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How to construct the organization with empathy.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Empathy-‐‑‒based  Facilitation     for  the  Hospital/Healthcare  Management Shin  Yamamoto,  Ph.D.   Senior  Research  Fellow,  Institute  for  Healthcare  and  Long  Term  Care  Solution,  Tama  University   Director,  Business  Model  Innovation  Association
  2. 2. Thank you for your visiting Focus on the training/organization the “Empathy-style Management” Example for applying the methodology “LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Any comments/suggestion would be appreciated Numata Tengu, Gunma Japan
  3. 3. Why?   My  Vision
  4. 4. HOT  med  professionals ! Try  1st  here! Why?  The  Shower  Effect ☺☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ people  become  healthy! Healthy  /  Peace   Society
  5. 5. How?
  6. 6. I am an independent professional facilitator using “Visual tools/languages”
  7. 7. What?
  8. 8. distrust ! concern nervous excited lean  forward BIG CHANGE
  9. 9. Why  is  the  Visual   Facilitation  Effective?
  10. 10. Seriously  play  first Anyone  can  speak,  listen,  and  be  accepted Beyond drawing
  11. 11. No   Empathy Empathy Agree/Accept Empathy 💢 !
  12. 12. Safety  /  Trust Accept  the   reality ☀ Why  Positive  approach  First! !
  13. 13. Professionals  enjoy  playing  seriously What  do  you  really   want  to  do  in  your   professional  field? ! 1.  Question 2.  Create  by  hand 3.  Share  your  story 4.  Reflection;  What   do  you  learn?
  14. 14. Getting  closer,  exciting,  lean  forward
  15. 15. Share  the  story  among  the  team ! You  watch  all  the  people  very  carefully.   Thank  you. You  teach  us  anything  wit  respect.   Everyone  trust  you  all. You  have  a  strong  passion  and  do  the   wonderful  job.  Thank  you  for  your   serving  the  food   You  always  help  when  lacking  resources.     I  am  very  proud  of  your  attitude.
  16. 16. Shared  Model  -‐‑‒>  Share  the  Vision
  17. 17. Safety  /  Trust ☀ !What  was  happen? Empathy Self  Acceptance Open  communication  &  Teamwork
  18. 18. Advantages ! Motivated Self  Acceptance Good  Team Empathy Turn  over↓ Publicity↑ HR  cost↓
  19. 19. TOY  -‐‑‒>  TOOL   SERIOUS  PLAY   Empathy  to  Action !
  20. 20. HOT  your  colleague ! Try  1st  here! Why?  The  Shower  Effect ☺☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ people  become   motivated! Organization   Change!
  21. 21. Welcome  the  questions,  comments  &  feedback  :  24/7/365   Email:     FB:   WEB:  
  22. 22. Well Done!