation by: Shailaja Vishrutha Mangalore
  2. 2. Relaunch of Rejoice shampoo About the company: Rejoice is the well known company with larger sector in Indian economy by covering maximum market size by our known product of shampoo. It has been the top selling hair care brand in china for over 20 years. So now we are re launching our product Rejoice shampoo with a new tagline “It is the best choice!!” It opens a wide market for us to relaunch Rejoice shampoo to give a special experience to the users. In 2013 this is formally formed by SV sisters limited.
  3. 3. So the brand constantly provides consumers with best in class products. It is a herbal shampoo without the use of chemicals which is healthy for your hair. We have introduced small sachets containing 10ml costing Rs2 and also bottles containing 180 ml costing Rs 89. We have a lot of improvements in our product to attract more customers. Rejoice believes that dandruff free and smooth hair is the key to confidence for Indian men and women. We have 5 variants in our shampoo serving for different kinds of hair problems . It may be a hair fall, dandruff problem, hair splitting, unhealthy scalp and dry hair. Our Rejoice has a solution for all these problems. Besides it also increases your hair growth day by day. You can have a shinny black straight hair that adds to the beauty of a pretty woman and handsome men. Beyond quality products Rejoice also helps people turn their dreams into reality. The brand has a special feature of conditioning your hair. The relaunched Rejoice with herbal ingredients aims to promote a healthy lifestyle of people.
  4. 4. Introduction:  Rejoice Shampoo is an effective hair care product used for the removal of oils, dirt, skin particles, dandruff, environmental pollutants and other contaminant particles that gradually build up in hair.  The goal is to remove unwanted build-up with out stripping out so much as to make hair unmanageable.  This shampoo occupies a prominent and very important place among the products available today. Due to the increasing awareness and importance of cleanliness and healthiness of hair, the use of “HERBAL SHAMPOO” is increasing everyday.
  5. 5. Rejoice is available in 5 variants  Rejoice Active Care: Extra nourishment for healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Powered by Cleartech also helps removes dryness which is the root cause of dandruff.  Rejoice Ice Cool: Specially formulated with the Cleartech advantage it refreshes and clear the scalp and reduces dandruff.  Rejoice Hair fall Defense : Powered by Cleartech. It removes dandruff which helps in reducing hair fall.
  6. 6. Rejoice Radiant Black: Nourishes the scalp and gives black shine to your dandruff free hair. Rejoice Soft Gloss: Powered with the twin advantage of cleartech soft and essential oils. It not only removes dandruff but also leaves your hair 4X softer.
  7. 7. Market Segmentation Strategies Age-from youth to adult. Income-Upper middle class and high class end. Social grade-it is basically a premium brand catering to the needs of upper middle class and high end class who want to full fill the desire of anti dandruff needs.
  8. 8. Target Market Strategies Rejoice is a high quality range of shampoos which were created keeping the following target audience in mind: Upper middle class. Upper middle class and house wives. Upper class consumers. Teenagers. Premium class and luxury class.
  9. 9. Market Positioning Strategies Rejoice has been positioned as the anti dandruff shampoo to attract the youth towards the styling needs .It has the new tag line of ”Its your best choice” Logo is
  10. 10. Marketing Mix Strategies (Product)  Rejoice is anti dandruff, but they also differ in many other special adding such as:  Scalp care, smoothens your hair, black shine, perfect straight, oil control, itchy control etc.  Rejoice bottles’ design are more to sporty type, young looking hair which fits the characteristic of its shampoo.  Rejoice shampoo is an anti dandruff shampoo. This is because of the dandruff problem which is increasing more & more so this shampoo have it with all antidandruff features with some add-ins of icy cool ,scalp oil control and etc.
  11. 11. Marketing Mix Strategies (Pricing) o The price of 180 ml bottle is Rs89. It is also available in small sachets of 10ml costing Rs2. o The payment period for retailer is on 3 month basis, means the retailer must pay to rejoice company within a period of 3months after receiving the products. o If there is some damage goods during delivery to the retailer by our distributor, it will be made good .
  12. 12. Marketing Mix Strategies (Place)  The location of the sales office of rejoice is at mangalore.  Rejoice have their own logistic to distribute their product to the entire retailer, wholesaleler. We can find these products at supermarkets, hypermarkets, groceries shops and many of those home base groceries shops.  In the warehouse of rejoice stocks available will always be at the best before date. As they practice the first in first out concept.
  13. 13. Marketing Mix Strategies (Promotion)  Effective advertisement techniques and attractive popular themes to grab the attention of the target customers .  Special discount of up to half price of the shampoo for the purpose of old stocks clearance in case if any .  Initial promotion offers like free samples for collage students and lecturers to know the product well before buying it.
  14. 14. Marketing Mix Strategies (Promotion)  An advertisement is also a good way to promote our products. So we advertise in TV, newspapers, magazines etc.  Road shows are often done by our rejoice team to promote their new products and for giving a free try and also a free sample.
  15. 15. Competitors Pantene Head and shoulders Sunsilk Vatika
  16. 16. STP Segment-personal hair care –anti dandruff shampoo. Target group- youngsters . Positioning -the dual action of its advanced formula guarantees Zero dandruff and leaves the hair feeling fabulous.
  17. 17. Strength  Rejoice has partnered with the world’s leading dermatologists from the international academy of dermatology (IACD) to bring the first ever patented scalp nutrient technology-rejoice with Nutrium 10 to its consumer.  Available in 5 different variants for different types of hair needs.  Rejoice brand available all over countries.  Effective advertising.
  18. 18. Weakness Dominance only in anti -dandruff shampoo segment, no variants available for normal shampoo usage. Rebranding so it may create confusion about the brand name to the consumers.
  19. 19. Opportunity  To align itself to the international quality standards it has been relaunched this year as Rejoice.  It has come up with an interesting tagline, “It is your best choice !!”  Introduction to antidandruff hair oil that fights dandruff and strengthens hair from scalp, as a brand extension.
  20. 20. Threats Highly competitive market having many players with similar offerings and cheaper rates. As the production was discontinued some years back, people will have a second thought while buying it.