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5 Infographics Ideas for Your FB Page


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5 Editable Infographics TEMPLATES that will rock your Facebook Business Page

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5 Infographics Ideas for Your FB Page

  1. Grab THEMNOW5 Editable Info-graphicsTEMPLATES to Rock Your FacebookBusiness Page
  2. Ideas include:• Announcements• CTA• Testimonials• Quotes• Posters
  3. Use this template to post something short and catchy. Instantattention guaranteed.
  4. WebsiteforOnline NinjasNewLorem ipsum dolor sitamet, consecteturadipiscing elit. AeneanJoin nowOr this
  5. GET THE BESTTOOLS IN THEBUSINESSBoxFresh Ideas ServedHotIdeal for a short tagline followed by a call to action. Looks greaton Facebook wall.
  6. The Buzz About UsLorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipiscing elit.Aenean…AlexLorem ipsum dolor sitamet, consecteturadipiscing elit. Aenean…RahulHave you joined us yet?Let your customers speak for you. Spread the good word.Alex WalterCEO, Walter’s
  7. “Seth GodinEveryone likes a good quote.
  8. Even better, if you have a great image to go with.Seth Godin
  9. THE WORLD NEEDsMOREIDEASShare YourGreat Ideas onOur PageEasy to create, looks great
  10. A simple graphic can make your message stand outTo believea thingimpossibleis to makeit so
  11. About these templates:How to edit them:Step 1: Follow this link and download the editable PowerPointStep 2: Ungroup the objects, make your changes and re-group them. I have given details ofthe fonts used and graphics sources in the ‘Notes’ section of each slide.Step 3: Right click and save the group as an image using the ‘Save as Picture’ option.Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the final graphic using a tool like Snip.Step 4: You have your image saved in the .PNG format, good to be used in any web medium.Go ahead and rock your FB Page!I manage a fairly large (44K Fans) Facebook Page for National Entrepreneurship Network. Amajor challenge I face is to come up with visual posts. It’s not always possible for smallorganizations to spend on Photoshop plus a designer. So, I came up with the idea of creatingcustom graphics using PowerPoint.Since, on web you don’t require high res images, PowerPoint serves as an adequate tool forgraphic creation. In this presentation I have listed 5 of these ideas with multiple examples.Hope you will enjoy them !
  12. My name is Shyamanta Baruahbetter known as Sam. I am alearning architect and socialmedia professional. Traveller,amateur photographer, daydreamer.Visit my blog ‘Being Sam’ tobe in touchVisit EntrepreneurAcademy if start-upsexcite