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levy boy

Published in: Business
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  1. 2. Model Description Price LG CTV SLIM RP-29SA1RL Flat screen TV PhP 16,990.00 SONY Flat screen TV PhP 17,999.00  KLV-32BX300 SONY KLV-32EX300 Flat screen TV PhP 27,999.00 LP-C100BFEO AIRCON Php 200,000 HS-24IV (2.5) AIRCON Php 53,999 LA060R AIRCON Php 10,495 VIXIA FS300 FLASH - Memory Camcorder VIDEO Php 19,950 VIXIA HF R100 AVCHD Flash Memory Camcorder VIDEO Php 31,950 Power Shot S95 CAMERA Php 28,950 Power shot SX 1315 CAMERA Php 15,950
  2. 3. We choose Abenson as a supplier of our media and other equipment in our company. It’s because the company need the high quality of the product when it comes of media equipment.
  3. 4. MODEL DESCRIPTION PRICE TB162 Office table Php 4,500 TB171 Office table Php 4,500 TB179 Office Table with drawer Php 5,000 TB205 Conference Table Php 8,500 TB206 Conference Table (L-430cm W-150cm) Php 30,000 TB24 Office Table Php 4,500 DPD19 Desk with 2 drawers Php 4,800 ALCB254 Drawer Lateral Cabinet with documentary tray Php 7,500 Orcbb Lateral 3 drawers Php 4,500 SW628 Side wagon 4 drawers Php 2,000
  4. 5. We choose office Busters as supplier in our office equipment it’s because Office Busters is the cheapest than other office equipment suppliers. It is surplus office equipment made in Japan. It was passed on quality control under the Bureau of customs.
  5. 6. Model Description Price 1 AMD Athlon x2 245(2.9ghz) 2mbl3 cache/socket am3 Processor Php 2,600.00 1 elite gf6100pm-m2l (v3.0) am3/ddr2 800/pcie/v/s/lan Mother board Php 1950.00 1pqi 2 GB ddr2 pc800 Memory Php 1,450.00 1 Hitachi 500GB Sata Hard drive Php 1,700.00 1 Inno3d GF210 Pcie 1GB DDR2 128bit VGA DVI HDMI Video card Php 2,300.00 1 Intex Supernova Red casing Php 900.00 1 SG 4100 Keyboard (Black PS/2) Php 280.00 1Generic Optical PS/2 Mouse Php 0.00 1 Mouse pad Mouse pad Php 0.00 1Multimedia Headset Black Php 0.00 1Diamond 4 socket 500w AVR metal case Black Php 295.00 1Illumina 16” widescreen led black Monitor Php 3,550.00
  6. 7. PXC Gilmore-Plus is a business who sell computers. We choose them as a supplier of our computer for our business because their computer is affordable for our budget and the quality of their computer are good for us.