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Shunra Software Add-on Modules Datasheet


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Shunra Software Add-on Modules Datasheet

  1. 1. A Shunra Software Datasheet Shunra Virtual Enterpise: Add-on Software Modules Application Performance Testing that’s Tailored to Meet Your Needs Shunra  VE Analyzer  VE Endpoints  VE VLAN Trunking  VE Predictor Virtual Enterprise  VE Profiler  VE Advanced Networking Software Modules:  VE Transaction Manager API  VE Multi Users  VE Packet Lists  VE Clearsight VE Analyzer adds new insight to performance testing of applications VE Analyzer provides enhanced performance information on each transaction to enable you to isolate the root cause of performance problems. Reports include: Application Efficiency Report – providing application turns for each transaction and a protocol bounce diagram. Answer these questions:  How efficient is my code?  How “chatty” is my application?  How long did it take each packet to traverse the network? Bandwidth Bottleneck Report – providing throughput and bandwidth utilization for each transaction indicating how network resource intensive the transaction is, and how it compares with the other applications that are consuming network resources on the same link. Answer these questions:  How much bandwidth did this transaction consume?  Where is the bottleneck? Answer these questions:  What was the throughput I was able to achieve?  Where are these errors being generated?  What is the amount of bandwidth I need to optimize  Why are these errors and warnings occurring? my applications?  What can I do to fix these issues? Network and Application Error Report – highlighting all application related errors and potential problematic issues Infrastructure Breakdown Analysis – highlighting an application such as caching issues or unutilized buffer size, enabling you to that will not perform in accordance with target SLOs, breaking identify functional problems with the transaction. © 2009 Shunra Software Ltd. All rights reserved. Shunra is a registered trademark of Shunra Software.
  2. 2. A Shunra Software Datasheet down the duration for which the application spends on the server, VE Profiler delivers automated application the client and the network, all within one report stress-testing under any combination of Answer these questions: network conditions  Where is the application spending most of its time? Under which network conditions will your application fail to function, perform or scale? Which vendor product or application  How long did it take this transaction to traverse this version will provide the best performance under any combination of part of the segment? network conditions? Application performance over the network can vary dramatically depending on factors such as network topology,  What can I do about it? the distance between remote end-users and servers, bandwidth allocation and utilization levels. With VE Profiler you can evaluate VE Predictor predicts the end-user application network sensitivity and allows you to easily launch tests experience at remote locations for very that include network emulation and end-user load, determining the specific production network conditions application’s sensitivities and breaking points in order to: VE Predictor shows you if your new, modified or existing  Make accurate network capacity planning decisions applications will meet service level objectives at all remote  Bring the real world perspective to application locations. With VE Predictor you can: performance management  Create “what if” scenarios to assess the impact that  Prepare your technology solutions for the real world proposed network or IT infrastructure changes will have on application performance  Compare end-user experiences at different remote locations  Validate vendor products in realistic network environments  Support “go” / “no-go” decisions  Ensure the success of live demos and pre-sales proof- of-concepts  Troubleshoot post-sales support issues and reduce support travel VE Transaction Manager API marks your business transactions as they execute through a real-world WAN environment. This module runs on the same platform as your script/load tool generators, automating the correlation of business transactions with the resulting packets traversing the network. Shunra can then provide several powerful capabilities via its VE Appliance Packet Lists, VE Analyzer and VE ClearSight applications. The VE Transaction Manager API allows you to leverage & re-use your existing scripts. The API easily integrates with third party load tools such as HP LoadRunner and QuickTest Pro, Borland SilkPerformer and IBM Rational Robot. © 2009 Shunra Software Ltd. All rights reserved. Shunra is a registered trademark of Shunra Software.
  3. 3. A Shunra Software Datasheet VE VLAN Trunking allows a single Ethernet by VLAN Trunking. WAN emulation among any endpoints in your network is now possible by simply including those VLANs on a interface to aggregate multiple VLANs single trunk to the VE Appliance. This module enables an optimal approach to running WAN emulation on any of your endpoints under testing. Other Additional Capabilities: Benefits include: VE Endpoints provide the ability to scale a network simulation model to include up to 100 remote locations. Port Savings – Traffic from multiple VLANs passed among equipment using only a single port VE Multi User allows multiple teams in the lab to share the appliance and run tests independently of one another. Configuration Flexibility – Any endpoint included in WAN emulation testing via soft-configuration VE Advanced Networking gives users the ability to model complex network topologies and simulate advanced network technologies. Rack Space & Power Savings – Fewer ports to buy, less cabling, This package includes emulation models for: Quality of Service lower power consumption (QoS); Differentiated Services (DiffServ); Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS); Multicast and Broadcast; Virtual LAN (VLAN). The diagram below depicts the new level of integration enabled Ask About Shunra Virtual Enterprise Solutions Today! Visit and request to be contacted. Or contact Shunra directly at 1.877.474.8672 or 1.215.564.4046 (worldwide offices listed below) Call your Local office TODAY to find out more! North America, Headquarters Israel Office European Office 1800 J.F. Kennedy Blvd. Ste 601 20 Hata’as Street 73 Watling Street Philadelphia, PA USA Kfar Saba London Tel: 215 564 4046 44425, Israel EC4M 9BJ Toll Free: 1 877 474 8672 Tel: +972 9 764 3743 Tel: +44 207 153 9835 Fax: 215 564 4047 Fax: +972 9 764 3754 Fax: +44 207 285 6816 For a complete list of our channel partners, please visit our website | © 2009 Shunra Software Ltd. All rights reserved. Shunra is a registered trademark of Shunra Software.