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according to contributors personal development ch.3 , we try to cover all topic with examples

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Contributorsvisionofsuccess 130325053051-phpapp01 (1)

  1. 1. NAME ENROLLMENT NUMBER PATEL JAIMIN 150780107029 PATEL JEET 150780107030 PATEL SHVET 150780107047 Guided by : V.M.MODI Sir
  2. 2.  A vision is an idea of the future; it is an image, a strongly felt wish.  When we say that a leader has vision, we refer to the ability to see the present as it is and formulate a future that grows out of and improves upon the present.  For leaders, a vision is not a dream; it is a reality that has yet to come into existence.
  3. 3.  Success has different meanings for each of us. For one person it could be a general sense of happiness.  Another might think of success as meaning making a lot of money and accumulating wealth.  But actually success means “ACCOMPLISHMENT OF DESIRED WISH"
  4. 4.  Contributors have a deeper and wider definition of success than Non-contributors.  While Non-contributors define success in terms of material success, achievement, external impact, etc.  But for contributor success means not only external rewards but also deep inner fulfilment
  5. 5. MEANING OF SUCCESS IN CONTRIBUTOR’S LIFE Personal fulfillment Development of self- esteem Ongoing development of personal capabilities MEANING OF SUCCESS IN CONTRIBUTOR’S LIFE
  6. 6. Contributors are able to deepen and widen this definition of success to include:  Personal fulfillment  Development of self-esteem  Ongoing development of personal capabilities, etc.
  8. 8.  For non contributor the current vision of career is always some form of external growth – whether it is growth in money terms, bank balance, position, respect, fame, etc.  These are external growth parameters on which success is measured.  As a contributor, the thing to do is to add one more measure.  “Is there an inner growth corresponding with the outer growth? Is my inner capacity to contribute, my inner strength, my inner vision of self, my inner sense of being – all growing consistently with my outer growth?”
  9. 9. Student-A is concerned only with getting good marks to come first in class and get new cycle from his parents. He is marks oriented and so he always ends up with chaos. Student-B wants to know her own capability and wants to learn her course well so she worked hard for exam. She got internal success as well as external success too. A B
  10. 10. •Steve Jobs started with an idea and an empty garage and built a firm worth $350 billion. •Jobs was mostly interested in creating products that enrich lives. •Apple didn't just invent cool new gadgets (the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone). It invented new ecosystems — iTunes, Apps that offered a lifeline to struggling established industries as well as immense opportunities for upstart entrepreneurs. •Jobs's greatest and most useful example lies not in what Apple has done for shareholders, but in what it has done for other industries, companies, and individuals. Simplicity with Style
  11. 11.  “I give least importance to being Number one. I consider myself to be fortunate in this position and would like to contribute to nation building in some way.”  “I dream India of becoming a great economic superpower.”  “We can prove to the world that India can do it. That Indians are not afraid of competition. That India is a nation of achievers.”  “We must forge a new partnership for a great India. A strong and constructive partnership between industry, government and society.”
  12. 12. In this Bollywood movie we can consider the character “Rancho” as a real contributor on the other side the character “Chatur” as a non-contributor.
  13. 13.  Studying above all we can conclude that if we are trying our best to achieve internal success , external success will automatically come to us.  And if on the other side we are just trying to get only external success then our growth rate will become very slow and will never reached to the top position. Also we will surrounded by limitations which is form by us only.

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according to contributors personal development ch.3 , we try to cover all topic with examples


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