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Visual Resume Shivam Dhawan

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Visual Resume Shivam Dhawan

  1. Shivam Dhawan RESUME
  3. Know Who I am
  4. Trust My credentials, experience
  5. Understand My skills, achievements
  6. Perceive Interests, personal details
  7. …visualize
  8. SHIVAM Web Strategy Advisor Founder Arbunize Me @
  9. Born here
  10. Studied here
  11. Started career
  12. Moved here
  13. and here
  14. Then here
  15. Now here
  16. and back
  17. a JEDI
  18. playing with DATA
  19. and TOOLS
  20. to Build EXPERIENCES
  21. Manage USER BEHAVIOR
  22. and Maintain OUTCOMES
  23. With for Clients Earlier, I worked
  24. BUILDING Your Identity! Now, I design and strategize ‘identities’ at Arbunize
  25. Educational background
  26. I am an Industrial Engineer
  27. Was good with studies, flunked just one exam throughout college, and that I blame on Oceans 12
  28. Won awards with numerous science exhibitions including presentation at IIT Roorkee on Variable Valve Timing. Cracked GATE, with AIR 107 Bagged silver medal in National Science Olympiad
  29. I wanted to be a scientist
  30. but as life began in the REAL world I went VIRTUAL
  31. Started experimenting with WEB and designed family websites
  32. so that’s how I do what I do Leap and the (inter)net will appear
  33. I am great at Understanding the logical realities of complex business models
  34. Transforming Ideas, Design and Data into Experience
  35. I like to work with Analytics and User Experience and contribute to business strategy
  36. I work to resolve complexities
  37. Don’t just take my word for it
  38. Yet sometimes I get lost in my own thoughts… that is when I write
  39. My personal goal is to make life interesting in a good and inspiring way
  40. When not working I like to meet people
  41. and travel to learn something new
  42. When not travelling, I host travelers Post request here with matching Pyjamas
  43. and have Foodiieez meetups where we cook and we serve Join the next event
  44. I have travelled great distances to meet people Next could be YOU
  45. Meet Me Contact Here…
  46. Meet Me Contact Here… Follow me @ShvmDhwn
  47. Meet Me Contact Here… Follow me @ShvmDhwn Connect - Or just say Hi!