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Hewlett packard hp printer cartridges generic model comparison table


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Hewlett packard hp printer cartridges generic model comparison table

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Hewlett packard hp printer cartridges generic model comparison table

  1. 1. Hewlett-Packard HP printer cartridges generic model comparison tableHP plotter cartridgesProduct Name DescriptionHP C1806A / black for at DJ2000CP/2500CP/2800CP / 3500CP/3000CP/3500CP/3800CP (indoor)HP C1807A / cyan for the DJ2000CP/2500CP/2800CP / 3500CP/3000CP/3500CP/3800CP(households within)HP C1808A / magenta apply toDJ2000CP/2500CP/2800CP /3500CP/3000CP/3500CP/3800CP (indoor)HP C1809A / yellow applicable to DJ2000CP/2500CP/2800CP / 3500CP/3000CP/3500CP/3800CP(indoor)UV C1892A / Black applicable to DJ2000CP/2500CP/2800CP / 3500CP/3000CP/3500CP/3800CP(outdoor)UV C1893A Cyan apply to DJ2000CP/2500CP/2800CP / 3500CP/3000CP/3500CP/3800CP(outdoor)UV C1894A / magenta apply toDJ2000CP/2500CP/2800CP/3500CP/3000CP/3500CP/3800CP (outdoor)UV C1895A / yellow applicable to DJ2000CP/2500CP/2800CP / 3500CP/3000CP/3500CP/3800CP(outdoor)HP 51626A / Black applicable to DJ200/220/600HP 51640A / Black applicable to DJ230/250/330/350/430/450/455/488/650CHP 51645A / Black applicable to DJ700/750C/750C Plus/755CMHP 51644C / cyan apply to DJ350C/450C/455/488 / 750C/750C Plus/755CMThe HP 51644M / magenta applicable in DJ350C/450C/455/488/750C / 750C Plus/755CMHP 51644Y / yellow applicable to DJ350C/450C/455/488 / 750C/750C Plus/755CMHP 51650C / cyan apply to DJ250C/650CThe HP 51650M / magenta apply to HP250C/650CHP 51650Y / yellow applicable to DJ250C/650CHP C4871A / Black applicable to DJ1050C/1050CMHP C4871A / cyan apply to DJ1050C/1050CMHP C4871A / yellow applicable to DJ1050C/1050CMHP C4871A / magenta apply to DJ1050C/1050CMHP C4844A / Black applicable to DJ500/500PS/800/800PSHP C4911A / cyan apply to DJ500/500PS/800/800PSHP C4912A / magenta apply to DJ500/500PS/800/800PSHP C4913A / yellow applicable to DJ500/500PS/800/800PSHP C4930A / black in DJ5000/5000PS/5500/5500PS (indoor)HP C4940A (outdoor)HP C3931A / cyan DJ5000/5000PS/5500/5500PS (indoor)HP C4941A (outdoor)HP C3932A / magenta DJ5000/5000PS/5500/5500PS (indoor)HP C4942A (outdoor)HP C3933A / yellow for DJ5000/5000PS/5500/5500PS (indoor)
  2. 2. HP C4943A (outdoor)HP C3934A / light cyan apply toDJ5000/5000PS/5500/5500PS (indoor)HP C4944A (outdoor)HP C3935A / light red for DJ5000/5000PS/5500/5500PS (indoor)HP C4945A (outdoor)Hewlett-Packard (HP) inkjet printer cartridges.Product Name DescriptionHP 51625A / color for HP 200/200Cci/320/340/400/420/500/550/560 printerHP 51626A / black for HP 400/420/500/550/560 printerHP 51629A / black for HP 600 series printer / OfficeJet 725 printerThe HP 51633M / black for HP 320/340 printerHP 51640A / black for HP 1200 printerHP 51640C / cyan for HP 1200/1600C/1600CM printerThe HP 51640M / magenta apply to HP 1200/1600C/1600CM printerHP 51640Y / yellow for HP 1200/1600C/1600CM printerHP 51641A / color for HP 820Cxi/850Cxi/870/1000 printerHP 51645A / black for HP 710/820/830/850/870/930/950/970/990/1120/1180/1220/1600printerHP 51649A / color applies to the HP 600 series printersHP C1823D / color suitable for the HP 710/720/810/830/880/890/895/1120/1125 printerHP C1843A / black for HP 200/220Cci printerHP C4804A / cyan for HP Inkjet 3000 printerHP C4805A / magenta for HP Inkjet 3000 printerHP C4806A / yellow applicable to the HP Inkjet 3000 printerHP C4810A / Light Black for HP CP1700/1755/2230/2280 printerHP C4811A / light cyan for HP CP1700/1755/2230/2280 printerHP C4812A / light magenta for HP CP1700/1755/2230/2280 printerHP C4813A / light yellow for HP CP1700/1755/2230/2280 printerHP C4836A / cyan for HP CP1700/1755/2230/2280/1100 printerHP C4837A / magenta for HP CP1700/1755/2230/2280/1100 printerHP C4838A / yellow for HP CP1700/1755/2230/2280/1100 printerHP C4844A / black for HP CP1700/1755/2230/2280/3000/1100 printerHP C6577A / black for HP 600/610/695cci printerHP C6578D / color suitable forHP 920/930/948/950/970/990/1180/1220/3820/6122/OfficeJet 5110 printerHP C6614D / black for HP 610/630/640/656 printerHP C6615D / black for HP 750/810/840/845/920/948/950/3820/OfficeJet 40/5110 printerHP C6625A / color suitable for HP 840/845 printerHP C6656A / black for HP Photo130/7150/7550/PSC2110/DJ450/5550/OfficeJet 4110 printerHP C6657A / color suitable for
  3. 3. The HP Photo130/7150/7550/PSC2110/DJ450/5550/OfficeJet 4110 printerHP C6658A / color applies in the HP Photo7150/7550/PSC2110/DJ5550 printer (photo cartridge)HP C8816A / the Black applicable to HP3558/3658/3668/5168/3538/PSC1118/1218/photo7268printerHP C8817A / color suitable for HP3558/3538/3658/3668/5168/PSC1118/2329/photo148/7268printerHP C8727A / the Black applicable to HP3325/3420 printerHP C8728A / color suitable for HP3325/3420/4110 printerHP C9359A suitable for HP photo 148/245/7660/7960HPs cartridge Universal ListProduct Name DescriptionThe HP C4182X apply to LJ 8100/8500 SeriesApplies to 8150 HP C8061A LJ 4100 Series /4100MFP HP C8061X LJ 4100 Series4100MFP HP C8543X LJ 9000 Series /lj9000MFP HP Q2610A LJ 2300 SeriesHP Q1338A LJ 4200 SeriesHP Q1339A LJ 4300 SeriesHP C4092A LJ 1100 series / 3200 series HP C4127A LJ 4000/4050 Series HP C4127X LJ 4000/4050Series HP C4129X LJ 5000/5100 Series HP C4096A LJ 2100/2200 SeriesHP C7115A LJ 1200 Series /1000/1005/3300 Series /3380 HP Q2624A LJ 1150HP Q2612A Color LJ1010/1012/1015 / multifunction machine 3015/3020/3030 HP Q2613A LJ1300HP 92298A LJ 4/4M/4 Plus/4M Plus/5/5M/5NHP 92291A LJ IIISI/IIISiMX/4SI/4SIMXHP C3909A LJ 5Si/5SiMX/5SiNX/5Si mopier/8000 seriesHP C3906F LJ 5L Series /LJ 6L Series /LJ 3100/3150 HP C3903F LJ 5P/5MP/6P/6MPHP C3900A LJ 4V/4MV HP 92274A LJ 4L/4ML/4P/4MPHP 92275A LJ IIP / IIP Plus / IIIPHP 92295A LJ II / IID LJ III / IIIDHP C4191A/92A/93A/94A Color 4500/4550 SeriesHP C9720A/21A/22A/23A Color 4600 SeriesHP C4149A/50A/51A/52A Color 8500/8550 SeriesHP C9700A/01A/02A/03A Color 1500/2500 SeriesHP C9730A/31A/32A/33A Color 5500 SeriesHP C8550A/51A/52A/53A Color 9500 SeriesHP Q2670A/71A/72A/73A Color 3500HP Q2670A/81A/82A/83A Color 3700 HP Q3683C LJ 9055/9065
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