Why email marketing


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This article gives you insights from Valueleaf Services about how Email marketing has overpowered other means of marketing.

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Why email marketing

  1. 1. Why Email Marketing?Scheduling and developing the products to please the demandsand the needs of the customers is known as marketing. Internethas opened the doors for everyone to discover and augment theirbusiness. People generally think that there is no differencebetween the marketing and the selling.But the fact is that both the terms are inter related not same.Selling means direct selling of the product to earn profit whereasmarketing requires a proper planning before developing theproduct. The former needs just consumer based research whilethe latter is comprised of series of steps. It implies that marketingis the first stage and selling is the last one when a product finallygets ready to deliver.Email marketing is in vogue now-a-days. This is one of the mostpopular methods for promoting, marketing and ultimately theselling of the product via emails. It has gained popularity in a veryshort period of time just because it is very easy to handle. It iscost effective and the reach is global so all marketers go for emailmarketing.Email marketing is comprised of three categories. These all havedifferent usage and different methods. The categories arementioned below:• Direct Marketing involves advertising and promoting the productdirectly through emails sending. The emails are directly sent tothe large number of people to make them aware about theproduct.• Indirect Marketing is giving the advertisement of your product onother people’s websites or sending the safe sending of the emailsto the customers via other’s mail id.
  2. 2. • Retention Marketing is another strategy that is used to market,advertise and promote the newly introduced product to theexisting customers through newsletters.If you want fast growth of the business you can go for emailmarketing. It’s a game that moves around convincing thecustomers to buy your products and service not only to gain profitbut by satisfying their wants and needs.Mass mailing can be used where one can get maximum outputby putting very less efforts. To bring increase the number ofcustomers for a product is the sole aim of mass emailing as onecan send the mails in bulk thereby saving the time. So go easywith this way to taste the success.Safe sending of the mails is a very attentive task. One can takethe help of the software also for sending the mails in bulk.It is very important that you use the right mailing list to reach theright people.Valueleaf Services is a digital marketing company that providesthe software, portal, database and allows you to manage yourbulk email campaigns hassle free .The software helps you trackyour customers and gives you detailed reports.For more details visit: http://www.valueleaf.com/Email: emarketing@valueleaf.comContact: 08043595960 / 9900043675