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Impact of digital disruption on post retirement products and services


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Presentation to IBR Post Retirement Conference 2016

• How will emerging technologies continue to impact Post Retirement products and services and how they are delivered
• How are customer expectations being changed by non-traditional traditional new entrants
• What can the superannuation funds and wealth managers learn from these disruptors

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Impact of digital disruption on post retirement products and services

  1. 1. Headline Verdana BoldImpact of digital disruption on the post retirement products and services IBRC Post-retirement Conference 2016 Stephen Huppert, Trustee Partners @stephenhuppert
  2. 2. Helping our members reach their objective in retirement
  3. 3. Everything in this 1991 RadioShack ad exists in a single smartphone.
  4. 4. Artificial Intelligence Genomics Connected Home Sensing – Internet of Things Crypto-Currencies Robotics3D Printing Blockchain Mobile Payments Virtual & Augmented RealityWearables Electric and Connected Cars E XP ONE NT IAL T E CHNOL OGIE S
  6. 6. 8 CIPR - comprehensive income product for retirement Post retirement Account based pensions Variable annuities Group self annuitisation Capital protection strategies Managed volatility strategies Income focused equity strategies Immediate annuties Deferred annuities Defined benefit pension The Financial System Inquiry 2014 (Murray)
  7. 7. A framework for considering retirement outcomes Net Investment Returns Operating Costs Products & Services Retirement Outcomes Consumer Behaviour
  8. 8. The key trend in financial services is the move to customer centric, digital first operating models
  9. 9. The re-wired consumer
  10. 10. What is robo advice? Automated investment advice as innovative disruption
  11. 11. Robo advice is barely advice today The future of robo advice Robo Advice: Portfolio Allocation Investment Recommendation Goal-Based Advice Personal Insurance Tax Planning Cash Flow Management Estate Planning Business Succession Planning
  12. 12. Disruptors rarely come from where you expect A hole-in-one for retirement, with membership for life. The QANTAS golf annuity is available now
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