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gap analysis in bhubaneswar market

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Sip report on dabur

  1. 1. 9 A Summer Training Report On {RETAIL AUDIT} GAP ANALYSIS OF DABUR IN BHUBANESWAR MARKET (KALINGA NAGAR TO NANDANKANAN ROAD) Submitted by Suvransu sekhar pala Registration No. : BIM0712BM012 Under the guidance of. BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN (BCCM)BHUBANESWAR KENDRA Mr. Pravat Kumar Das (Area sales Manager) Dabur india LTD, Bhubaneswar
  2. 2. 10 Project Report Of The Summer Internship Project At Topic:-“ GAP ANALYSIS OF DABUR IN BHUBANESWAR MARKET (KALINGA NAGAR TO NANDANKANAN ROAD)” This project report is prepared as a partial fulfillment of the PGDM Program (2012-2014) Prepared by: Suvransu Sekhar Pala Regd. No.: BIM0712BM012 Batch 2012-14 Under the guidance of Mr. Pravat Kumar Das (Area sales Manager) Dabur india LTD, Bhubaneswar
  3. 3. 11 DECLARATION I, SUVRANSU SEKHAR PALA hereby declare that the summer project entitled ― submitted by me in partial fulfillment of Degree IN Post Graduate Diploma in Management, BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN , under AICTE Approved , AUTONOMOUS COLLEGE is my own. This work has not been Submitted to any other university nor has been published ever before. I would like to declare that the information provided in the project report is authentic to best of my knowledge, as it has been obtained through market survey done entirely by me and verified by the concerned authority. DATE: . . SUVRANSU SEKHAR PALA PLACE: BHUBANESWAR REGD. NO:BIMO712BM012 PGDM (2012 - 2014) BCCM
  4. 4. 12 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is more a liability for me to owe my deep sense of acknowledgement and gratitude to the faculty of my department, who has lent me esteemed support in his/her endeavor. i would liketo pay my gratitude to prof. chumki chatterjee for helping through throughout the course curriculum for the success of the event. I am deeply indebted as, every stands on its own nerves, which lies beneath the skin. And his work is no exception; the person who is constantly seen into my success, is my guide MR.PRAVAT KUMAR DAS [A.S.M. DABUR INDIA LTD.] He is not only my Guide but also a constant motivator. Lastly, I have the pleasure of presenting this seminar report to my Department of PGDM (BCCM) and thankful to them for their kind Consideration and timely responses. SUVRANSU SEKHAR PALA Regn. NoBIMO712BM012 PGDM (2012-2014) BCCM
  5. 5. 13 Guide Certificate This is to certify that the work entitled ―GAP ANALYSIS OF DABUR IN BHUBANESWAR MARKET (KALINGA NAGAR TO NANDANKANAN ROAD).‖ is a piece of term project done by Suvransu Sekhar Pala under my Guidance and supervision for partial fulfillment of PGDM curriculum Of BHARATIYA VIDYA BHAVAN BHUBANESWAR KENDRA . To the best of my knowledge and belief the term project Report:- 1) Embodies the work of the candidates them self. 2) Has been duly completed. 3) Is up to the standard both in respect to contents and language for being referred to the examiner. DT:- PLACE: BHUBANEAWAR MR.PRAVAT KUMAR DAS (AREA SALES MANAGER DABUR INDIA LTD.)
  8. 8. 16 Executive summary Executive Summary Dabur India is one of the leading FMCG Companies in India. The project I undertook is ‗GAP ANALYSIS OF DABUR IN BHUBANESWAR MARKET (KALINGA NAGAR TO NANDANKANAN ROAD).‖.The study objectives were: Identify gaps in distribution, assortment, MBQ levels of Dabur products in these stores within the following categories a) Real juice segment b) Home care &Food products c.personal care care was undertaken for duration of two months as a part of the learning process during the summer training at Dabur India Ltd.  The main objective of this project is to identify the loopholes that exist in the current distribution in kalinga nagar to nandankanan area of Bhubaneswar. To study the first part, various general trade outlets and their central distribution centre were visited. Interviews were conducted with them to know gap of Dabur company in kalinga nagar to Nandankanan area of Bhubaneswar .what kind of problem facing retailer. To solve these problems various suggestions have been made. Special Motivation should be given through various benefits to the distributors, retailers and salesman to keep up all dabur product. In the second part, a survey was conducted in different general trade outlets. In total 300 reteiler responded to the survey in kalinge nagar to Nandankanan area of Bhubaneswar. It was an excellent experience while working with Dabur India limited. I learnt about the environment and culture of the organization, its distribution structure; which I feel will help me in my future endeavors in life.
  9. 9. 17 CHAPTER - I
  10. 10. 18 INTRODUCTION OF THE STUDY. THE RETAIL AUDIT PROVIDES • A continuous, independent measurement of facts – Retail sales to consumers – Distribution in covered channels – Stock levels and out-of-stock – Pricing – A bird eye look at channel development, trade concentration • Insights to both sales, marketing and top management about the direction of the market: • Strategically (long-term analysis): – category growth, sales importance of channels, segment analysis, annual review, product launch / segment entrance decisions… • Tactically (short-term analysis): – pricing, distribution gains, opportunity gaps, success of new launch, cannibalization, key account plan…
  11. 11. 19 THE RETAIL AUDIT DOES NOT PROVIDE: • Consumer insights (i.e. can not answer WHY consumer has chosen that product, WHAT type of consumer buys that product and where, what are motives and preferences in consumption pattern) • A 100% correspondence to manufacturer ex-factories (shipments data) because does not cover the whole market but only some and always retail channels. • Retail audits should not be used as the "holy book", without which a decision can not be taken • Retail audits should be used as a tool for making "better & less risky decisions"
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  13. 13. 21
  14. 14. 22
  15. 15. 23
  16. 16. 24 Market Research is a key aspect of the success of any product that hits the market. It is not only useful before launching the product but also crucial after the launch. The pre launch research can determine how the consumer behavior is likely to be in that particular market, while the post launch results tell us how well the predictions have been. This summer internship project is primarily based on the market researchof {RETAILAUDIT}GAPANALYSIS. McGraw-Hill/Irwin ©2003. The McGraw-Hill Companies. All Rights Reserved Goal: Delivery greater than or equal to promises Offer Service Guarantees Create Effective Services Communications MANAGING SERVICE PROMISES Make Realistic Promises Coordinate External Communicatio n Approaches for Managing Service Promises
  17. 17. 25 GAP ANALYSIS McGraw-Hill/Irwin ©2003. The McGraw-Hill Companies. All Rights Reserved Perceived Service Expected Service CUSTOMER COMPANY Customer Gap GAP 1 GAP 2 GAP 3 External Communications to CustomersGAP 4 Service Delivery Customer-Driven Service Designs and Standards Company Perceptions of Consumer Expectations Part 1 Opener Gaps Model of Service Quality
  18. 18. 26 McGraw-Hill/Irwin ©2003. The McGraw-Hill Companies. AllRights Reserved Expected Service Perceived Service GAP TheCustomer Gap Part1Opener
  19. 19. 27 McGraw-Hill/Irwin ©2003. The McGraw-Hill Companies. AllRights Reserved GapsModelofServiceQuality • CustomerGap: – differencebetweenexpectationsandperceptions • ProviderGap1: – notknowingwhatcustomersexpect • ProviderGap2: – nothavingtheright servicedesignsandstandards • ProviderGap3: – notdeliveringtoservicestandards • ProviderGap4: – notmatchingperformance topromisesPart1Opener
  20. 20. 28 CHAPTER II
  21. 21. 29 PROJECT OBJECTIVE: 1.Market analys :- To study the gap between the service, distribution channel good or bad. 2. Market Research:- Since there is no organised source for market data, the study will be largely basedon primary research . This includes various surveys and feedback from Retailers and distributors. 3.Gap Analysis:- Product portfolio To find out the gaps in Dabur company sales & distribution (SKUs)compared to that with the competitors. 4.Distribution Structure – To study how Dabur distribution system is differentfrom that of its competitors and give recommendations. 5.Market Working Pattern – To study the market working pattern of Dabur field personnel with respect to competitors like P&G and HUL Packaging – To study the packaging of Dabur products compared to that of competitors. The objective of the project is to study Market Potential of DABUR company and to know the retailer‘s perception about Dabur company.
  22. 22. 30 IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY The Importance of the study is to examines its special characteristics of retail audit. I note the value of distribution gap planning and include a detailed review of retail audit for their retail outlets.I present the retailing gap analysis, along with the total retail experience, customer service, and the unique sales and distribution which are adopted in different retail outlets in Bhubaneswar City {KALINGANAGAR TO NANDANKANAN ROAD}. Looks at the complexities of retailers relationships-with the distribution channel. In today‘s market the retail outlets have the maximum competitive edge in the market. The Mission and vision of this study is to getting the information about the planning, procedures, and different types of innovative offers, seasonal demand product and other kind of services like delivery of product from distributed to retailer. which retail store are very good for selling dabur product and how much there stock keeping unit .
  23. 23. 31 SCOPE OF THE STUDY The survey is based on the retail audit. The scope of the survey is that, it gives correct information about their retail store & helps me to understand their behaviour, perception, markting strategy, advertisement campaign for their retail store etc. Through this survey To study how Dabur distribution system is differentfrom that of its competitors and give recommendations. understand their current position on sales and distribution of dabur company in Bhubaneswar market etc. LIMITATION OF THE STUDY The Entire project is based on the primary data source and hence to collecting the data from the various retail stores from (kalinganagar to nandankanan road) in Bhubaneswar market. it is quite difficult for me. Basically the managers those who were provide the information about their retail store code for retail audit but those codes was not correct and also not serially. That‘s why I face few problem at survey time.
  24. 24. 32 CHAPTER III
  25. 25. 33 ORGANISATION PROFILE INTRODUCTION DABUR INDIA LIMITED ―ONE OF INDIA‘S MOST ADMIRED COMPANY‖Business portfolio of Dabur PERSONAL CARE:-Dabur has a wide range of personal care products and some products as Dabur amla hair oil, vatica sampoo, dabur gulabari, u veda etc. HEALTH CARE :-Dabur chyawanprash, Dabur Shwaasamrit, Dabur Pilochek, Dabur heal-ek, Hajmola Candy, PudinHara, Dabur Blood Purifier etc.
  26. 26. 34 Home care &Food products:-  Tomato ketchup  Lemoneeze  Capsico  Cornflour  Pineapple slice  Fruit cocktail  Tomato puree Real juice segment  Real  Active  burrst
  27. 27. 35 Introduction to Dabur FOUNDER AND LEADERS Founding Thoughts: "What is that life worth which cannot bring comfort to others" The story of Dabur began with a small, but visionary endeavour by Dr. S. K. Burman, a physician tucked away in Bengal. His mission was to provide effective and affordable cure for ordinary people in far-flung villages. With missionary zeal and fervour, Dr. Burman undertook the task of preparing natural cures for the killer diseases of those days, like cholera, malaria and plague. Soon the news of his medicines traveled, and came to be known. as the trusted 'Daktar' or Doctor who came up with effective cures. And that is how his venture Dabur got its name - derived from the Devanagri rendition of Daktar Burman.Dr. Burman set up Dabur in 1884 to produce and dispense Ayurvedic medicines. Reaching out to a wide mass of people who had no access to proper treatment. Dr. S. K. Burman's commitment and ceaseless efforts resulted in the company growing from a fledgling medicine manufacturer in a small Calcutta house, to a household name that at once evokes trust and reliability. Dabur india ltd. Is the fourth largest FMCG company in india with the revenues of us$ 750 million (3390 crore) and market capitalization of us$ 3.5 billion (over RS 16000 crore)building on a legacy of quality and experience of over 125 years. dabur operates in key consumer products categories like hair care, oral care, health care, skin care, home care & foods.
  28. 28. 36 DABUR AT-A-GLANCE Dabur India Limited has marked its presence with significant achievements and today commands a market leadership status. Our story of success is based on dedication to nature, corporate and process hygiene, dynamic leadership and commitment to our partners and stakeholders. The results of our policies and initiatives speak for themselves.  Leading consumer goods company in India with a turnover of Rs. 2834.11 Crore (FY09)  3 major strategic business units (SBU) - Consumer Care Division (CCD), Consumer Health Division (CHD) and International Business Division (IBD)  3 Subsidiary Group companies - Dabur International, Fem Care Pharma and newu.  17 ultra-modern manufacturing units spread around the globe  Products marketed in over 60 countries  Wide and deep market penetration with 50 C&F agents, more than 5000 distributors and over 2.8 million retail outlets all over India SHORT DESCRIPTION OF 3 MAJOR STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNITS (SBU) Consumer Care Division (CCD):- Adresses consumer needs across the entire FMCG spectrum through four distinct business portfolios of Personal Care, Health Care, Home Care & Foods. Master Brands:  Dabur - Ayurvedic healthcare products  Vatika - Premium hair care  Hajmola - Tasty digestives  Réal - Fruit juices & beverages  Fem - Fairness bleaches & skin care products
  29. 29. 37 9 Billion-Rupee brands: Dabur Amla, Dabur Chyawanprash, Vatika, Réal, Dabur Red Toothpaste, Dabur Lal Dant Manjan, Babool, Hajmola and Dabur Honey  Strategic positioning of Honey as food product, leading to market leadership (over 75%) in branded honey market  Dabur Chyawanprash the largest selling Ayurvedic medicine with over 65% market share.  Vatika Shampoo has been the fastest selling shampoo brand in India for three years in a row  Hajmola tablets in command with 60% market share of digestive tablets category. About 2.5 crore Hajmola tablets are consumed in India every day  Leader in herbal digestives with 90% market share Consumer Health Division (CHD) Offers a range of classical Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic OTC products that deliver the age-old benefits of Ayurveda in modern ready-to-use formats  Has more than 300 products sold through prescriptions as well as over the counter
  30. 30. 38 Area of Survey- our are area of survey are VSS Nagar,Nayapalli,Richika,Dumduma,IRC village,Kalinga Bihar,Barmunda,Pattia. No of Retail outlets available -300  Distributors – (AK,BK. Purushottam, Mohabir Agency ,Lotus Agency,Padmalaya)  Purushottam: (Area –Richika ,Dumduma,IRC village, BDA colony,Sailashree Bihar)  Mohabir Agency : (Area-Baramunda,Jagannath bihar,Kaliga Bihar Square)
  32. 32. 40 Sales manager & suvransu sekhar pal survey time
  33. 33. 41 Chapter IV
  34. 34. 42 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The project is largely Market Research based and involves primary research along with some secondary research. The primary research involves the surveying of Medical Stores, Retail store, distributers . The secondary research involves Searching the internet for articles related to in general, competitors‘ news, industry news etc. Primary Data:- Primary Data shall consist of the answers obtained after questioning the retailer. The data shall be used to know gap of dabur company .Secondary data:-Secondary data shall consist mainly of the data obtained through internet, news articles, journals and reports etc. The data shall be used to gather general industry news and pattern, competitor news and latest happenings in the sector.Secondary research is a small part of the project as not much data is available through external source.The whole Research Methodology can be summarized as follows: - Types of Research Research Design: Exploratory type of Research Design. This research is exploratory because there was no specified objective or problem or issues given. The management was unsure of the Primary data Secondary data Analysis &Interpretati on •Medical Stores •retaii Stores .News Articles •Industry News -Market Analysis -Gap Analysis -Distribution
  35. 35. 43 prevailing market conditions and effectiveness of the current distribution service of Dabur products. The retail audit was done in order to explore the current market scenario and to find whether any type of problems is existing in the current distribution service. After the audit only the problems were found and identified. Sampling Design: Non Probability Convenience Sampling Design. The type of sampling was non probability convenience sampling because the area of survey and retail beats was already given to us by the marketing department and all the retail outlets in our area was covered. Sample Size: 300 Retail Outlets Sample Description: All the respondents were retailers. DATA COLLECTION METHOD: Primary Data: The primary data was collected through survey method using structured direct questionnaire provided by the company. Secondary Data: The secondary data was collected through Internet, Magazines, etc. Type of Questionnaire: Structured Direct questionnaire (name of diff. products) consisting of Dichotomous (Yes or No) questions were provided to us by the marketing department. DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH Descriptive research includes surveys and fact-finding enquiries of different kinds. The major purpose is description of the state of affaris as it exists at present. In social science and business research we quite often use the term ex post facto research for descriptive research studies. The main characterstics of this method is that the researchers has no control over the variables, he can only report what has happened or what is happening.
  36. 36. 44 STRATIFIED SAMPLING: SAMPLING METHOD: Where population embraces a number of distinct categories, the frame can be organized into separate "strata." Each stratum is then sampled as an independent sub-population, out of which individual elements can be randomly selected.  Every unit in a stratum has same chance of being selected.  Using same sampling fraction for all strata ensures proportionate representation in the sample.  Adequate representation of minority subgroups of interest can be ensured by stratification & varying sampling fraction between strata as required.
  37. 37. 45 Chapter V
  38. 38. 46 PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 290 SHOP SHOP
  40. 40. 48 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 SHOPS SHOPS
  41. 41. 49 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 SHOPS SHOPS
  42. 42. 50 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 AMLA VATIKA HAIR OIL DABUR ALMOND 50ML 75ML 100ML 150ML 200ML 300ML 500ML
  43. 43. 51 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 SHOP SHOP
  44. 44. 52 0 100 200 300 400 SHOPS SHOPS
  45. 45. 53 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 SHOPS SHOPS
  46. 46. 54 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 SHOPS SHOPS
  47. 47. 55 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 Series 1 Series 1
  48. 48. 56 Chapter VI
  49. 49. 57 DATA ANALYSIS FINDINGS (DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL) 1. service is not available in Kalinga Bihar area. 2.Damage replacement problem like honey crystallization in 2/3 outlets , expired or damaged products etc. 3. Expiry products are not taken back from many outlets, thus retailers are very disappointed. 3. Many retail shop are buy Dabur products from (WS) Hata. 4. serviceses is required in Kalinga Bihar area. 5service gap are required to remove from.Dumduma, VIP Colony, Nayapalli Housing Board . 6.Some retail outlet have cash payment problem. 7. Residential areas are neglected by wholesaler, they only visit the market areas. FINDDINGS(BRANDS)  OTC PRODUCTS 1.In our area we are found that some OTC product are not available in any retail outlet. Like SHILAJIT, ASHOKARISTA. SHANKHAPUSPI, VITA-EX GOLD, ASHOKARISTA etc .  FOOD PRODUCTS 1.In food segment MANGO DRINKS and HOMEMADE GINGER GARLIC PASTE are not available in any retail shop. 2.We also found that in drinks item TROPICANA(PEPSICO) and FROOTI(PARLE AGRO) is main ravel of DABUR drinks item. Homecare item like SANIFRESH ,ODOPICBAR are not available in retail shop.
  50. 50. 58  SHAMPOO PRODUCTS 1.Dabur VATIKA GREEN SHAMPOO is also not available almost every retail outlet in our area. 2.CLINIC PLUS(HUL) shampoo cover maximum market share .  HAIR CARE,ORAL CARE & HEALTH CARE ITEMS 1.We are also found that in our area Dabur Oral care,Hair care, Health care items availability is very good. SUGGESTIONS FOR THE FURTHER STUDY: There is high demand, so stocks will be sold. Better communication of the distributors with the retailers is needed. Need of inspection from company in order to maintain good distribution. ULFILL Retailer need on basis of product. There is need of better distribution service of Dabur Products. Good distributor channel. Weekly basis van visit.(Supervision) Distribution channel expansion . Right time all product delivered to retail shop.
  51. 51. 59 FIVE STEPS OF RETAIL AUDIT(suggestion) 1.fULFILL Retailer need on basis of product. 2. Good distributer 3.Daily basis van visit 4.Distribution channel expansion 5.Right time all product deliverd to retail shop“This product is a result of a process” AFTER SURVEY THESE FIVE THINGS VERY IMPORTANT FOR BHUBANESWAR MARKET (KALINGA VIHAR-NANDANKANAN ROAD
  52. 52. 60 Problems of retailer Products are not reaching proper way to nayapalli, vss nagar, kalinga Bihar, khandagiri,k alinga studio, dumduma, patrapada suffer
  53. 53. 61 CONCLUSION  There is no complained in terms of quality, pack type and pack size.  People/institutions are not aware about Dabur (homemade) products.  According to my opinion Dabur products is little bit expensive rather than Dabur competitor.  If Dabur Company will want to go further and to increase their market share, they have to do marketing and advertisement also.  According to my opinion Comany should recruit individual DISTRIBUTERS. Question rise-“but why “because our distributer is also having distributer ship of “p&g, hul etc.”  If it is not possible than marketing for Dabur product should be separately.
  54. 54. 62 EFFECTIVE SALES PROCESS (model):- To make sales effective the following process should be follow:-  NEED RECOGNIZATION:-first we required to recognizing the need of consumers, what actually they want to buy.  FORMULATE SOLUTION:-Than find out the alternate solutions and choose the best one.  CLOSE THE SALES:-  DELIVER AND EVALUATE:-Deliver and evaluate that, it is sufficient to satisfy the need and wants of consumers &retailers.  ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIP:-Make relationship and maintain to that.
  55. 55. 63 ABOUT INSTITUTIONAL SALES Intuitional Sales is similar as corporate sales, here we sell products/Services/Solutions to other organizations. its also called B2B Sells.
  56. 56. 64 For an eg. we sell one AC to a customer for his personel uses its B2C Selling, where as in instituional sales we sell in bulk quantities for eg. Selling 300-1000 AC to one new opening hotel. Institutional Sales does not involve the channel of dealers/distributors, its the direct sales for company to company Dabur Foods Ltd, the foods and beverage arm of FMCG major Dabur india Ltd, in an ffort to increase its focus on the food services market has launched various new products catering specifically to institutional channels. "We have recently launched four new products — pineapple slices, fruit cocktail, tomato puree & corn flour. these products have been launched under Dabur's Nature Best brand that exclusively caters to the food services sector. The company is looking at developing its product portfolio by foraying into products such as tomato-based dressings for snacks, other sauces and dips. The company already caters to Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, the India Hotels Company and the Oberoi group of hotels and resorts, amongst others. "The market for institutional sales of beverages is about Rs 110 crore, where we already have about 50 per cent market share through the sales of our juice brand Real. Dabur Foods, a 100% subsidiary of Dabur India Ltd, is now focusing on institutional sales in a big way. Though retail sales still rules the roost (75% of the sales comes from this segment), the institutional pie is clocking faster growth rates. The latter is growing at 45% per annum whereas the former is growing at 35%. Says Amit Burman, ED, Dabur India Ltd, "The institutional segment will be a
  57. 57. 65 growth driver for us in the near future." Keeping this in mind, the company recently partnered with Cafe Coffee Day and launched Real Fruit fusion, a range of smoothies with the Real fruit juice being a core ingredient. The food major has invested Rs 15 lakh in this project. BIBLIOGRAPHY INSTITUTIONAL SALES CHANNELS OF DABUR INDIA LTD. INDIA LTD. INSTITUTION AL SALES RETAILERS MORDEN TRADE RESTAURANT HOTELS RESORTS CORPORATE OFFICES AIR LINES BIG MALLS
  58. 58. 66
  59. 59. 67 ANNEXTURE
  60. 60. 68 Outlet Name - Outlet Code Town - Market - State - Category Company Brand Present/N ot present Mention SKU Present Mention SKU Present Mention SKU Present Mention SKU Present wholesale Stockist Remarks Babool Red Tooth Paste Lal Dant Manjan Meswak Colgate dental cream Tooth powder cibaca Colgate Salt Max fresh gel Pepsodent Pepsodent Salt Close-Up Gel Amla Hair Oil Vatika Hair Oil Anmol Almond Perfume Coconut Oils Nihar Jasmine Parachute Uttam Bajaj Almond Drops Dabur Vatika green shampoo Clinic Plus Dove Sunsilk Head & Shoulders Pantene Garnier Garnier ITC Vivel Sanifresh Odopic Bar RBI Harpic HUL Vim Bar Jyoti Lab Pril Hajmola Tablets Hajmola Candy Honey Lal Tail Glucose-D HUL Kissan Jam Kelloggs Corn Flakes Heinz Glucon-D J & J Baby Oil Real Real Active Mango Drinks Hommade Ginger Garlic Tropicana 100% Tropicana Parle Agro Frooti Hershey Jumpin Mother's Ginger Garlic Paste Smith & Jones Ginger Garlic Paste Pudin Hara Honitus Syrup Honitus Lozenges Shilajit Ashokarista Shankhapuspi GSK ENO P&G Vicks Vita-Ex Gold Ashokarista Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Channel - Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Only Brand Foods Dabur OTC Dabur Pepsico Baidyanath Delivered by Shampoo HUL P&G Health Care Dabur Oral Care Dabur Colgate Hair care Dabur Nihar HUL Home Care Dabur Only Brand QUESTIONNAIRES