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Slideshow of quotes to prompt thinking about curiosity and to encourage teachers to always be mindful to nurture that part of the students they teach. Also, created as a "thank you" to the colleagues I have had the wonderful privilege of working alongside for the past 8 years.

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  2. 2. I do a lot ofcuriosity buying; Ibuy it if I like thealbum cover, I buyit if I like thename of the band,anything thatsparks myimagination.~BruceSpringsteen
  3. 3. If you give peopletools, (and they use)their natural abilityand their curiosity,they will developthings in ways thatwill surprise youvery much beyondwhat you mighthave expected.~Bill Gates
  4. 4. What curious connections will youmake with your students next year?
  5. 5. How will you encourage curiosity, questions andinquiries with your students next year?
  6. 6. Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, Ithink, is still the secret of great creativepeople. ~Leo Burnett
  7. 7. Hmmmmmm?????What questions might be asked?
  8. 8. Curiosity isthe wick inthe candle oflearning.~WilliamArthur Ward
  9. 9. The art of teaching is the art ofassisting discovery.~Mark Van Doren
  10. 10. We keep movingforward, openingnew doors, anddoing new things,because we’recurious andcuriosity keepsleading us downnew paths.~Walt Disney
  11. 11. We shall never knowall the good that asimple smile can do.~Mother Teresa
  12. 12. Few things in the world are more powerful than a positivepush. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A “you cando it” when things are tough. ~Richard M. DeVos
  13. 13. Curiosity is one of the greatsecrets of happiness.~Bryant H. McGill
  14. 14. It’s sort of a mental attitude aboutcritical thinking and curiosity. It’s aboutmindset of looking at the world in aplayful and curious and creative way.~Adam Savage
  15. 15. Once webelieve inourselves, wecan riskcuriosity,wonder,spontaneousdelight, or anyexperience thatreveals thehuman spirit.~E.E.Cummings
  16. 16. A gentle word, akind look, a good-natured smile canwork wonders andaccomplishmiracles.~William Hazlitt
  17. 17. Looking back Irealize thatnurturingcuriosity andthe instinct toseek solutionsare perhapsthe mostimportantcontributionseducation canmake.~Paul Berg
  18. 18. I think all students start offwith incredible ability andcuriosity, and if they’regiven the opportunity topursue that, if they’re givena chance to see the neatthings about the world interms that they canappreciate and enjoy, thattheir abilities will bereinforced and that we’llreally achieve so muchmore potential out of thegreat students we havethan we do today.~Bill Gates
  19. 19. Optimism is thefaith that leadsto achievement.Nothing can bedone withouthope andconfidence.~Helen Keller
  20. 20. It is the supreme art of the teacher toawaken joy in creative expression andknowledge. ~Albert Einstein
  21. 21. What will surprise youin teaching next year?
  22. 22. The only way to makesense out of change isto plunge into it, movewith it, and join thedance.~Alan Watts
  23. 23. What are you curious about?What will your students becurious about?How will you nurture thatpassion for knowing?What will you discover withyour students?Thank you for alwayslearning with me andallowing me to learnfrom you~ Sarah~