4 great tips on how to grow taller fast


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Are you desperate to discover how to grow taller fast? Have you always been the short guy among your friends? You must be tired of always having to look up to everyone else.

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4 great tips on how to grow taller fast

  1. 1. Are you desperate to discover how to grow taller fast? Have you always beenthe short guy among your friends? You must be tired of always having to lookup to everyone else. However, you are not alone; there are many men whowish they could be just a bit taller. Being a tall man comes with manyadvantages; most women love tall men, a tall man can enjoy playing mostgames e.g. basket ball, some jobs like the military require you to be tall andmost all being tall makes you look strong and attractive. A lot of men out therethink they are doomed to be the short guy forever, but this is not true. Thereare so many different ways that you make yourself grow taller fast and keepyour dream height forever. Below are some tips on how to be taller. Read on. Tip 1. Sleeping postureWhen you go sleep, make sure you do this on your back with your head restingflat against your mattress. The straightness of spine leads to improvement ofyour posture over time. However, you may find this position uncomfortable, ifthis happens, use a pillow and place it underneath your knees for extrasupport. Tip 2. Get enough sleep.It’s advisable that you sleep at least eight hours each night. When you sleep,the body is able to properly repair its muscles and so promotes healthydevelopment. Sufficient sleep and rest helps the body produce growth
  2. 2. hormones. This helps you grow taller faster throughout the night.During the day, make sure you sit up. This improves your posture further. Tip 3. DietYour diet is very important if you desire to grow taller. These are someavailable foods that you can eat to aid in promoting the health and growth ofyour bones, therefore allowing you to add inches to your height. The foodsshould be rich in calcium and proteins.Foods with good amount of amino acids and vitamins also helps you growtaller. For extra benefit, take mineral supplements such as phosphorous,calcium and magnesium. Drink plenty of water every day, at least 8 glasseswill do. This keeps your body hydrated which is necessary for proper growth.Stay away from junk foods, caffeine and any other food high in sugar. Suchfoods will only prevent you from attaining you ideal height. Tip 4. Exercise.It’s important that you exercise daily to improve the growth of your musclesand bones. With proper stretches each day, you can up to 3 inches.Concentrate on building a good strong core and improve the correct posture,straightening out the vertebrae can add a few inches.Breathing exercises are also very helpful. Inhale deep then hold your breathand exhale. The exercises increase the level of oxygen in your lungs and also
  3. 3. enlarge muscles.You can also try the following simple exercises. Lie with your face down on the floor. Let your palms should be beneath your shoulders, then slowly raise your chin till the spine is completely extended. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds. Sit down, spread your legs as wide as you can and then reach toward one side as you try to touch your toes. As you do this, make sure your knees are straight. Wait for 20 seconds, and then switch sides. Raise your hands, keep them as high as you can and straighten your body. Remain in this position for 20 seconds, and then lower your arms. Repeat the exercise.There are some pills that you can use to make you grow taller faster. Howeveryou need to consult your doctor before you can try them.The aforementioned tips can greatly help you attain your ideal height. Youdon’t have to worry anymore, just use the above tips on how to grow taller fastand you will surely be the strong tall handsome guy you’ve always wanted tobe.