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Just small comparison of few good and cheap domain registrars. ENJOY and I hope You pick what suits Your needs :)

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Domain Registrar

  1. 1. Other domaining articles: Expired domains with pagerank, expired traffic, expired pagerank 5, expired domain list Buy backlinks, get backlinks, relevant backlinks, increase pagerank, seo, 1 google position, increase google traffic Parked, Sedo, Namedrive, Fabulous, Parking companies comparison, earn with domains, yahoo feed, google feed, park domains Domain registrar, domain name registration, domain name registrar, domain nmaes, godaddy, moniker, dynadot, cheap domain registrar Sell domains, domain marketplace comparison, selling domains, domain name marketplace, sedo, moniker, afternic Domain blog with domain parking comparison, namedrive, sedo, parked, fabulous, godaddy, moniker, aftermarket guide. New post that will compare some domain nmaes registrars (mistyped for SEO) and help You save money for more domains or investment in traffic, buy backlinks, beer etc. - huge registrar, well known company with tons of good to say about and some bad things. I'll describe everything :) At, You'll buy domain, instant payment by any creditcard or paypal. One great thing is that if You pick some domain, for example .com, and there are .net, .org, .info available, You can buy it as pack and save lot of money (org + net + info for 15$) or You can buy .org + .net + .info for 30$ and save even more. got cheap domains, but You always need to use good discount coupon. For example long time working OYH3 makes .com domains from 9,99$ to 6,95$. That's huge save when You're buying tons of domains. allows mass name server change so You can swap to other parking company in few seconds. Whole their system works well. Thier support is quite fine, but still You can get in touch with some moron. give You 7 days after expiration of domain to buy it back even if it was allready winned in TDNAM aftermarket (now it's under Godaddy domain) . is great expired domains aftermarket where You can sell domains or buy domains, especially effective is buying expired domains -> read previous article. Register at godaddy and the same login works for TDNAM. What's bad about 1. If You buy domain, You can't sell it/push it to another account in 60 days period. 2. Godaddy offers tons of services while You're buying domain. Most of these services are overpriced, like whoisguard that cost 9,99$ but others have it for free or 2$ fee. 3. Godaddy LOCK domains that were reported as promoted with spam. This takes some work with support employees to unlock it and sometimes cost 20-30$ fee. Happens rarely, mostly it's caused by domain owners. Do not use GODADDYs Cashparking - it's just average parking company and You'll pay fee to be parked there. To get better revenue from parking, pick companies described in my older post: These are base prices for some TLD domains. But there are discount coupons that makes them much cheaper. To find best working coupons, visit (search there for and it find their discounts): More % coupon has, bigger chance it will work. But some coupons, like 10% for 25$ purchase, 20% for 50 $ works but people barely understands them so the % is lower then it should be. With bigger purchase, try different coupons to get biggest discount. Base prices (don't forget discount):
  2. 2. -> Great marketplace, very safe domain registrar, everything under one roof. Prices are fine, system works perfectly, You can prepay funds, if You prepay certain amount , You'll get better prices. Big advantage of having domains registered at is, that they add it to auction so Your chance to sell increase alot. Read this post about moniker marketplace: Base prices: COM NET ORG INFO MOBI BIZ US CO.UK ASIA TV $7.29 $6.04 $7.29 $4.99 $7.49 $7.29 $7.29 $6.95 $15.00 $32.99 - Serious company, no problems, fast & working system. Good prices even without coupons. There are still some coupons. has it's marketplace, You can push domain to another dynadot acount without fees. has it's own marketplace but I've barely used it so I can't tell You advantages and disadvantages. offers various options of payment and also pre-funding money so You don't need creditcard everytime You want to buy domain: This is great place if You want Your best domains safe. With, there's no place for any worries. Base prices:
  3. 3. com $8.99 net $8.99 $6.99 org * info $8.99 $25.9 tv 9 ** $6.99 biz * $9.99 mobi * name $7.99 $12.9 asia 9 ws (WebSite $7.99 ) us $6.99 cn $2.99 $8.99 $29.9 cc 9 eu $9.99 -> Top, wellknown company with good prices, but somehow I don't have experience with them so I can't tell You payment options, options to push domain for free to other user, if they got marketplace etc. -> I personally like this company, don't know even why cause their system often fail and their prices arent' that cheap. Only whois is free for 1st year what is +2$ in pocket. So if You want WHOIS, then they are cheap. These would be good company if they don't have errors on thier site, sometimes it falls during payment, during domain settings changes etc. Quite annoying if You need to do something again.
  4. 4. Also try to avoid special characters in Your name, cause they don't support them and for example when You push domain to other account You need to edit name and edit name in whoisguard, cause else whoiguard won't be pushed and stay at Your account without domain. They offer creditcard payment and if Your credit doesn't work You can pay through google checkout that takes any CC. You can also pre-fund money for instant payment whenever You want to buy domain.