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  1. 1. Presentation On Cyborg
  2. 2. Introduction• Cyborg, a compound word derived from cybernetics and organism.• It is a term coined by Manfred Clynes in 1960 to describe the need for mankind to artificially enhance biological functions.• A cyborg referred to a human being with bodily functions aided or controlled by technological devices.
  3. 3. History• The term “cyborg” was first coined by NASA scientists, Nathan Kline and Manfred Clynes in 1960.• They discussed the potential advantages of a machine/human hybrid that could operate in outer space.• Cyborgs are often depicted as “half-man half-machine” beings with robotic or bionic implants.
  4. 4. Types of Cyborg CYBORGConvenient Cyborg Conditional Cyborg Convenient cyborgs Conditional Cyborgsmay refer to any includes bionic implantsexternal provision of replanting the lost oran exoskeleton for the damaged body for thesatisfying the altered normal living in the fancy needs of body. present environment.
  5. 5. LATEST TECHNOLOGY• At present Cyborgology concentrates on the development of Conditional cyborgs.• That is living being with a mechanical body part which is replaced for the damaged or lost body part.
  6. 6. ROBOTS & CYBORGS Robots CYBORGS• A robot doesnt • Cyborgs are beings that necessarily have to are part mechanical and resemble a human. part organic.• It can be in the shape of a • It can be anyone whose dog, or one of those giant body relies on a form of arms in a car machinery in order to factory. survive - such as a pacemaker or an insulin pump - to be a cyborg.
  7. 7. Films That uses Cyborg• Star Wars universe• Eliminators• Cyborg• Johnny Mnemonic• Terminator Salvation
  8. 8. 16 Genuine Cyborg Technologies
  9. 9. Vision Enhancing Contact Lens
  10. 10. Cochlear Implant
  11. 11. Touch Bionics I-Limb
  12. 12. Proprio Bionic Foot
  13. 13. Tooth and Ear Cellphone Implant
  14. 14. Otto Bock C-Leg Intelligent Prosthetic Leg
  15. 15. MC3 Biolung Artifical Lung
  16. 16. Artificial Heart
  17. 17. Otto Bock- 3D Hip Joint system
  18. 18. Bone Marrow Stem Cell Artificial Skin
  19. 19. McKibben Artificial Pneumatic Muscles
  20. 20. HepaLife Bioreactor Artificial Liver
  21. 21. World First Artificial Stomach
  22. 22. AWAK A Wearable Artificial Kidney
  23. 23. The Boston Retinal Implant Project
  24. 24. Neuro-Controlled Bionic Arm
  26. 26. Advantages of Cyborg• Prolongs life• Enables one to lead a normal life• Gives a part of the body back• Improves the quality of life
  27. 27. Disadvantages of Cyborg• Training is needed for doctors• They are all expensive• Psychological problems• Feeling „different‟ to everyone else• The risk of rejection/infection• Pain during operation