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Media. Team4


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Young Cannes Lions Belarus 2018

Published in: Marketing
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Media. Team4

  1. 1. Client: Challenge: To make people donate for seriously ill children. Insight: I don’t donate because I see a lot of barriers such as “I haven’t got enough money”, “I don’t believe that someone really needs it”, “I don’t suffer if someone feels bad” and others. Strategy: To break the barriers it is necessary to show people that they are strong enough to do something. If they don’t have a lot of money, they can be strong enough to donate a penny. If they don’t believe that children need their help, they can be strong enough to believe it. Only strong people are ready to help someone. We make them believe in themselves and their strength.
  2. 2. The idea of the chatbot is psychological support for everyone when they have some little everyday problems. First it helps people with their problems, afterwards it shows that some child has a problem much bigger than theirs and shows them his/her success story. Here the chatbot sends a link to the landing page with a success story of a seriously ill child who managed to get healthier (there is info about his illness and the way that the child has gone through to get healthier as well as a video from Youtube channel with his/her success story). On the landing page there is an offer to donate for other seriously ill children. If you donate you will receive motivating phrases of these children through the chatbot as well as news about the children that were donated. A motivating chatbot for Facebook chat, Viber and Telegram
  3. 3. We create a new playlist on the Youtube channel of Unihelp with successful stories. We make success stories videos about the children who managed to recover for Unihelp Youtube channel and target them in Google Adwards for the target audience and with a placement in videos about business successful stories, disabled people successful stories (e.g. Nick Vuychich), healing successful stories, etc. Success stories on Youtube channel
  4. 4. We offer people different marathons that are almost impossible to achieve. These marathons are associated with the fact how hard it is for seriously ill children to achieve their goals. If you don’t achieve the goal of the marathon, you promise to donate some amount of money to Unihelp. The marathon starts from the Influencer’s account with a hashtag #impossiblemarathon Marathons in Instagram
  5. 5. We offer users of the website to go through a native test “How strong you are”. We offer 10 yes/no questions, such as “If someone asks to help you when you have no time, will you help? ”, “Do you ignore homeless people in the street?”, etc. As a result of the test we offer the user three variants of characteristics. 1. You are one of the strongest people of the world. You can do everything even donate those who are not strong as you. Here we give a link to the landing page of the child who needs donations. 2. You are strong enough to achieve any goal. You can do everything even donate those who are not strong as you. Here we give a link to the landing page of the child who needs donations. 3. You can be a little bit stronger if you want. To make a step forward just try to donate those who are even not strong as you are. Here we give a link to the landing page of the child who needs donations. Native test on the most popular website in Belarus
  6. 6. Using the most popular modern online channels we cover a great amount of target audience. Touching their weaknesses we show them that they can struggle with them and be strong enough. We associate this with seriously ill children who despite of their illness have enough strength to achieve some goals. We show this with success stories and native ads and break the barriers that people see in charity. Summary