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Know UN Funds better

Published in: News & Politics
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  1. 1. Fundraising <br />United Nations Programs<br />Through : Shuvam Consultancies & Services Pvt. Ltd.<br />Your Own Business Consultant.<br />
  2. 2. Shuvam Consultancies & Services Pvt. Ltd.<br />“Shuvam Enterprises” (D-U-N-S No. 650261055) is opening its Pvt. Ltd. arm keeping in mind the need of time and better Global representation. The main purpose of the initiative lies in changing the very idea of foreign funding in overall sectors. We would like to bring a long-term holistic approach to development that recognizes the importance of macroeconomic fundamentals but gives equal weight to the institutional, structural and social underpinnings of a robust market economy. It emphasizes strong partnerships among governments, donors, civil society, the private sector and other development actors. The arm’s guiding principle is that the country is in the driver&apos;s seat, both ‘owning’ and directing the developing agenda, with the Bank and the country&apos;s other partners each defining their support in their respective business plans wherein the Global partnership under the able guidance of the global body of the United Nations and its partner organizations.<br />Most of the people having hope to develop in excellence do search for better opportunity, low rate finance and good moratorium when it comes to financing of h/his projects be it a corporate entity or a local body for development. <br />We do share some most interesting news and views which has the potentiality in itself to define its goals.<br />
  3. 3. UN funding agency<br />UN, as United Nations is mostly called has near about 3million or 30lacs of registered funding bodies in it along with the most popular group like WB, IMF in industrial sector and UNICEF, UNIFEM(United Nations International Development Fund for Women),UNCDF (United Nations Capital Development Fund ) in the developmental sector, are few to name.<br />UN along with the Government sector do also readily fund private projects under PPP (Private – Public Partnership ) scheme, and Corporate Funding scheme of the UN. According to the present policy of the UN, it is not a blueprint to be applied to all countries in a uniform manner; rather, it is considered an instrument for achieving greater development effectiveness in a world challenged by poverty and distress. In the short run, the CDF establishes mechanisms to bring people together and build consensus, forges partnerships that allow for strategic selectivity, and emphasizes the achievement of results, thus contributing towards the goal of poverty reduction and reaching agreed targets such as the International Development Goals. <br />Formulated in terms of the prerequisites for sustainable growth and poverty alleviation, the framework sets out four categories of prerequisite: institutional, human, physical and country-specific strategies. The vertical axis of the matrix lists the four traditional partners in development: government, multilateral/bilateral institutions, civil society and the private sector.<br />Thus, it can be measured to be a win-win situation for the private sector along with numerous of Development Organizations . The only initiative required from the side of the organization is to approach the various consultants distributed worldwide for the righteous approach to the UN & its allied partners for the right kind of the funding . <br />
  4. 4. UN Agencies<br />At the core of the UN six agencies:<br />Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)<br />International Labour Organization (ILO)<br />United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)<br />United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)<br />United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)<br />United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)<br />Apart of the above UN agencies, there is the UN Global Compact Network, which facilitates the overall operations.<br />It should also be reminded, that the United Nations is a vast organization with its multi-operations all under one roof, which cannot be completely defined in words and one needs enough of time to understand its different wings. <br />
  5. 5. Funding Principals<br /> The process for applications and awards, including proposed schedule<br /> Eligibility criteria for beneficiaries<br /> Eligible activities<br /> Assessment criteria<br /> Requirements in terms of branding and visibility of the UN sponsorship<br /> Different types of geographical coverage (global, regional and country projects)<br /> Management arrangements available <br /> Monitoring, reporting and evaluation requirements; and<br /> The commitment to transparency and assistance of the UNDEF Office to applicants in this process<br />
  6. 6. UN Organizational chart <br />One can cheek the total structure of the UN bodies at <br />Though it gives a glimpse of the UN as a whole, it is not sufficient to know the organization totally. But it is made with lots of care to express the Global Organization, along with the funding agencies.<br />
  7. 7. Questions, Suggestions, Comments, or Concerns?Mail :<br />{Sources: Various UN sites & Market research}<br />