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Indian coffee house. dox

  1. 1. 2011 Indian Coffee House Analysis Report About Indian Coffee House, Its history, STP, Blueprint, 7 P’s, Competitors and a small survey conducted by us to find out various Gaps in ICH service model. This report also contains few recommendations that we thought would be helpful to improve the services at ICH Ajay, Amit, Priyanka, Robin, Shweta Chitkara University, Baddi 11/13/2011
  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSurvey is an excellent tool for learning and exploration. No classroom routinecan substitute which is possible while working in real situations. Application oftheoretical knowledge to practical situations is the bonanzas of this survey.Without a proper combination of inspection and perspiration, it’s not easy toachieve anything. There is always a sense of gratitude, which we express toothers for the help and the needy services they render during the differentphases of our lives. I too would like to do it as I really wish to express mygratitude toward all those who have been helpful to me directly or indirectlyduring the development of this project.First of all I wish to express my profound gratitude and sincere thanks to myesteemed I would like to thank my professor Mr. Anoop R Ohri who wasalways there to help and guide us when we needed help.Indian Coffee House Page 2
  3. 3. Table of contentS. no. Title Page No1 History 42 STP 63 7Ps 84 Blueprint 105 Analysis of 11 Questionnaire6 Bibliography 177 Annexure 18Indian Coffee House Page 3
  4. 4. Indian Coffee HouseHistoryThe ‘India Coffee House’ started by the COFFEE BOARD in early1940s, during the British rule. In the mid 1950s the Board closeddown several Coffee Houses in different cities throughout India. Atthat time the Board took decision to dismiss the employees. A largenumber of employees lost their jobs. That was a turning point, thewell known great communist leader com. A.K.G ( Ayillyath KuttiariGopalan Nambiar ) took over the leadership of the said employeesand organized Societies all over India in different states. That is“INDIA COFFEE BOARD WORKERS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY”.A lot of dismissed Coffee Board employees were dedicated their life,money and muscles for the formation of the Society. The first Societywas formed in Bangalore on August 1957. The first new generationIndian Coffee House opened in Delhi on 27th December 1957. Our(Trichur) Society Registered in Thrissur on 10th February 1958. Thefirst Indian Coffee House opened at Thrissur on 8th March 1958. Itwas also the forth in the country. The Coffee House was inauguratedby our beloved Godfather Com. A.K.G.Our Societies jurisdiction is Thrissur to Thiruvananthapuram. TheSociety is established on 1958 and the founder President was Adv.T.K. Krishnan, and secretary was Mr. N.S. Parameswaran Pillai. 50Indian Coffee Houses are running across Kerala from Tcr. to Tvmunder the control of India Coffee Board Workers Co-operativeSociety Ltd. No.4227, Thrissur. The Society registered with DistrictIndustries Centre, Thrissur. It is very cheerful to inform that ourIndian Coffee House Page 4
  5. 5. branches is functioning in Keral Govt. Secretariat, M.L.A. Hostel,Legislature Secretariat, Govt. Medical Colleges, Cochin UniversityCampus, N.T.P.C. and some other Pvt. Medical colleges, andinstitutions etc.The prestige of the Indian Coffee House increased with a lot ofbeloved regular customers in all places. As per the blessings of ourvaluable customers we are celebrating with honour the Goldenjubilee year (1958 - 2008). Our employees dedicated a good serviceto each and every customer. Satisfaction of the Customers is ourdestination.CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards 2008 names top Indianconsumer brandsThe CNBC Awaaz consumer awards 2008 were held at Mumbai ,felicitating the most preferred consumer brands of India, based onresearch by The Nielsen Company.The awards were based on research conducted by researchorganisation, The Nielsen Company, who conducted research across17 product and service categories across the country in 21 cities, and84 rural locations. The study covered 10,000 respondents across allstrata of society to arrive at the most preferred brands.Indian coffee house was the first runner up of CNBC AwaazConsumer AwardMost preferred Retail brandsFast food and beverage chain: Barista, McDonalds, Indian CoffeeHouse, Café Coffee Day, and Pizza Hut competed for this award. CaféCoffee Day, where a lot can happen over coffee, emerged the winnerof the category.Indian Coffee House Page 5
  6. 6. STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) :PastSegmentation Food and BeveragesTargeting Students Journalist Bureaucrats Doctors Lawyers Senior OfficialsPositioning Traditional Ambience Affordable food Courteous ServicesSTP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) :PresentSegmentation Food and BeveragesIndian Coffee House Page 6
  7. 7. Targeting Students Journalist Bureaucrats Doctors Lawyers Senior OfficialsPositioning Traditional Ambience Affordable food Courteous Services Healthy food Meeting Place(NOTE : The pointes mentioned in RED are the only new changes inthe STP model of ICH.)Indian Coffee House Page 7
  8. 8. 7Ps Competitor detail7 Ps ICH Sagar Ratna/ CCD SundramProduct • Coffee • South Indian • Coffee Food • South • Snacks Indian Food • North Indian Food • Western Food • ChinesePrice Cheap and Premium Priced Premium affordable PricedPlace • Near • Malls/ Main • Malls/ colleges and Market of Main offices city Market of city • Owned by • Company Different owned • Societies Franchise sPromotion Word of mouth Print Media/ Out Outdoor media door mediaPeople Traditional Style Well dressed and Young staff and middle aged with good Middle aged staff waiters communication andIndian Coffee House Page 8
  9. 9. presentationProcess Old service style Traditional + Western style WesternPhysical • Ethnic • Modern • MusicEvidence Ambience looks • Western • Moderate • Family ambience cleanliness Dining Hall • Take • Traditional away south Indian food served on banana leavesIndian Coffee House Page 9
  10. 10. BlueprintThis is the recommended Blue Print, when we compare it with theactual layout of Indian Coffee House we found that they were lackingin the part of Physical evidence.They do not Provide: Menu Cards Tissues / Napkins without asking There is no billing folderIndian Coffee House Page 10
  11. 11. Analysis of the questioner (Customer)1. Age Group 9% 10% 15-25 19% 24% 25-30 30-40 38% 40-50 50 and aboveIndian Coffee House Page 11
  12. 12. 2. Since when are you visiting Indian Coffee House? Loyality 40 30 20 10 0 1+ 5+ 10+ 15+ Loyality 11 19 33 373. From where you came to know about Indian Coffee House? 80 60 40 20 0 Friends/ Advert Family Location Others Friends/ Advert Location Others Family sources 68 4 20 8Indian Coffee House Page 12
  13. 13. 4. What is your reason to visit ICH? • Main reason is “Value for Money” • “Hangout place” to meet old friends and have long discussions.5. What should ICH change? • One thing that the customer would like to change in ICH is “Service”6. Has there been any change since the 1st time you have visitedICH? 100 80 60 no, 93 40 20 0 yes, 7Indian Coffee House Page 13
  14. 14. 7. Few Testimonials My group best hanging place of graduation days. The best part of ICH is we used it a lot by sitting there for 4-5 hours and nobody disturbs us. I wish to god that if my life goes back to those days only. The service here was less than great but that didnt matter. The buzz of people talking, debating, and arguing give this coffee house its ambience. The prices are cheap, the food is average but the experience is unique. It’s a coffee shop that also offers some snacks. Food is ok. Ambiance and service is not up to the mark. If a place can still give you solid good food, serve it efficiently and not charge you the moon for it in todays times, the place deserves a lifetime achievement award. I have been going here since the last 15 yrs and my last visit was after a gap of 2 yrs. To my pleasant surprise their food and service is as usual and the prices are as reasonable as before. More than 2 decades I am a customer of INDIA COFFEE HOUSE. Anyway it’s a medium class restaurant we can taste the best, hot and natural tea and coffee and also known for the crispy hot cutlets.Indian Coffee House Page 14
  15. 15. GAP AnalysisGap 1 (not knowing what customers expect) • No interaction between customer and manager of restaurant • No provision of feedback from customer visiting ICH • No customer relationship managementGap 2(not having the right service designs and standards) • Service at ICH is quick. Serve under very fast • Uniform of waiters is not clean • Non- Hygienic way of food servingGap3(not delivering to service standards) • No proper training for employees • Failure to match demand and supply during peak hoursGap 4(not matching performance to promises) • Affordable with good service so manage to keep customer expectation • No marketing communication. Only WOM is only sourceIndian Coffee House Page 15
  16. 16. Recommendations • Conscious about the cleanness of the uniform : specially in North India • Water – Purifier • Can play music in the restaurant • Clean and well mentioned washrooms • Should keep suggestion book • Take care of hygiene factorIndian Coffee House Page 16
  17. 17."More than just coffee n snacks". Metro Plus Kochi. The Hindu. 23 September2002. Retrieved 13 May 2007.Vibhor Mohan (27 September 2006). "Crisis in a coffee cup". The Tribune.Retrieved 13 May 2007.Indian Coffee House Page 17
  18. 18. Annexure 1. Name : ______________________________________________________________ 2. Age : ________________________________________________________________ 3. Gender : a. Male b. Female 4. Since when are you visiting Indian Coffee House : ____________________________ 5. From where you came to know about Indian Coffee House : a. Friends/Family b. Adverts c. Location d. Others _________________________________________________________ 6. What is your favourite order at ICH : _______________________________________ 7. Rank your reason to visit ICH out of following (5 being the Highest and 1 being the lowest) a. Food b. Service c. Value for money d. Atmosphere e. Cost 8. Would you suggest ICH to your friends a. Yes b. No 9. Has there been any change since the 1st time you have visited ICH a. Yes b. No If Yes, What : _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Out of the following what is that 1 thing that ICH should change and why ?Indian Coffee House Page 18
  19. 19. a. Food b. Service c. Value for money d. Atmosphere e. Cost______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Testimonials__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Indian Coffee House Page 19