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Demystifying SCORM


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A brief presentation describing the basics of SCORM.

Published in: Education, Technology

Demystifying SCORM

  1. 1. What isS.C.O.R.M
  2. 2. S.C.O.R.M
  3. 3. Sharable
  4. 4. Content
  5. 5. Object
  6. 6. Reference
  7. 7. Model
  8. 8. S.C.O.R.MSharable Content Object Reference Model
  9. 9. A set of technical standards fore-learning software products.
  10. 10. SCORM tells programmers how to writetheir code so that it can “play well” withother e-learning software.
  11. 11. But how does that help?
  12. 12. When you buy DVDs you don’t have tobother about the make of your player.
  13. 13. With anymake it willwork justfine …
  14. 14. Because DVD movies are produced usinga set of standards.
  15. 15. S.CO.R.M does same for the e-learningcourses.
  16. 16. How doesSCORM work?
  17. 17. Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum I don’t quia dolor sit understand amet, consectetur, adipisci velit..Learning object Learning Management System
  18. 18. Neque porroquisquam est qui Got that! No dolorem ipsum problem. quia dolor sit amet… Can you please track if the user has visited all the pages of this course.Learning object LMS SCORM LAYER
  19. 19. Photo credit:Kaysses photostream (Flickr) (Cover)Ajda Gregorčič (Flickr ) (Matrix)Frenkieb (Flickr) (DVDs)Technical definitions from:
  20. 20. Shyamanta (Sam) Baruah /!/Shyamantab