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barriers and use case study for mobile internet for the age group above 40- AIRTEL


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barriers that re preventing people above age 40 from using mobile internet.

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barriers and use case study for mobile internet for the age group above 40- AIRTEL

  1. 1. GTM execution of Airtel night store and Barriers and use case study of mobile internet Shivani Gupta (MBA-46-2013) Under guidance of Shwetanshu Gupta (MBA-49-2013) Mr. Puneet Gupta Marketing Head, Airtel, Jammu
  2. 2. *Bharti Airtel *Bharti Airtel Limited, commonly known as Airtel, is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It operates in 20 countries. *Airtel is the largest provider of mobile telephony and second largest provider of fixed telephony in India, and is also a provider of broadband and subscription television services. *Bharti Airtel added 5.10 lakh subscribers to take its base to 20.97 crore at the end of July,2014. Its market share in India is highest with a value of 28.41%. *It offers its telecom services under the “Airtel" brand, and is headed by Sunil Bharti Mittal. Bharti Airtel is the first Indian telecom service provider to achieve Cisco Gold Certification.
  3. 3. *Achievements
  4. 4. By 2015 Airtel will be the most loved brand, enriching the lives of millions. " Enriching lives means putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. We will meet their needs based on our deep understanding of their ambitions, wherever they are. By having this focus we will enrich our own lives and those of our other key stakeholders. Only then will we be thought of as exciting, innovation, on their side and a truly world class company." *Mission & Vision
  5. 5. *Logo *Airtel's unique symbol is an interpretation of the ‘a’ in Airtel. *The curved shape & the gentle highlights on the red color make it warm & inviting, almost as if it were a living object. *It represents a dynamic force of unparalleled energy that brings Airtel and its customers closer. *Red is part of Airtel’s heritage. It is the color of energy & passion that expresses the dynamism that has made Airtel the success it is today, in India, and now on the global stage.
  6. 6. *Airtel night store
  7. 7. * About Airtel night store *Bharti Airtel introduced its Night Store . It’s a first of its kind store. It enabled the customers to buy value-for-money offers on their prepaid mobile for internet usage and local calling at night, 12 midnight to 6am. *It includes unlimited internet and calls ranging from ₹ 1 to ₹ 49. *This night store is a combination of: *Unlimited Airtel to Airtel local calls for ₹ 7 *Unlimited 2G internet for ₹ 8 *500Mb of 3G internet for ₹ 29 *1Gb of 3G internet for ₹ 49 *Unlimited Facebook for ₹ 1
  8. 8. *Snapshot of official site of Airtel Night Store
  9. 9. *Promotional strategies *Online/viral approach *Teaching institutes *Off-campus visibility *Approaching cyber café and eating point in Jammu *Recreation spots *Rural areas
  10. 10. *Online Promotion Event 1: This online promotion was done on Facebook pages. Canara bank officers batch Viewers - 93 The Head Hunters Viewers - 243
  11. 11. This online promotion was done on facebook pages. All New Management Club Viewers - 92 The Business School Viewers - 54
  12. 12. Event 2: Various tuition institutes were targeted PG near ASL institute, Kacchi Chawni Mastermind Classes, Kacchi Chawni *Teaching Institutes
  13. 13. Various tuition institutes were targeted Abhimanyu IAS Academy, Gandhi Nagar Achievers, Shastri Nagar
  14. 14. Gurukul Institute, Kacchi Chawni Various tuition institutes were targeted
  15. 15. * Activity in teaching institutes Vector Institute, Shastri Nagar The Head Hunterz, Gandhi Nagar
  16. 16. *Off campus visibility Event 3 : Approaching hot spots near college campus Raina tea stall, MBS college Photostat shop, MBS college
  17. 17. Approaching hot spots near college campus Nescafe, Jammu University Eating point opposite MIET college
  18. 18. *Cyber café Event 4: Approaching various Cyber Café. Jungle Dot Com, near JU Sherry Cyber Café, Kacchi Chawni
  19. 19. *Eating points Momo Hut, Shastri Nagar RK Sweet Shop, Thandi Khui, Samba Event 5 : Approaching eating points
  20. 20. Approaching eating points Zamindara Dhaba, Thandi Khui, Samba Janta Fruit Ice-Cream, Gandhi Nagar
  21. 21. *Recreation spots Event 6: Approaching recreation points Pool and snookers club, Rehari Platinum Gym, Bahu Plaza
  22. 22. Approaching recreation points Creamy Bite Ice-Cream Parlour Oasis Gym, Bakshi Nagar
  23. 23. * Semi- Rural Market Event 7: Approaching Semi-Rural Market Pathania Sweet Shop, Samba Samsung Electronics Shop, Vijaypur.
  24. 24. Hungry Hoops, Samba Amar Communication, Samba Approaching Semi-Rural Market
  25. 25. BSF Camp, Paloura Manhas General Store, Paloura Approaching Semi-Rural Market
  26. 26. Gitangi Shopee, Paloura General Store, Paloura Approaching Semi-Rural Market
  27. 27. *On field learning with Sales team *For four days we were tagged with area sales head. *Areas covered: RS Pura, Miran Sahib, Muthi, Domana, Akhnoor and Nagrota *Sims sold: 100 *Promotion of Airtel Magic Recharge *Banners placed at various retail points.
  28. 28. *Barriers and use case study for mobile internet
  29. 29. *Objectives *Main focus was on: *The digitally excluded people, who have little or no opportunity of accessing the internet *The digitally dismissive people, who have (or potentially have) a means of accessing the internet but choose not to use it. We know that a large proportion of older people do not use communications technology, the question is, why not?
  30. 30. *Main objectives: *To explore older people’s knowledge, attitudes and preferences regarding the internet. *To discover any barriers that is likely to prevent older people (or particular groups of older people) from using computers and the internet. *To understand older people’s views on how to overcome the barriers. *To suggest ways to overcome these barriers. *The research covered three main areas: *Understanding of the mobile internet and perceived barriers *Potential benefits of using the internet. *Ways to overcome barriers and enable older people to make use of the internet.
  31. 31. *Research methodology *Sample size: 200 *Questionnaire design: 8 open end questions & 6 closed end questions *Sample : Sample of 200 respondents was taken form population above 40 age group. *Source for data collection: Primary data (Questionnaire)
  32. 32. *Questionnaire
  33. 33. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 40-45 45-55 55 ABOVE Series1 55 85 60 Ageofrespondents Age group *Data analysis 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Professio nal Manageri al Clerical Self employe d Others Series1 24 16 55 35 70 No.ofrecpondents Occupation • 27% of the respondents are in age group of 40-45, 43% in the age group of 45-55 and 30% are above 55. • 12% of the respondents are professionals, 8% are managers, 35% are clerical, 18% are self -employed and 27% lies in others category
  34. 34. Access to internet 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 Yes No Series1 68 132 No.ofrespondents 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Interested in using Not interested in using Series1 75 57 No.ofrespondents Interested in using internet • Out of 200 respondents, only 68 have accessed internet and 132 had never accessed internet. • Out of 132 who had never accessed internet, only 75 were interested in accessing internet.
  35. 35. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Desktop/Lapto p Mobile/Tab Both Series1 34 19 15 No.ofrespondents 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Yes No Series1 16 30 No.ofrespondents Device used for accessing internet Still using internet • Out of 68 respondents, 34 use laptop/PC, 19 use mobile and 15 use both devices.
  36. 36. * Barriers to mobile internet use *Lack of awareness of what technology offers *Hidden cost *Too hard or too old to learn *Affordability *Feeling foolish *Insecure environment *Inappropriate design *Age barriers
  37. 37. * Potential enablers *Although older people’s understanding of how the internet and computers work is often very low, their unprompted knowledge of its potential uses and benefits is often surprisingly high. The most frequently mentioned uses of the internet and mobile include: • Accessibility (portability) • Easy connectivity • Easy to recharge • Keeping in touch: a number were aware of using mobile internet for keeping in touch with family and friends abroad as well as with younger members of the family. • Time saving and convenient: Home shopping was mentioned as an example of something that is convenient for all and particularly beneficial for those who are housebound.
  38. 38. *1. Educating about internet *First and foremost barrier is the lack of education about internet. *So target group can be made aware of its benefits: *Best leisure time *Best way to remove social isolation *Awareness raising campaigns can be held which will help them to have an idea of what internet is. Suggestions
  39. 39. 2. Focus on training/access to help if required. *One of the biggest problems is education, making sure there are ways for people to access technology which make it attractive. Lots of money is often put into capital purchases like hardware or infrastructure but ongoing training and support... is what people want and need. *Training can be provided to the target group, on demand *For this purpose a trainer can be made available in various Airtel centers.
  40. 40. *3. Target Group *CRPF, Air force personnel, BSFians can be targeted who are away from home. * They can be encouraged to make use of mobile internet to get in touch with their families through video chatting. *Low tariff internet plans can be provided to customers above age 40 and potential benefits of using mobile internet can be told to them. * 4. Subsidies: providing low tariff internet plans to customers above 40 age group.
  41. 41. * 5. Desired additional features in Sim Card *Providing Add-on SIM card. *Most of the respondents believe that internet is a costly affair and most of the time they fear to use it believing that it contains hidden costs. *Manual with SIM card, automatic update
  42. 42. *4. Marketing does not reflect older people’s interests: *Generally, technology is not marketed to older people in a way that reflects their needs and interests. *Most of the older people are interested in using technology if they are aware of its benefits *So internet services can be targeted to older section of society.