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Presentation menor & jamili


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Presentation menor & jamili

  1. 1. PIZZA MADEL features Italian cuisine brought from the Philippines by the Italian brothers, Glenn and Mandel. It is one of the few world class pizzerias that are recognized because of its authentic taste worldwide. Since its opening on July 2012 it is continuously patronized by its customers in the Philippines as well as to those that live overseas.
  2. 2. Vision Pizza Madel Restaurant's vision is to be the best pizza restaurant globally, produce the best tasting pizza, provide the best customer service and be the first mover in the food industry and to innovate and maintain the best quality product for our customers.
  3. 3. Mission Pizza madel is committed to make visions realized by :  Making use of product positioning methods and proper advertisements to attract customers and future investors worldwide.  Use only the best quality ingredients to provide the best quality products.
  4. 4.  Provide proper training for our employees in order for them to provide high quality service. Give them proper compensation and keep their morale high for them to perform at their best on work.  Continue to improve and innovate products for new opportunities in the vast market.
  5. 5. Services offered Custom Made Pizza's D.I.Y Pizza Package Venue for parties and events
  6. 6. Slide Products offered Pizza's Cheese bacon pizza 10" - 18" - 25" Hawaiian pizza 10" - 18" - 25" Pepperoni pizza 10" - 18" - 25" Chicago pizza 10" - 18" - 25" Seafood pizza 10" - 18" - 25"
  7. 7. Submitted by: Franz Mandel C. Menor John Glenn Jamili