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How Online Education Used to reduce illiteracy in remote areas


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Nowadays online education is a popular medium of education. How
online education can be used to reduce illiteracy problem in the remote areas of our country?

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How Online Education Used to reduce illiteracy in remote areas

  1. 1.  Who are we??? 1.Nazia Kamal 2.Md. Riad Ul Alam Azad 3.Sabrina Islam 4.Tanbir Hasan Shuvo 5.Halima Khanom Tisha 6.Farsina Rahman 7.Omar Al Masud 8.Arham Akhyar Niloy
  2. 2.  Increasing rate of knowledge in remote areas are very poor.  well educated & trained teacher is not willing to teach in an institute located in remote areas.
  3. 3.  People from remote area has very little knowledge about internet  Provide the latest education to the remote area otherwise they will lag behind.
  4. 4. Watching live Television broadcast  Solve the problems in agriculture, health and so on.  Should telecast education base programs.
  5. 5. Video conferencing  Visual and audio technology to enable people in different locations to communicate.  Specialist people like Doctors, Agriculturists, Teachers connect with remote areas peoples.
  6. 6. Online Lecture Base School  Heavy involvement of internet and communication methods with the expertise teachers.  Children avails this opportunity and find learning to be fun.
  7. 7. The Internet and World Wide Web (WWW)  Internet dynamic architecture consisting worldwide network of computers.  Train young people about computer.
  8. 8. Video Streaming  Works as a practical knowledge in remote areas people.  Diverse learning styles, Promotes effectiveness & Aids in the development of knowledge
  9. 9.  Reported to have the second highest for online education.  Best part it makes students enthusiastic.  Best point to no restriction all student can enrol for online course.
  10. 10.  The goal of SATELLITE PDA Project was demonstrate the viability of online education and health service.  Believe ICT can play important role to improve education and health care by the organizers.  Missions are held to remove illiteracy in the remote areas. .
  11. 11.  Using ICT to the rural areas for educational improvement.  Providing strengthen education and learning system through the use of video conferencing.
  12. 12.  Jago “Online School” started in 2011 in Gazipur as a pilot project with 80 students.  Establish free of cost international standard schools in every district of the country.  works with educating and bringing light to the less fortunate in rural areas of Bangladesh.
  13. 13.  Today’s youth are really aware of their social responsibility.  Bangladesh gets internet connection and it is relatively easy to reach to any locality and enlighten them.
  14. 14.  Rise in popularity of Youtube has lent itself for success of online education.  Access to Youtube enables an individual to take from a vast ocean of knowledge and fun ways to learn from people all over of world
  15. 15. Thank you for being with us ! ! ! Design- Tanbir Hasan Shuvo