Best practices in Email Marketing


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Best practices in Email Marketing

  1. 1. Great ways to Get Personal in your EmailsValueleaf Services offers us some best practices for creating more personalized emails that getmore opens and clicks.Let’s be real: no one really enjoys feeling like they’re being marketed to. So as a marketer,that’s why it’s your job to create an experience that makes your prospects feel like you’respeaking to their specific needs and offering them a product or service that adds value to theirlives. When it comes to email marketing, the best way to make this possible is throughpersonalization. But how exactly do you make your email marketing ‘personal’?Before Your Email1. Create customer personas:In order to better personalize your emails, the first thing you’ll need to do is understand thecharacteristics of the people you’re targeting. Having well thought out buyer personas, thevisions of your ideal customers, is crucial, because it will influence how you target youraudience. As you’re crafting your personas, think about your best customers’ demographicinformation, job level, specific pain points, and their goals. You may find that you have 3, 10, ormore of these ideal customers, and knowing them will enable you to start segmenting youremails.2. Ask the right questions on your forms:Now armed with an understanding of your buyer personas, you can start asking questions onyour landing page forms that will help you begin gathering the information you need to helpyou segment your leads. Ask yourself, what are the characteristics of each persona? Further,what information will help your sales team sell? Knowing factors like business size, revenue,location, B2B or B2C, job title, etc. can be very insightful when you craft the language andcontent in the marketing messages that you send.
  2. 2. 3. Gather information from outside sources:In addition to what you gather from your lead-capture forms, it’s also important to collectadditional information from sources like social media and your CRM. This information mayinclude lead intelligence such as a contact’s social media usernames on Twitter and Linked-In aswell as behavioral information such as what types of content they’ve downloaded on yourwebsite, what emails you’ve sent them in the past, or whether they’ve spoken to a sales rep.Ideally, if your CRM system and your marketing software are integrated, you can automate thisprocess. Once you have these types of information, you can use it to create better segments.4. Segment, segment, segment!Now that you’ve painstakingly gathered all this information, it’s time to use it! Remember,nobody like feeling like a “lead.” Your prospects want to feel like they’re being spoken to as —and actually engaging with — a real person. Slice and dice your list into smaller sub-lists usingspecific criteria so you can craft personalized, targeted emails that better speak to all thedifferent types of contacts you have in your email database. In fact, in new data released forthe upcoming Science of Email Marketing webinar, HubSpot found that marketers with onlyone email list generated a lower average click-through rate (7.3%) than marketers whosegmented their overall email database into 2 to 6 lists (8.3%).5. Position your offers specifically for that segment:Remember, the content and language you use within the email itself is just as important as theeffort you put into segmenting your sends in the first place. That’s why you need to make surethat when you’re emailing a certain segment, the offers you promote — and the language youuse to promote them — align with the interests and needs of that particular segment.
  3. 3. In Your Email6. Use a real reply-to email address:The whole reason you’re sending a prospect an email is to engage them and get them torespond, so why would you use as the reply-to address in your emails?Using a real person’s name like will not only help to make your emailsmore recognizable and credible, but it will increase your open rate and also make your emailfeel more personal.7. Customize the sender name:For the same reason, you’ll want to make sure that you customize the sender name in theemail. In a best-case scenario, use the name of the lead’s sales rep owner. Short of that, try touse a name that a lead might recognize, like a well-known person in your marketingdepartment, or even your CEO.8. Add personal information to the body of the email:Whenever it makes sense, you should use personalized information inside the email. As a goodmarketer, you’ve spent time and energy colleting rich information like about your leads liketheir name, industry, etc., and including that information in your email body will make youremails feel even more personal.After Your Email9. Keep your sales team up-to-date:As a marketer, it’s important to coordinate with Sales. The last thing you want is for your leadsto get duplicate or competing emails from your marketing team and their individual sales rep.Be sure your sales team is aware of the various types of email communication your prospectsare receiving. This can easily be done using a CRM.
  4. 4. 10. Keep track of who has opened and clicked:Tracking opens and clicks are not only your way of knowing how well your emails areperforming, but they are also a powerful way to further personalize email content for yourprospects. If you can track opens and clicks for each email that you’ve sent to your prospects,you can easily start building a profile of what types of content each prospect is interested inreceiving from you.11. Think about when someone last received an email:Don’t over-email your list. Know when you last emailed your contacts, and create blocked(suppression) lists that prevent prospects you’ve recently emailed from getting too manymessages.Valueleaf Services makes this whole process very simple for you. They have the database ofvarious industries and sectors of target audience to give you an effective campaign. Valueleafprovides you with the Email Software as well, so you can segment them the way you want .This way you can keep a track of everything and do the campaigns based on your needs andconvenience.Valueleaf Services provides you with all the essentials required for an effective EmailMarketing Campaign. They are viz: Attractive Email Template designing with HTML coding linking to your website Spam Free Email Content Database of target audience Email Software which gives all statistics and reports.