White Paper          OnMultimedia And Web 2.0                Prepared by: Group 7 (V4)                 Jatin Grover (09BM8...
Multimedia and Web 2.0                       What is Multimedia?                                             Multimedia is...
Key Players                                     acquired Picasa and began offering it as a                                ...
Metacafe:                                       based user account system. Skype has alsoMetacafe is a community based vid...
Revenue Model                                     The core competencies of successful web2.0                              ...
Case Analysis                                    70.2 million page views in the U.S. last                                 ...
References  1. T.O’Reilly, “What Is Web 2.0?     Design Patterns and Business     Models for the Next Generation of     So...
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Multimedia & Web2.0


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Multimedia & Web2.0

  1. 1. White Paper OnMultimedia And Web 2.0 Prepared by: Group 7 (V4) Jatin Grover (09BM8022) Shweta Jain (09BM8031) Piyush Anadani (09BM8035) Pratish Yadav (09BM8071)
  2. 2. Multimedia and Web 2.0 What is Multimedia? Multimedia is media and content that uses aWhat is Web2.0? combination of different content forms. It includes a combination of continuous mediaWeb 2.0 associated with web applications type like audio, video and discrete mediathat facilitate interactive information like still images, animation, text. In othersharing, interoperability, user-centred words multimedia can be defined asdesign. integrated creation, manipulation, presentation, storage, and communication of media-encoded information. Given the strong focus on media in many Web 2.0 applications, from a multimedia perspective the question arises what multimedia and Web 2.0 have in common, where the two fields meet, and how they can benefit each other. There are basically two questions let us take it one by one. What can web 2.0 give to multimedia?  Better participation, better communication.  Describe mood, time, place , date , the company one had and socialKey components of WEB 2.0 context of the media creator for better description.How is web 2.0 different from web 1.0?  Should use tags, automatic  The way in which the data is annotation. formatted.  Social network of media.  Flexible combination of multimedia  Web 2.0 has better communication system. eg:- Alkemis and sharing data among websites.  Data that is both easier to find and What can multimedia give to web 2.0? more thoroughly categorized.  Small bookmarks for each video.  In web 2.0 users are allowed to edit/  Speaker recognition search. create/ manage information.  Video shot comparison  Ex:- Online Encyclopaedia is an  Video content classification. example of web 1.0 application  Automatic summaries and speech-to- where as Wikipedia i.e. where users text transcripts from the audio.  Face recognition to automatically tag are the writers is an example of Web photos. Eg:-Retrivr 2.0
  3. 3. Key Players acquired Picasa and began offering it as a free download.Photography and Art Sharing Photobucket:Flickr: Photobucket is an image hosting, videoFlickr is an image and video hosting website hosting, slideshow creation and photoacquired by Yahoo in 2005. sharing website. It was founded in 2003 byFeatures Alex Welch and Darren Crystal and received  More than 4 billion photographs funding from Trinity Ventures. It was uploaded on its servers. acquired by Fox Interactive Media in  Offers 2 types of accounts to its 2007.In December 2009, Foxs parent users - free and pro. company; News Corp sold Photobucket to  Photos uploaded can be used by Seattle mobile imaging startup Ontela. users to embed it in their blogs. Photobucket is usually used for personal  Flickr has partnered with picnic to photographic albums, remote storage of provide basic photo edition tools. avatars displayed on internet forums, and  Privacy settings available storage of videos.Picnic: Video SharingPicnik was acquired by Google in March2010. Picnik is a fast, fun, easy to use and Youtube:powerful set of photo editing tools for YouTube is a video sharing website onediting, sharing and printing images using which users can upload and share videos. Inany internet browser on any computer November 2006, YouTube, LLC was boughtplatform. by Google Inc. for $1.65 billion, and is nowFeatures operated as a subsidiary of Google.  Easily integrate with a wide variety Features of websites like Picasa Web Albums,  Uses Adobe Flash Video technology Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket etc. to display a wide variety of user-  Many of Picniks basic photo editing generated video content tools are free to use.  Most of the content on YouTube has  Picnik Premium includes additional been uploaded by individuals, photo editing features and is offered although media corporations for a monthly, 6-month, or annual including CBS, the BBC subscription cost.  Unregistered users can watch the videos, while registered users arePicasa: permitted to upload an unlimitedPicasa is a software application for number of videos .organizing and editing digital photos,originally created by Idealab and owned byGoogle since 2004. In July 2004, Google
  4. 4. Metacafe: based user account system. Skype has alsoMetacafe is a community based video become popular for their additional featuressharing web site, that specializes in short- which include instant messaging, fileform original entertainment, where users transfer and video conferencing.upload, view and share video clips.Thecompany is headquartered in Palo Alto, Ustream:California, with offices in Tel Aviv and New Established March 2007, is a website whichYork. consists of network of diverse channelsFeatures providing a platform for lifecasting and live  Duplication elimination, a different video streaming of events online. The type of Adult content filtering, website has over 2,000,000 registered users  Community member reviewer panel, who generate 1,500,000+ hours of live VideoRank, and Wiki-editing of streamed content per month with over ten metadata. million unique hits per month.  Original content is uploaded to the site by independent video creators, Stickam : small to mid-sized production Is a website devoted to live-streaming video, groups, and major media companies. featuring both professional and user- generated content. The site launched inViddler: 2005, making it the pioneer among the liveViddler is an interactive online video streaming sites. Stickam features user-platform for uploading, sharing, enhancing, submitted pictures, audio, video, and mosttagging, commenting on, and forming prominently, live streaming video chat.groups around videos.Features Music and Audio Sharing  Provides a free service for non- Imeem: commercial users, the paid Viddler Social media service where users interacted business service includes support, a with each other by streaming, uploading and customizable player. sharing music and music videos. However, it  There is also an opt-in advertising has since been shut down now that MySpace option where revenue is shared. has acquired the service.LivecastingSkype: Last.fm:Skype is a software application that allows Is a popular Internet radio site for music,users to make voice calls over the Internet. founded in the United Kingdom in 2002. ItCalls to other users within the Skype service claims over 30 million active users based inare free, while calls to both traditional more than 200 countries. On 30 May 2007,landline telephones and mobile phones can CBS Interactive acquired Last.fm for £140mbe made for a nominal fee using a debit- ($280m USD).
  5. 5. Revenue Model The core competencies of successful web2.0 companies areStrategic – Overall Value  Services, not packaged software,Below flow chart emphasis on strategy for with cost-effective scalabilitydriving overall value and monetizing future  Control over unique, hard-to-recreategeneration web2.0 applications data sources that get richer as more people use them  Trusting users as co-developers  Harnessing collective intelligence  Leveraging the long tail through customer self-service  Software above the level of a single device Tactical – Direct Revenue Revenue is mainly generated from three means 1) Subscriptions 2) Advertisements 3) Transactional CommissionsThe Long TailLeverage customer-self service andalgorithmic data management to reach out tothe entire web, to the edges and not just thecenter, to the long tail and not just the head.Data is the Next Intel InsideApplications are increasingly data-driven.For competitive advantage, seek to own aunique, hard-to-recreate source of data.Users Add ValueKey to competitive advantage in internetapplications is the extent to which users addtheir own data to that which you provide.Thus involve users both implicitly andexplicitly in adding value to application.
  6. 6. Case Analysis 70.2 million page views in the U.S. last month.YouTube: Harnessing the Power ofVideo 2) If we now take Henry Blodget’s 25X revenue formula; Flickr is worth$1.5-billion  Mode for P2P file or video sharing to $3-billion.  Advertising and LearningRevenue Challenges faced by Multimedia  Advertisement  Media ownership  Service fee from premium account  Dependability of multimedia 2.0Issues  Secure sharing of media  Risks of media sharing  Copyright worm  Social influences and impacts of new  Quickly approaching bandwidth forms of media presentation and charges up to $1 million a month deliveryThe cost at hand as compared to the Future of Multimediaadvertising revenue generated cannot be  Face-recognition results toignored. Despite all this it’s still growing. automatically label photosGoogle agreed to acquire YouTube about a  Using images and videos for content-year and a half after it was founded for based retrieval$1.65 billion.  Automatic and semiautomatic annotation and tagging of imagesIs Flickr Worth $4-Billion?  Speaker recognition and a video shot comparison might help users find  Allows users to upload, organize, similar or even the same videos in and share digital photos on the Web the database and group them on the  Beyond photo tagging content level, instead of just findingRevenue them based on keywords.  Flickr Pro memberships for $24.95/year Conclusion With Web 2.0 and multimedia we should  E-commerce services talk about communication and not about  In terms of advertising, it’s minimal media. This supports the shift from the at best medium serving as the center of information conveyance to the medium being just aDespite Flickr’s popularity, it is arguably means for conveying the story, the event, orunder-monetized the message.1) Flickr attracts more than 44 million Hence, we might look for a Multimedia 2.0unique visitors a month, according to that enables communication, applies theComscore, while Compete.com reports techniques researched in multimedia toFlickr had 30 million unique visitors and commercially relevant applications.
  7. 7. References 1. T.O’Reilly, “What Is Web 2.0? Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software,”30 Sept. 2005; 2. P. Schmitz, “Inducing Ontology from Flickr Tags,”Proc. 15th Int’l World Wide Web Conf., ACM Press,2006; 3. A.W. Smeulders et al., “Content- Based Image Retrieval at the End of the Early Years,” IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 22, no. 12, 2000, pp. 1349-1380. 4. http://wikipedia.org/