Gulp and Gasp analysis
Gulp and Gasp analysis
Gulp and Gasp analysis
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Gulp and Gasp analysis


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Gulp and Gasp analysis

  1. 1. BIR 1013<br />INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH LITARATURE<br />DRAMA ANALYSIS<br />“GULP AND GASP” BY JOHN TOWNSEND<br />NAME: ONG SHWU CHYN<br />NO MATRIC: D20091034817<br />SEMESTER : 4 2010/2011<br />GROUP : B<br />LECTURER: MR LAJIMAN JANOORY<br />The drama Gulp and Gasp by John Townsend who is a children’s writer is easier to understand in terms of less words are used to form the script. This is a melodrama about Lord Septic, who is greedy for more power, money and fame. His manservant, who names Crouch is a big bully and grovels on Lord Septic for living. Rose is a damsel in distress who meets with Percy as the hero. They fall in love in the first sight and he rescues her from a bloody death at the railway track. Later, Percy realizes that he is the heir to the Gatsby gold with the key he have with him. Lord Septic loses everything in the end. <br />The play starts with the setting of cold and foggy night. This symbolizes the bad activities which will be carrying out later. Since that is a foggy night, there has no moonlight and the environment and surrounding cannot be seen clearer through the light given out by gas lamp. It gives the imagery of black to reader. That means there will have some sort of bad incidence or evil will appear. Lord Septic and his manservant, Crouch gives the imagery of bad and black as they appear in the foggy night. The name of Lord Septic symbolizes the power he has and his cruel personality. For examples, the way of Rose calls Lord Septic is THE Lord Septic which shows her fears on his power. He shows his cruel personalities through the action of wants to kill rose by tying her up on the railway track. His manservant, Crouch, symbolizes the willingness of living under someone’s power. He follows exactly what Lord Septic ask him to do. He acts as the helper of devil in this drama. He is also obedient to follow the order even if asking to kill someone. <br />Lord Septic and Crouch shown out is on an empty railway station. The railway station is owns by Lord Septic. It is a symbolism of an expensive toy for the society and the owner is being well rich. Although he is rich, he want more and more wealth, he seeks more power and willing to kill for it. He wants to be the richest man and wants to find the Gatsby Gold. He is a villain who is able to do anything to get more power, money and fame. For example, he marries her wife just because of her wealth of having a gun factory. However, his greedy has made him to have nothing at the end. Greedy of him has symbolism something which is destructive towards everyone. If you want to have more than what you have, you will end up with nothing. The railway station also symbolizes the power of Lord Septic. He is arrogant and talks rudely to Crouch because he has higher power than him. No poor people are allowed to enter the platform. He asks Crouch to chase off Rose who going to sell flowers in the platform. Crouch also showing his power towards Rose when Lord Septic is leave. He is harsh and rude when forces Rose to leave the platform. This symbolizes the unbalance and hierarchy in the society which the people who have power and well-rich can bully them who are poor. <br />All of the incidences in this drama happen in the same setting which is in the railway station. The appeal of Rose symbolizes the beauty and innocent person which opposite with the evil. There is always devil and innocent people appear in a story. Other than that, her blindness brings some imagery to us about her characteristics. She is blind physically but not spiritually. She is not able to differentiate whether the people are good or bad but she has a kind heart. She will only get to know the character of the person when evil visits her. She does not complain about the life she has. She lives with a grateful heart. Percy, who is the hero of saving Rose from railway track, has the same symbolism with Rose. Percy is the symbolism of human’s pride and the side of justice. He is brave to retaliate with Lord Septic and Crouch. He does not want to take the money offered by Lord Septic by saying my price is JUSTICE. He leads the drama to a happy ending. <br />There are some symbolisms of colour in the play. One of them is red. Red is appear many times in the play for examples rose, blood and the dark red pants. Percy used the blood from his dabbed nose and wipe on the pants to stop the train from keep moving. Red colour brings the imagery of danger and violence as he dabbed his nose to save Rose. The violence appears in the play because we need to use some violent ways to get rid of evil form the society. Percy has tried his best to defense the people who he care from being harm by those evil. This has bring imagery for the reader while read through the play. Reader can feel the real situation by imagine the scene in this drama. <br />Lord Septic is looking for the Gatsby gold which symbolizes the fame, wealth and power for the society. He is willing to do anything to gain the fame and power. He asks Percy to name a price to let him go from being capture by the police. The Gatsby gold which Lord Septic keep finding is actually heir by Percy with the key he had with him. They key is the major factor that can alter his life from being a poor guy into a wealth person. Percy has now become the heir of Gatsby gold and known as Sir Percy Gatsby after he being so long of nobody.<br />There are some sound effects in this drama which make by the audience. These sounds represent the positive or negative action brings by the characters in the drama. It symbolizes the respond of audience which represents the society of the drama. It also brings imagery for the audience. For examples, the audiences CHEER when the Lord Septic is unable to get the Gatsby gold. They also BOO when they hate the action of Crouch towards Rose. GASP and GULP as an action to take sudden breath shows the feeling of frighten.<br />Although this is a secondary level’s drama, but the symbolism in it can be multiple if we varies the range of reader. This drama ends happily, and this brings the positive effect towards the reader about the power of evil is not as strong as the power of justice. It has brings some moral value for the young reader. <br />