5 trends in email marketing


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5 trends in email marketing

  1. 1. The 5 most important trends in Email Marketing1. Social MediaAs social media’s influence continues to grow, businesses will need to integrate emailwith social in order to survive. “The reality of ignoring Facebook because you think it’s afad is truly a mistake,” McDonald says. “It’s the future.” So, what can you do about it?Consider adding social-media footers and icons to emails. Branch beyond thenewsletter by letting people “like” the content on Facebook, forward it to a friend, post itto Facebook, or tweet it. And don’t forget to use social media to grow your emaildatabase. For example, on Facebook, provide email opt-ins for existing customers (andpotential new ones). “Whenever and wherever possible, offer people the opportunity toopt-in,” McDonald says. “You want to touch as many people in your channel aspossible.”Takeaway #1: Promote following and sharing within all your email communication.2. MobileThink about the last time you were waiting in line for something. Chances are that yougrabbed your mobile device and checked your email before you did anything else. “Onmobile devices, email is far and away the No. 1 activity of how consumers spend theirtime,” McDonald says. “Email was made for mobile devices.” To capitalize on this trend,email marketers need to design their content for multiple devices and mobile/touchscreens. This means being aware of: snippets of text, links that can be touched (ratherthan moused over), and scalable fonts and images. Don’t just picture people readingyour email marketing pieces in front of their office desk. Imagine them waiting intraffic, grabbing a spare moment or two at their children’s swim meets, traveling ontrains, says McDonald. In other words, picture them everywhere.Takeaway #2: Design your email marketing pieces for people on the go.3. The Evolving InboxYour email communications used to primarily fight with spam for attention in yoursubscribers’ inbox. Now, however, your emails’ main battle is against all the othervibrant content found in the inbox. That’s because, thanks to smart filters, consumersnow avoid spam altogether—and have their inbox prioritize their mail according to theirreading habits. If a consumer reads your stuff, your emails will start gaining a higherpriority in a person’s inbox. (And if they don’t, your emails will start being pushed to thebottom of the list.) Plus, now with the inbox now becoming more unified—folks just
  2. 2. check one inbox for all their online messages—you’re also competing with the bits offlotsam and jetsam from other channels, such as social messaging, chats, SMS, video,RSS feeds, etc. Email marketers must now focus on producing relevant, engagingcontent. “Relevance will be a requirement for emails,” McDonald says.Takeaway #3: Make sure all your emails are relevant to the reader.4. HumanizationBe a human, not just a brand. This means using faces and names in yourcommunication. It’s a friendlier, more social world out there, and people like tocommunicate with other people. Engage with people through telling stories, educatingthem (in a friendly, accessible tone), and even letting customers share their ownexperiences with your brand and/or services.Takeaway #4: Use personality to engage and education to sell.5. Automation“Think about email as becoming a dynamic content platform,” says McDonald.Use marketing automation to create trigger-based programs to keep people engaged.Set up pre- and post-purchase emails. Have emails set up for welcome campaigns, firstpurchases, repeat purchases, re-engagement campaigns, etc. And when customerpurchase from you, do a cross-sell or up-sell by pulling in personalized content to offerthem recommendations. If you have this information, you need to put the technologybehind it to produce more engagement and sales.Takeaway #5: Use technology to send emails more often but using fewer resources.Valueleaf Services keeps in mind all of these essential tasks for your EmailMarketing Campaigns .They possess the technology, database and the experts tocarry out a targeted Email Campaign.For more details logon to: http://www.valueleaf.comEmail: emarketing@valueleaf.comContact: +91 9900043675/08043595960