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Importance of email marketing


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Importance of email marketing

  1. 1. Importance of Email MarketingEmail marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to communicate with prospective and existing customers.The key objective of email marketing for most businesses is to create “brand awareness”. Other majorbenefits of email marketing include new customer acquisition and customer retention.Quick Email Marketing Statistics An average Indian marketer allots 6% of the total marketing budget to email marketing An average of two out of every three brands undertake email marketing 71% of businesses plan email campaigns on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basisEmail Marketing BenefitsAdvantages of Email MarketingTargeted email marketing campaign allows for quick and easy connection with clients. Targeted emailmarketing has definite advantages over other traditional forms of marketing such as sending direct postalmails or telesales. The major benefits of email marketing include:1. Generate Repeat SalesGetting new customers is hard work – it’s also really expensive.In fact, it can be up to eight to ten times moreexpensive to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing one. To acquire new customers, you have tofactor in the cost of advertising, educating and selling to them.Keeping in touch with customers on a regular basis via sending e-mail allows you to generate repeat saleswhich can be up to four times more profitable than the initial purchase. A good email marketing campaignwill increase the frequency of repeat purchases from your existing customers.2. Up-sell and Cross-sellWhen appropriate, online email campaigns provide a great opportunity for you to up-sell and cross-sell yourproducts and services. For e.g. if you run a website that sells tennis gear, someone purchasing a new tennisracket might also be interested in tennis balls and other accessories.By using our email marketing services, it’s easy to create a series of email messages (called ‘Auto-Responders’) that will automatically follow-up with offers on tennis balls, tennis shoes, tennis clothes and soon. This basic technique by itself can easily add an extra 30% to your average order value and is used byalmost all major companies online.
  2. 2. 3. Drive Offline PurchasesSurprisingly, email marketing is often a catalyst for web users to go and make a purchase offline. As per asurvey, 59% of email users said that they have made a purchase offline after receiving an email promotion.Sometimes a user will find something they want online but they need it straight away and can’t afford to waitfor delivery. Other times, the product might need to be demonstrated (like a treadmill) and they want to see,touch and feel the item.If you run a conventional offline business you can use email marketing to drive foot traffic through your door.4. Cost-Effective MarketingEmail marketing is a lot cheaper marketing channel as against sending direct mails to clients. This is not to sayits free email marketing. But rather, email marketing is cost-effective because of its mass reach throughmailing groups, easy and accurate tracking, and chiefly because email improves ROI.5. Email Marketing ROIThe end game in mind for every marketer anywhere in the world is the ROI. DMA has constantly statedhighest ROI on email marketing. Email marketing is a winner here because of its ability to use reporting datato precisely track and measure results.Unlike traditional direct mails, the effectiveness of online email marketing can be calculated on categoriessuchInbox Deliverability, conversion or sales and open rates.It doesn’t matter what type of business or industry you’re in, email marketing can have a positive impact onyour sales in more ways than one. Valueleaf offers the best email marketing solutions in India. To reap thebenefits of email marketing for your business Contact Valueleaf Today.Contact- 080 4359 5960Website-