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Talent managemet 1


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The ppt is in very simple language

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Talent managemet 1

  1. 1. Presented By:-Shyamendra Verma
  2. 2. A set of business practicesthat manage theplanning, acquisition,development, retentionand advancement oftalent in order to achievebusiness goals andoptimize performance.
  3. 3. • Recruitment• Retention• Employee development• Leadership and "high potentialemployee" development• Performance management• Workforce planning• Culture
  4. 4. When business needs are high,people with a range of talents areadded. However, When businesseases, talent needs drop andworkforce reductions are commonresponses
  5. 5. Increasing EmployeeSatisfaction WorkerProductivity LearningEffectiveness Service LevelsReducing EmployeeTurnover Time to RampNew Hires
  6. 6. Super Keepers A very small group of individuals whohave demonstrated superioraccomplishments, and who embodythe core competencies and values ofthe organisation
  7. 7. Keepers Those who Exceed Employee ExpectationsSolid Citizens Meet Organisational ExpectationsMisfits Those who fall below OrganisationalExpectations
  8. 8. •Self-Management• EmployeeManagement• Career ProgressionMetrics
  9. 9.  Build a Winning Environment that peoplewant to belong to Create Tangible Means to Identify, select anddeploy people of Outstanding Talent Fully Engage Talent, use it and manage itIntelligently
  10. 10. ChangeOrganizationCultureManagingSuccessionSelectingTalentAttractingTalentRetainingTalentRecognizetalentWAYS TOMANAGETALENT
  11. 11. •Build a path that enables the employeesto utilise their full potential•Invest in building the psychologicalcontract–Individual growth–Compelling future–Pay–Positive workplace
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