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Using Less Paper In the Classroom - Ideas to Share


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A collection of ideas to consider implementing in the classroom to cut down on the amount of paper being used by classroom teachers, students and parents.

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Using Less Paper In the Classroom - Ideas to Share

  1. 1. Sarah Frost Hunter August 2013
  2. 2. Mini Magnetic Whiteboards – used during Read Alouds & Think Alouds to identify Important Author Quotes, Connections & Big Ideas -$1 @ Canadian Superstore
  3. 3. Mini Whiteboards – Could be used for Small Group Instruction, Morning Messages, Poetry Responses, Quick Writes, Prompting Questions - $1 @ Target
  4. 4. Four Easels from IKEA (3 used & 1 new) – each group will have an easel where mini lessons in a variety of subjects can take place, as well, a variety of small group games can be played $19 New @ IKEA or check on
  5. 5. Flip side of the easels have whiteboards where mini lessons in a variety of subjects can take place, small group instructions given to differentiate instruction for students
  6. 6. Large Whiteboards – will be used for collaborative problem solving and recording of solutions and ideas; once shared with the whole group an iPad can be used to capture the thinking and saved for reflections – watch for “resale” of these boards at local Salvation Army, Goodwill, Value Village stores, sometimes these boards appear at garage sales too– prices will vary
  7. 7. Photo Albums ready to be filled with pictures documenting the learning and saved as an audit trail of our learning together throughout the year; students will be encouraged to share reflections and write comments on the documentation – always a variety of photo albums available at garage sales and Goodwill stores
  8. 8. Watch for interesting magnetic boards that can be used to display a visual schedule of the day or used in a centre for practicing retell of fiction and informational texts – lucky find on Peel’s Teacher “For Sale” site
  9. 9. New Magnetic Whiteboard purchased for $7.99 at JYSK
  10. 10. Plastic Magazine Holders used to store notebooks – another lucky find for “free” on Peel’s For Sale site
  11. 11. Colourful Plastic Buckets to store mini note pads & student writing tools
  12. 12. Using the Character Education books “How Full Is Your Bucket?” as a springboard into the new school year, plastic buckets will be used to store materials and each bucket will have a notepad so that anyone can “fill someone’s bucket” with a nice thought or compliment – all of this would be modeled for students – “teacher pen” will be in each bucket so that learning can be captured or commented on - also watch for sales on school supplies on
  13. 13. More Whiteboards = Less Chart Paper Less Chart Paper = More $ for books!
  14. 14. Be Thrifty & Watch for “Back to School Sales” – these notebooks were 10 cents each at Canadian Superstores – 60 notebooks for Reading, Writing & Math Journals = $6.00!!!
  15. 15. iPads for Learning & Documentation
  16. 16. “Noteshelf” application to set up each student with a journal where their work is recorded visually and aurally – this documentation can be shared at student- led conferences
  17. 17. Noteshelf Photos to Capture the learning Haiku Deck for quick, easy, visually appealing powerpoints To Tweet or Not to Tweet???
  18. 18. What books do you have in your independent reading library? Record ISBN # or use your iPhone to record books. Currently, I have 1,908 books in my collection!
  19. 19. Create Informational or Invitational Flyers online using SMORE – insert student work, slideshow presentations and links to support parents & students – I will be using this as a monthly newsletter to communicate with parents – set up your free account at or purchase an educator’s subscription for $59.99 – once the flyer is completed send out an email with the direct link – no more photocopying!!!
  20. 20. Have students create a SMORE on a topic of interest and see how many views they receive!
  21. 21. Welcome to my new teacher workspace! Let the planning & creating begin! New Comfy Chair Lots of shelving space Extra Storage Drafting Table Lighting Professional Resources All items except the light from IKEA were purchased from kijiji
  22. 22. Natural Light Easel Will Go Here Antique Milk Can – Spray Painted with stone finish
  23. 23. Hooray! No paper was wasted in creating this powerpoint!
  24. 24. Ask yourself… “Where can I save paper today?” Ask yourself… “How can I save paper today?” Ask yourself… “Why should I save paper today?” REDUCE! REUSE! RECYCLE! RE-STYLE! RE-THINK! REACT!