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Fluent plugin-dstat


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Real Time Cluster Monitoring Using fluent-plugin-dstat

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Fluent plugin-dstat

  1. 1. Real Time ClusterMonitoring Usingfluent-plugin-dstat Shunsuke Mikami @shun0102
  2. 2. What’s dstat?
  3. 3. fluent-plugin-plugin Parse{"hostname"=>"tsukuba000", "dstat"=> {"total-cpu-usage"=> {"usr"=>"12", "sys"=>"0", "idl"=>"88", "wai"=>"0", "hiq"=>"0", "siq"=>0}}}
  4. 4. Configuration Example <source> <source> type dstat type dstat tag dstat tag dstat option -cdn option --top-io delay 3 </source> </source>
  5. 5. ProblemsDon’t support some options
  6. 6. Cluster monitoring system Master Server Slave Server fluentd fluentd Node.js(WebSocket) MongoDB Slave Server fluentd Client(Browser) WebGL rendering Slave Server (Three.js) fluentd
  7. 7. DEMO