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What in store in drupal 8


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Understand what's in store in Drupal 8, Drupal 8 Core initiative, dive back in and contribute!

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What in store in drupal 8

  1. 1. What in Store in Drupal 8?
  2. 2. About MeShyamala RajaramTechnology Head & Project Manager at UniMity SolutionsChennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaPart of a team that has developed an Enterprise Social Media Product, successfully implementedin large corporates. The product us an adoption of Drupals powerful capabilities.I have been an active participant in the online Drupal Community and have made contributionsto the enhancements, usage and adoption of Drupal. Currently working as Project Manage forDrupal 8 Mobile Initiative.
  3. 3. Presentation Path● Key Initiatives ○ Configuration Management ○ Views in Core ○ Webservices ○ Mutilingual ○ Mobile ○ Layouts● Contribute back to Drupal
  4. 4. heyrocker IssuesConfiguration Managment
  5. 5. ● $config->save(); = Cache_set() and cache_get() in Drupal 7● Active store or "config" table = cache table, stores current configuration● Easy readable file yml files that facilitate configuration management between sites
  6. 6. Earl Miles All VDC IssuesViews in Drupal Core
  7. 7. Checkout XJMs blog post "VDC at feature freeze".● Views usability, accessibility, and performance● Converting core lists to Views, so that site builders can easily adjust their sites structure.● Adding new features to Views like core token support, bulk actions integration,mobile-friendly administration, and data serialization● Integrate Views with other core systems and improve core APIs.
  8. 8. Crell IssuesWebservicesThe Web Services and Context Core Initiative (WSCCI)aims to transform Drupal from a first-class CMS to afirst-class REST server with a first-class CMS on top ofit.
  9. 9. What does the WSCCI initiative mean to us:● Page callbacks will mutate into "body-like blocks", which will be on the same level as response controllers for JSON, SVG, SOAP, or whatever else we feel like sending. HTML is a just special case of REST● Global state variables, such as $user and $language, will be eliminated in favor of the Symfony2 request object.● Replace our routing resolution system (currently over- coupled with the menu system) with Symfonys HttpKernel implementationRead on Larrys blog at:
  10. 10. Gábor Hojtsy IssuesMultilingual
  11. 11. D8MI
  12. 12. JohnAlbin IssuesMobile
  13. 13. Blog post by John● Responsive Drupal - ships with core responsive theme● Responsive admin interface - use drupal admin interface form mobile● Responsive toolbar● Responsive images● Front end performance
  14. 14. EclipseGcLayouts
  15. 15. ● Implement Panels-ish Controller● Move Blocks to Plugins● Page to configure Layouts● Multiple entry forms in one form!
  16. 16. Other initiatives● Twig● Spark: Authoring Experience++● D8 User expereince● Date in 8● HTML5 initiative
  17. 17. Where are wewith Drupal 8?
  18. 18. Drupal 8 Updates and Howto Help Core initiative Drupal Issue Queues & IRC
  19. 19. Time to give back,Contribute to Drupal!
  20. 20. Thank You!