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Innovation of camera myra.pptx


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Innovation of camera myra.pptx

  1. 1. Innovation of cameraPresented by : Saidatul Amira Bt Mohammad A133414
  2. 2. Definition of camera● Device that records image● Image may be still photographs or moving images
  3. 3. History of camera● Chinese philosopher :- Mo Ti● First recorded person to have exploited this phenomenon to trace the inverted image to create a picture● Noted that pinhole can form an inverted and focused image, when light passes through the hole and into a dark area.
  4. 4. Camera classifications● Compact cameras● Sub-compact camera, bridge cameras
  5. 5. ● Single lens reflex cameras (SLR, DSLR for digital SLRs● Rangefinders cameras
  6. 6. Camera shot● 3 main type of camera shots : ● Long shot
  7. 7. ● Medium shot
  8. 8. ● Close-up shot
  9. 9. Video of Camera innovation
  10. 10. Thank you :)