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Printing and Emailing PDF Reports From InterSystems Data Platform


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Approach on How to print and email Reports From InterSystems Data Platform Analytics and in PDF or HTML using DeepSee Web Reports module

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Printing and Emailing PDF Reports From InterSystems Data Platform

  1. 1. Printing and Emailing InterSystems DeepSee reports Evgeny Shvarov, Community Manager
  2. 2. The Need • To print DeepSee dashboards interactively • The reports should be printed in paper (A4) • To send the reports in form of DeepSee dashboards on schedule • E.g. with attached PDF
  3. 3. The Solution • Take InterSystems Data Platform! • Install DeepSee Web (DSW) • Web player for DeepSee Dashboards • Angular 1.5 application • JSON transport • Also Install DSW Reports • Phantom.js • Rasterize.js • Templates • Have the feature to make reports and send it in PDF
  4. 4. How it works? • Every widget in DSW can be shared as iframe • Make a standalone web page with a set of iframes • Run reports programmatically via DSW.Report.Task class • “report” folder should be placed under in /dsw web app.
  5. 5. How it works? DeepSee Widgets Standalone HTML with iframes Phantom.js to generate and send PDF User Interaction Emailing by Schedule
  6. 6. How to Cook a Report? • Take the widget you like • With filters you want • Copy the “Share code” • Paste into report.html • Tweak the title, width, totals if needed • Put whatever number of widgets you want • Run the report from /dsw/reports/yourreport/index.html
  7. 7. Making report demo
  8. 8. Let’s send the report via email • Generate email via phantom.js • Send email with attached PDF with ObjectScript • Run the report programmatically on Schedule
  9. 9. Phantom.JS • Phantom.js is a headless browser: • allows execute a page in a backend on the server and generate a pdf from it • You need to install Phantom.js on your server to let it done • You need to use a rasterise.js
  10. 10. Email Demo
  11. 11. How to Deploy the Solution? • You need DSW installed on a target server • Deploy js and html files into target server under /dsw/reports • To run a report call • Do ##class(DSW.Report.Task).(”url”,”Reportname”) • Security: security is the same as you have for /dsw web-app
  12. 12. 3 Take-Aways DSW for Dashboards Iframes for widgets Phantom.js as headless browser to generate pdf in background - DeepSee web – solution - example - discuss and improve!! QUESTIONS?