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Question 1 presentation

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products..?
  2. 2. ResearchPrior to the start of this project, we were shownin class many examples of different real musicvideos as well as student work. I also researchedon my own into different genres and how theyspecifically construct their music videos to caterfor their target audience. This has helped me alot in terms of ideas such as locations and miseen scene in my own work.At the end of the project, I have produced 3 ofmy own media products (music video, digipakand advert). Researching in depth into thetypical conventions of a music video hasenhanced my personal knowledge and allowedour group to construct (hopefully) successfulproducts.
  3. 3. Purpose of music videosMusic videos serve many purposes for differentpeople. They benefit 3 primary groups ofinterlinking people; the artists, their companiesand the consumer of the product. Music videos have become crucial for artists for many reasons. It provides them with a platform that gives them exposure, promotion and publicity. It allows the artist to have a visual and personal connection to their fans through the video. Often, videos show clips of the artists performing live which would urge the fans (consumers) to buy tickets for a concert and further promote the artist. This would also bring potentially bring in further revenue for the artist and their recording companies. Furthermore, videos heavily promote material products some of which are available for the public to buy, for example Dr. Dre Beats headphones that are promoted in most Universal Music Group artists’ videos.
  4. 4. Conventions of music videos •Performance •Repetition •Narrative •Lip synching •Camera shots, angles and movement We have followed each of these key features because •Marcus Green performs through the entire video •There is repetition of lyrics in the song and repetition of locations •We have visually portrayed a narrative from the protagonist’s POV about his lover •Marcus Green sang in the video but we used Final Cut Pro to edit the lip sync •We have used a range of camera shots, angles and some camera movement
  5. 5. Theoretical ideas... •Carol Vernallis •Laura Mulvey •Andrew Goodwin
  6. 6. Carol Vernallis with special effects in One videoCarol Vernallis is well known for studying editing Warm Myth’s ‘Working’music videos in terms of editing and music video . There’s a lot of usecamera work. She recognized that editing of kaleidoscope origami effectswas more frequent in music videos than which goes well with the slowin film and often fitted with the rhythm of , trippy relaxed song.the song. ?v=RoYilekwxIk&feature=player_ embeddedWe followed her theory because our musicvideo was edited perfectly to the beat ofthe song. This means that it was at thesame face as the song. We did not toomany random or unexpected cuts as it isquite a slow mellow song. However, weused faster edits and jump cuts during thedubstep part of the song as the beats werefaster.
  7. 7. Laura MulveyLaura Mulvey, a British feminist filmtheorist, has this theory which highlights thepower imbalance between men and womenanalyzing the way men see women. Her theoryindicates that an audience are forced to viewthe text from the perspective of a heterosexual Mulvey’s theory of male gaze is perfectlymale; this is evident in films and music as there exemplified in Dizzee Rascal’s singleis a constant focus on women’s body parts ‘Holiday.’ It follows everything such as the(something Mulvey calls males being active (looker) and the femalesdismemberment, which suggests women are being passive (looked at) and none of thetreated as pieces of meat) and events that females are shown as a full person but justhappen to them are portrayed at a male angle. dismembered for their body parts. We didn’t really have any need to use Mulvey’s theory. Our music video wasn’t the usual type of provocative video so we never had the need to show the male gaze. As the narrative is about a male leaving his female companion, to an extent we have switched Mulvey’s theory and the male is being pursued by the female. My full post on Mulvey’s theory can be viewed in detail earlier in the blog.
  8. 8. Andrew GoodwinAndrew Goodwin was a Director ofMusic for 37 years, he wrote in his book There are 3 types of relations‘Dancing In The Distraction Factory’ that between a song and its musicpop music videos challenge the video.traditional narrative style. There are 3 The first is known asmain reasons why the structures of pop illustration, where the video tellsvideos are different to films. Pop videos the story of the lyrics. Dance isare built specifically for songs which is often used to express the feelingswhy they don’t always have the and moods of the song.traditional structure of normality- Amplification music videos give aproblem-resolution. The singer is used depth to the song and video byas both the narrator as well as a adding layers of meaning. Thesecharacter at times. The videos are an videos are usually a combination ofartist’s performance for their audience; the artist’s performance as well as athey would look directly into the often in order to reach out to Disjuncture music videos containtheir audience and make them feel little connection between the lyricsmore involved. This intimacy between and the video. This is mostthe artist and their audience also common in dance videos.promotes the artist. My full post on Goodwin’s theory can be viewed in detail earlier in the blog.
  9. 9. Structure of music videos This is an exampleWe have followed the conventional of illustrationstructure of music videos discussed by because it is edited into the video whenAndrew Goodwin. Marcus Green singsMarcus Green’s ‘Too Close’ features a “We’re headedcombination of disjuncture shots as separate ways” andwell as illustration shots. there is a clear Another disjuncture visual link of the shot used is with theThe 2 disjuncture shots below, taken couple separating. lyrics of “Yet there’sfrom the video, are just performance oh so much that youbased and do not tell a major part of deserve.” The imagethe actual narrative of the music of the protagonist playing with the ringvideo. creates meaning in the video as it indicates that she This final shot of deserves better- the video is maybe an significant because engagement ring. it gives a conclusion to the story told in the video and now the male protagonist has decided to leave his partner as he is not ready for long term commitment.
  10. 10. Influences
  11. 11. Fun- We Are Young (ft Janelle Monáe ) This video had an influence on me in our production of Too Close. Firstly, the genre of alternative rock is similar to our song choice. I admire the way they show the artist performing as well present a story with an illustrative video. This is an aspect we will be employing in our video; our main focus will be on Marcus Green performing but we will also show the story of the song through interior scenes where he is packing and leaves his lover. atch?feature=player_embed ded&v=Sv6dMFF_yts
  12. 12. Keane- Silenced By The Night I admire the effective way inUpon recently viewing this song on YouTube and I which lighting was used inrealized our ideas had a lot of similarities with the Silenced By The Night. Thisvideo. First of all, Keane are also a part of Island has influenced our idea thatRecords, which is the same company as Alex Clare our main base track will beand our artist Marcus Green. This has an impact of filmed in the early evening.the genre of the song/video as well as the mood ofit. Like Too Close, Silenced By The Night is also asong that portrays an emotional narrative ratherthan the mainstream music we see on TV with acatchy choruses and no real meanings to the songs. We have created effects like in the still above, taken from SBTN. This has enhanced in capturing the mood of Too Close e.g light vs shadow and the characters decision to stay or go. Furthermore, there are parts of SBTN that is filmed during the day, I have noticed that the happier narrative is filmed during daylight in this video. Similarly, the lively chorus to Too Close was filmed during the daylight and at bright Here is a shot from locations that reflect the mood of the character and Marcus Green’s “Too present the idea to the viewer that our protagonist is Close” that is clearly happier without his lover. similar to Keane’s
  13. 13. Eminem- Not AfraidOur video is similar toEminem’s “Beautiful”in the way that both ofsongs and music videosare about escape frompersonal problems.Eminem is running Not afraid also influenced us in ourfrom his demons while shot choices. As can be seenMG is breaking up with here, both videos start with the artist with his back to the camera, whichhis lover. creates a sort of mysterious effect. We also liked the idea of our artist being dynamic and walking whilst performing in the video. This was another choice we were influenced by Eminem.
  14. 14. To make an effectivedigipak, there’s certain aspects Digipakof a conventional digipak Ifollowed:•Name of artist- clear and bold•Album title- clear and bold•Clear facial shot of artist•Consistent fonts and coloursused in the text throughout•Track list•Colours used in the digipak aresimilar to the dark locations inthe video•Company logo- Island Records•Copyright information
  15. 15. Advertisement poster I also followed all the typical conventions of an advert poster: •Name of artist- clear and bold •Album title- clear and bold •Clear facial shot of artist •Consistent fonts and colours used in the text throughout and linked with the digipak •Locations from the video are used in the photo •Company logo- Island Records •Album review/ratings •Tour dates •Marcus Green’s website •Promotion through social networking sites •Other associations and ways to buy the album (iTunes, Amazon MP3, Beats etc) •Picture of album