August 2011HEC, Microsoft JoinHands to ProvideGenuine Softwareto Students                 4                        HEC Dev...
Table of Contents                                                            2 HEC Places 415 Fresh PhD Scholar in     HEC...
Commission Events                Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs ProgrammeHEC Places 415 Fresh PhD Scholars        in 66 U...
Commission Events               W Category is Minimum BaselineHEC Devises New Rating for Private Universities The Higher E...
Commission Events HEC, Microsoft Join Hands to Provide Genuine             Software to StudentsThe Higher Education Commis...
Commission EventsMr. Shoaib Khalid, Marketing Lead, Microsoft             Last year, Microsoft and HEC entered into thePak...
Commission EventsHEC, Pink Ribbon Join Hands Against Breast CancerPakistan has the highest rate of Breast       Farzana Ba...
Commission EventsYoung Medical Graduates Meet Nobel Laureates in GermanyFive Pakistani medicalgraduates participated in th...
Commission Eventsdescribing the merit based selection of Pakistanis       is also Vice President of the Lindau Council,has...
Commission EventsPM Distributes Certificates                                                 Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar   ...
Commission Events HEC Scholar Shahid FarooqCompletes PhD from FranceHEC scholar Muhammad Shahid Farooq has recentlycomplet...
Commission Events2 HEC Scholars CompletePost-Doctorate from USAHEC scholars Dr. Khalid             instant messaging, soci...
Commission Events         Young Scientists                                             HEC Sponsored Project         of NU...
Commission EventsAbdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences    Recognized Internationally Yet AgainThe Abdus Salam School...
Commission Events      HEC Workshop on                                                     Dr. Haider Shah Jadoon, Vice   ...
Commission Events             Continuous Professional Development ProgrammeHEC Trains 249 University TeachersThe Learning ...
University NewsUniversity of Agriculture, Faisalabad – A ProfileThe University of Agriculture,Faisalabad (UAF) wasestablis...
University Newsthe students and researchers from this university butalso to other universities, research institutions, non...
University NewsConference on Prospects and Challenges       to Sustainable AgricultureA three-day International         pr...
Commission EventsArchitectural Design Idea Competition at BUITEMSThe Department ofArchitecture, BalochistanUniversity of I...
University NewsStudent Conference on Engineering,                                  students as well as inculcate a        ...
University NewsThe Pakistan Institute ofFashion and Design (PIFD)           PIFD Holds Fashion Showrecently held a fashion...
University NewsNUST, University of Manchester Collaborate for    Internship Programme, ScholarshipsA one-month summer inte...
University News                SPSS Workshop at JUW KarachiA one-day training workshop        MS and PhD scholars,        ...
University NewsRACE Discusses Academia-Industry CollaborationRiphah Advisory Council for Excellence (RACE)            repr...
University NewsUoP Conference on Computer Networks & ITThe Department of Computer Science,                    The aim of t...
University NewsNational Essay Writing CompetitionThe Centre for Civic Education, Pakistan, in collaboration with the Highe...
Listings                                Travel GrantsFollowing grants were sanctioned by the Higher Education Commission (...
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011
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NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011


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NEWS & VIEWS, HEC Pakistan, August 2011

  1. 1. August 2011HEC, Microsoft JoinHands to ProvideGenuine Softwareto Students 4 HEC Devises New Rating for Private Universities 3 Foundation Course for Balochistan &FATA Scholarship Programme Concludes 8
  2. 2. Table of Contents 2 HEC Places 415 Fresh PhD Scholar in HEC, Microsoft4 Join Hands to 66 Universities Provide Genuine Software to Students 3 HEC Devises New Rating for Private Universities 3 New Vice Chancellors Take Charge HEC, Pink Ribbon6 Join Hands Against Breast Cancer 8 Foundation Course for Balochistan & FATA Scholarship Programme Concludes 10 HEC Scholar Shahid Farooq Completes PhD from France Young Medical7 Graduates Meet Nobel Laureates in Germany 11 2 HEC Scholars Complete Post- Doctorate from USA 11 HEC scholarship has changed my life: Shaheen Khan9 PM Distributes Certificates among BZU, IUB 13 Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Students Sciences Recognized Internationally Yet Again HEC News & Views is published every month. 15 HEC Trains 249 University Teachers No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission of 19 Architectural Design Idea Competition the publisher. The views expressed by authors at BUITEMS in the articles is their sole responsibility and not of HEC. The Commission would like to thank all the institutions and individuals who 20 Student Conference on Engineering, contributed information and photographs for Sciences & Technology at MUET this Magazine. 23 SPSS Workshop at JUW Karachi Editor Aayesha Ikram Graphic Designer Raja Ahmad Nadeem Publisher: Reporter Higher Education Waseem Khaliqdad Commission, Pakistan
  3. 3. Commission Events Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs ProgrammeHEC Places 415 Fresh PhD Scholars in 66 UniversitiesThe Higher Education Commission (HEC) has The placed scholars belong to diversified fieldssuccessfully placed 415 Pakistani PhDs as like Solid State Physics, Poultry and AnimalAssistant Professors at 66 public and private Nutrition, Fisheries, Intelligent Systems andsector universities across the country. The task Robotics, Geophysics, Rural Developments,has been accomplished through HEC’s Interim Pathology, Toxicology, Water ResourcePlacement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) Programme. Engineering, Environmental Science, Business Administration, Anatomy, Genetics, MEMS,The specific faculty requirements of the host Anthropology, Psychology, Veterinary Science,institutions and the priority of returning scholars Urban Planning, Electrical and Mechanicalwere duly taken into consideration prior to every Engineering, Biomedical Textiles, Internationalplacement so that the services of the PhD scholars Relations, Gender Issues, Islamic Studies,are optimally utilized by HEC. It is important to Education and other Physical Sciences.mention here that theprogramme has also The scholars have been initially The scholars have beenattracted non HEC initially employed for a employed for a period of one yearscholars. Out of 415, 168 period of one year on aare non HEC scholars on a salary package of Rs. 80,000 salary package of Rs.who have benefited from per month. HEC also offers these 80,000 per month.IPFP programme. scholars a startup research grant of HEC also offers these Rs. 0.5 million immediately uponAmong the new scholars a startupuniversities brought on joining the host institution research grant of Rs. 0.5board this year are mostly million immediatelyyoung HEIs such as Abdul Wali Khan upon joining the host institution. This serves asUniversity, Mardan, Balochistan University of an impetus for the scholars to excel in their fieldsInformation Technology, Engineering and and secure permanent positions ahead.Management Sciences, Quetta, BeaconhouseNational University, Lahore, Dawood College of During the IPFP contract period, these scholarsEngineering and Technology, Karachi, College of are given an opportunity to compete for regularBusiness Management, Karachi, Karakorum posts advertised by the universities for securing aInternational University, Gilgit, Dow University permanent position on open merit throughof Health Sciences, Karachi, Hazara University, normal selection process. So far, 179 AssistantMansehra, Khyber Medical University, Professors have also been provided with thePeshawar, Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, startup research grant out of a total 231 who hadMirpur University of Science and Technology, applied for this grant.AJK, National Institute of Biotechnology andGenetics Engineering, Faisalabad, Riphah While HEC is consistently determined to provideInternational University, Islamabad, Sindh opportunities to the aspiring talented scholars toAgriculture University, Tando Jam, Sarhad pursue higher degrees, it is also accelerating theUniversity of Information Technology, IPFP programme for placement of these scholarsPeshawar, University of Gujrat, University of to overcome skilled faculty shortage at academicScience and Technology, Bannu and University and research institutions of the country.of Wah. 2
  4. 4. Commission Events W Category is Minimum BaselineHEC Devises New Rating for Private Universities The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has academic, financial and physical devised new rating for private sector infrastructure will be awarded a W-4 category, universities by which all categories X, Y and Z which is now the “highest rating”. will cease to exist and degrees awarded by universities/degree awarding institutions The revised rating of such universities will be (DAIs) holding such categories will not be disseminated through print and media by recognized by the HEC. October 2011. W category will now be the minimum baseline As per HEC approved criteria, the requirement for a university/DAI to be universities/DAIs were required to meet a allowed to admit students and award degrees. certain minimum criteria for award of W W category is not the “highest ranking” as category by June 30, 2010. advertised by most universities rather it is the minimum criteria required of them to admit The institutions not meeting the requirements, students and award degrees. and based on inspection of HEC prior to June 30, 2010 were placed in X, Y and Z categories. In an enhanced effort to provide better educational facilities to students, HEC has The universities not meeting the W criteria now devised and improved the criteria in have been asked not to offer admissions in Fall which those universities/DAIs meeting the 2011, and a list of all universities with minimum HEC requirement will be awarded a minimum W criteria and their approved W-1 category while those with far superior campuses are placed on HEC website. New Vice Chancellors Take ChargeProf. Dr. M. Khaleeq-ur-Rehman, Prof. Dr. Faiz-ul Hassan, Prof. Dr. Samina Amin Qadir and Prof. Engr.Naib Hussain and Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor have assumed responsibilities as Vice Chancellors of theGovernment College University, Lahore, University of Education, Lahore, Fatima Jinnah WomenUniversity, Rawalpindi, Mirpur University of Science and Technology and Lahore College for WomenUniversity, respectively.Dr. Khaleeq-ur-Rehman Dr. Faiz-ul Hassan Dr. Samina Amin Qadir Engr. Naib Hussain Dr. Sabiha Mansoor 3
  5. 5. Commission Events HEC, Microsoft Join Hands to Provide Genuine Software to StudentsThe Higher Education Commission (HEC) in students and faculty members. “It will definitelycollaboration with the Microsoft Pakistan has enhance the capacity of our higher educationlaunched National Student Software institutions and will be of great help to competeAccessibility (NSSA) Portal to provide genuine in the modern world. Youth is our real asset andsoftware availability to higher education sector. we need to facilitate them as much as possible.The service will streamline software distribution Revolutionary changes may be brought throughto all faculty members and students of public investing in our people. I am happy that HEC hassector universities in the country. taken many initiatives in this regard,” he said.All public sector universities Dr. Javaid R. Laghari,recognized by HEC have been Chairperson HEC said that this isprovided a customizable Portal a great opportunity forfor licensed software universities to gain access to adistribution. The portal broad spectrum of technologyconsisting of around 150 software and enable the country to moveapplications will enable over one towards a knowledge-basedmillion students and about 40,000 economy, ultimately benefitingfaculty members to download the country throughgenuine Microsoft software. socioeconomic development.The event to mark the launch of “I appreciate Microsoftsthe portal as recently held at HEC commitment for development ofSecretariat was attended by the Vice Chancellors, the education sector in Pakistan. It is alwaysRectors, Directors, and representatives from fruitful for public sector and private enterprise todifferent universities of the country. combine expertise, knowledge and resources to ensure successful and sustainable educationMian Riaz Hussain Pirzada, Minister for transformation. Microsoft has facilitated HEC toProfessional and Technical Training was the attain its goals by transforming education,chief guest on the occasion. He appreciated the fostering local innovation and creating jobs andinitiative of HEC for collaborating with Microsoft opportunities through the Strategic Educationfor availability of free latest software to the Alliance,” the Chairperson said. 4
  6. 6. Commission EventsMr. Shoaib Khalid, Marketing Lead, Microsoft Last year, Microsoft and HEC entered into thePakistan said Microsoft believes that Information agreement to provide centralized IT services toand Communications Technology, combined the universities and degree awarding institutionswith education, provides the path to individuals, across Pakistan while maintaining the highestcommunities and nations to achieve their standards in the use of ICT across higherpotential. education sector in the country. The alliance consists of Faculty Connection, Microsoft“NSSA provides support for a comprehensive Student Partner Programme, Imagine Cup,joint public/private implementation plan that Course Lab Integration, Student to Businesswill sustain Pakistans objective of achieving Interaction (S2B), .NET clubs and MSDNeducation excellence,” he said. Academic Alliance. HEC Scholar Dr. Qaisar Mahmood Conferred Tamgha-i-ImtiazDr. Qaisar Mahmood of Department of environmental remediation ofEnvironmental Sciences, COMSATS Institute of toxic metals, dyes, inorganicInformation Technology, Abbottabad has been and organic pollutants.conferred Tamgha-i-Imtiaz by the President ofPakistan. Dr. Mahmood, who completed his PhD He has special experience inunder HECs Scholarships for Basic Sciences in phytoremediation of toxicChina, has been given the prestigious award for metals, dyes and anaerobic treatment of domesticexcellence in the field of Environmental Sciences. and industrial wastewaters through processes like denitrification, Anammox and relatedDr. Mahmood has 15 years of national and nitrogen removal biotechnologies. Moreover, heinternational academic and research experience has supervised two PhD, 20 MPhil and 15 MScin Life Sciences and Environmental Sciences in students. He was awarded Best Universityapplication of living process biochemistry for the Teacher Award by HEC for 2009.HEC Indigenous Scholar Wins Gold Medal Minister for Higher Education was also present. Dr. Sahib Gul Afridi belongs to Khyber Agency and has the honour of being first PhD from the University in Genetics. His PhD research topic was “Molecular and Phytochemical Elaboration of Tea Genotypes Grown in Pakistan”. He has completed his studies under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Habib Ahmed. Dr. Syed Sakhawat Shah, Vice Chancellor,Sahib Gul Afridi, HEC Indigenous Scholar has Hazara University not only greeted Dr. Gul forbeen awarded Gold Medal during the recently securing gold medal but also appreciated theheld 5th convocation of Hazara University, efforts of Higher Education CommissionMansehra. Barrister Masood Kausar, Governor, regarding human resource development. “I amKhyber Pakhtunkhwa graced the occasion as thankful to HEC for supporting me throughoutchief guest. Qazi Muhammad Asad, Provincial my PhD studies,” said Dr. Gul. 5
  7. 7. Commission EventsHEC, Pink Ribbon Join Hands Against Breast CancerPakistan has the highest rate of Breast Farzana Bari and Ms. Noor AmnaCancer in the whole of Asia while Malik, Director General Learningprevalence of Breast Cancer is at the Innovation HEC.highest 38 per cent among allcancer. HEC also plans to begin a research project on theIn order to launch a prevalence of breast cancer inconsolidated awareness Pakistan by taking on board allcampaign the Higher Education major medical universities ofCommission will join hands with the country.Pink Ribbon Pakistan to bringabout creating awareness of the Speaking on the occasion, Mrs.deadly disease as well as help early Thomson said that we are lookingdetection among female students of for established institutions to workuniversities. with thats why we have chosen HEC for this purpose. “We want toThe HEC will soon sign a institutionalize this effort andm e m o r a n d u m o f make it long-term andunderstanding with Pink sustainable.”Ribbon and set up a taskforce. Pink Ribbon is a Dr. Laghari said that HECglobal charity has already run aorganization aimed s u c c e s s f u lto create global programme oncommunity to tobacco control. Hesupport breat cancer nominated Dr.awareness. Samina Amina Qadir to head the task force forThis was decided in a launching pink ribbonmeeting held at HEC campaign throughout theSecretariat between Dr. Javaid higher education sector. “EveryR. Laghari, Chairman HEC and university will be asked toMrs. Fariba Shiraz Thomson, nominate a focal point forChairperson Pink coordination,” he said.Ribbon, Dr. SohailNaqvi, Executive Dr. Naqvi suggestedDirector HEC, Omer formation of a BreastAftab, Country Cancer ResearchCoordinator Pink Working Group. HeRibbon, Dr. Samina said that HEC can alsoAmin Qadir, Vice set aside funds fromChancellor, Fatima o u r r e s e a r c hJinnah Women programme. “OurUniversity, Dr. medical universitiesMohammad Latif, have the humanDirector General, resource and facilitiesR&D, HEC, Dr. to work on it.” 6
  8. 8. Commission EventsYoung Medical Graduates Meet Nobel Laureates in GermanyFive Pakistani medicalgraduates participated in therecently held 61st meeting ofNobel Laureates in Lindau,Germany. The meetingprovided an opportunity tothese scholars to interact with23 Nobel Laureates inMedicine/Physiology andabout 570 young scholars form78 countries.The participation of Mr. Bill Pakistani participants with Nobel Laureates Prof. Ei-ichi NegishiGates, Chairman, Microsoftmade the inaugural session a Scientist, PINSTECH Laureates as well as themega event. New initiatives accompanied the group as Council Members and soughtlike Science Breakfast of Team Leader and guidance from the Laureatesselected students with the Coordinator, respectively. about their research projects asLaureates, Cruise Dinner and well as opportunities forBavarian Grill and Chill Countess Battina Bernadotte, higher studies in advancegathering fascinated all President of the Council Institutions/Medical Centres.participants of this unique opened the Meeting andactivity in the world. welcomed the Nobel After the meeting in Lindau, Laureates as well as young the scholars visited medicalThe five Pakistani scholars researchers. The scientific research centres/hospitals,included Dr. Ehsan Ullah, programme started on June 27, including Ulm University/University of Health Sciences, 2011. Formal lectures of hospital, Medical Centre ofLahore, Dr. Kanwal Zulfiqar, Laureates were held in the Heidelberg and Jena School ofIslamic International Dental morning session followed by a Medicine in Eastern Germany.College and Hospital, few panel discussions each In Heidelberg and Jena, theIslamabad, Dr. Maryam Alam consisting of 5–6 Laureates. placements of PakistaniKhan, Khyber Teaching The afternoons were devoted students at these places forHospital, Peshawar, Dr. Syed to question / answer session higher studies andImran Ali Shah, Central Park and face-to-face discussion possibilities of collaborativeMedical College, Lahore, and among the Laureates and research were offered inDr. Wafa Omer, Army Medical young scholars. highly sophisticated state-of-College, Rawalpindi. the-art laboratories. Pakistani studentsDr. Mutawarra Hussain, Dean, participated actively in all the Dr. Maryum Alam wasFaculty of Applied Sciences, scientific programmes and selected to prepare a videoPakistan Institute of personal discussions with about the culture and scienceEngineering and Applied Nobel Prize Winners about in Pakistan. This videoSciences (PIEAS) and Mr. their scientific endeavours. Peshawar to Lindau and anWaqar Ahmad Butt, Chief They were introduced to many interview of Dr. N. M. Butt 7
  9. 9. Commission Eventsdescribing the merit based selection of Pakistanis is also Vice President of the Lindau Council,has been put on the You Tube of the Lindau specially mentioned that representation fromMeeting organizers. Pakistan was very good. It is important to note that links established with Nobel Laureates andProf. Wolfgang Schuere, Chairman, Lindau fellow participants from other countries will go aNobel Prize Winners Meeting Foundation, who long way for scientific collaborations. Foundation Course for Balochistan & FATA Scholarship Programme ConcludesThe closing ceremony of the suggested that such coursesfoundation course 2011 was should be held on a regularrecently held at University basis to uplift the educationLaw College, Quetta. The standards in the region.course was organized by HECunder its programme Mr. Habibulah Nasir, Deputy“Provision of Higher Director, HEC RegionalEducation Opportunities for Centre Quetta gave anStudents of Balochistan and overview of different projects He informed the gatheringFATA” in collaboration with initiated by HEC especially for that HEC has successfullythe Balochistan Study Centre, Balochistan, which also launched three batches of theUniversity of Balochistan, include establishments of two project and 750 scholarshipsQuetta. new universities. He briefed were awarded to the the audience about the undergraduate andThe chief guest of the Commissions efforts for postgraduate students ofceremony was Dr. Ruqayya establishment of Balochistan during 2008-10.Hashmi, Provincial Minister infrastructure as well asfor Inter Provincial faculty development of the He said that HEC hasCoordination but due to universities of Balochistan. submitted proposal to thesudden law and order Planning Commission for 600situation in the city she could Mr. Waqas Ahmed Chaudhry, local and foreign PhDnot attend the ceremony. Project Director, HEC assured scholarships under the Aghaz- that HEC is taking tangible e-Haqooq-e-BalochistanMr. Zahoor Bazai, Director measures to uplift the Package.FTDC, University of standard of higher educationBalochistan welcomed the in the province. He said that He also explained the selectionguests and briefly presented there is no deficit of talent in process for the scholarshipthe concept of organizing students of Balochistan but project for students offoundation course and steps due to lack of opportunities Balochistan and FATA. Hetaken for its execution. they could not come forward. informed the students that “With the help of such courses HEC is providing majority ofDr. Sabir Baloch, Director, and specific scholarship scholarship (90%) to theBalochistan Study Centre programmes, they will students who have studied inappreciated the efforts of HEC definitely come at par with the colleges of Balochistan andin higher education sector students of the others prepare merit list on districtparticularly in Balochistan and provinces.” population basis. 8
  10. 10. Commission EventsPM Distributes Certificates Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar Khan. He congratulated 30among BZU, IUB Students students of IUB and BZU who had completed the training and hoped that they would promote the education of information technology. The Prime Minister advised the Ministry of Information Technology to launch similar programmes with a vision to provide opportunity to the students of backward and far flung areas on priority basis.Prime Minister Syed Yousaf the students of both theRaza Gilani recently awarded universities who completed Federal Ministers Dr. Firdausmedals and certificates to internships under a special Ashiq Awan and Mian Riazstudents of the Islamia training programme. Hussain Pirzada, Mr.University, Bahawalpur (IUB) Muhammad Saeed Khan,and Bahauddin Zakariya In his address, the Prime Federal Secretary forUniversity (BZU), Multan Minister said that youth is the Information Technology, Mr.during his visit to Bahawalpur. future of Pakistan and Zia Imran, Managing Director, countrys fate is associated Pakistan Software ExportThe ceremony was organized with their performance, who Board, Mr. Christiane Albek,by Pakistan Software Export constitutes 65 per cent of the Chief Executive Officer,Board (PSEB), a Government total population. He said that Telenor and Dr. Muhammadbody mandated to promote an IT university will be set up Mukhtar, Vice Chancellor, IUBPakistans IT industry in local in Bahawalpur very soon with were also present on theand international markets, for s u b c a m p u s e s i n occasion. 7th Festival of Postgraduate Research 2011Pakistani Scholar Presents Poster at University of LeicesterA Pakistani scholar Shujaul Mulk Khan The work of Shuja, who is doingpresented his poster entitled “Life on the Edge: PhD at University of Leicesterbalancing the needs of nature and people in the under the Post Quakeremote north-western Himalaya” at the 7th Development Plan of HazaraFestival of Postgraduate Research 2011 at the University, was highlyUniversity of Leicester, UK. appreciated. He is working on Plant Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services ofThe University organizes Postgraduate Festival Naran Valley Pakistan. He is using the veryevery year to give an opportunity to the scholars recent techniques to quantify and classify theto present the application and implication of their natural vegetation and to assess the servicesresearch work. The seventh successive year the related to it. He believes that his work will be aUniversity held a one-day exhibition of considerable contribution in the field ofpostgraduate research in June 2011. biodiversity and conservation. 9
  11. 11. Commission Events HEC Scholar Shahid FarooqCompletes PhD from FranceHEC scholar Muhammad Shahid Farooq has recentlycompleted his PhD in Educational Science from UniversitéLumière Lyon2, France under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Claude Régnier. He was awarded scholarship under Overseas Dr. Shahid Farooq (R) with hisScholarship for PhD in Selected Fields in 2008. superviser Prof. Jean Claude RegnierAfter undertaking an intensive French language course at number of seminars in France. Dr.CAVILAM (Centre dApproches Vivantes des Languages et des Shahid published eight researchMedias) Vichy, France, he got admission in MS (Educational papers in journals of national andScience) at Université Lumière Lyon2, France. But on the basis of international repute.his academic background, outstanding performance andgood level of understanding his Professor recommended that “The experience of education fromhe should be promoted directly to PhD. The doctoral school France was a blessing in disguise.arranged a special meeting and he was promoted to PhD after Although it was very difficult totwo months of admission in MS. He received his PhD in June cope with the French languagethis year with Highly Honorable Grade. requirements, it also provided me opportunity to learn an internationalHis research entitled "University Students Cognitive Styles, language. It was a good chance forLearning Styles and Academic Performance: Evidence from me to consult the research workPakistan" was evaluated by Professors from USA and compiled in French language that isGermany. The potential and significance of the research topic, rare available in other countries. Thequality of work and the approaches adopted by Dr. exposure to the French culture,Muhammad Shahid Farooq for data analysis and language and contacts with theinterpretations were very much appreciated by the jury. people of France and other international community helped aThe research of Dr. Shahid, who is also a Gold Medalist of lot in my personal and professionalUniversity of the Punjab in Master of Education, will be grooming,” says Dr. Shahid whilebeneficial for the higher education learners, educators, offering special gratitude to theteacher educators, curriculum developers and is a new Higher Education Commission foraddition in the existing body of knowledge. selection on merit, continuous care and support in this endeavour.During his study, he participated in an American researchcompetition and won a research grant of about 1000 dollars in He is expected to come back inthe form of a Learning Style Inventory. He also participated September and resume duties in hisand presented papers in four international conferences in UK, parent organization, University ofBelgium, Slovenia and France, besides participating in a the Punjab, Lahore.News FlashThe Bioinformatics Group at Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) has published a paperentitled "The Development of Computational Biology in Pakistan: Still a Long Way to Go" in PLOSComputational Biology, one of the leading journals in Bioinformatics having impact factor 5.7. Thearticle is about the current situation of Bioinformatics in Pakistan. The authors have suggested manythings for developing Bioinformatics in the country. It may be accessed through 10
  12. 12. Commission Events2 HEC Scholars CompletePost-Doctorate from USAHEC scholars Dr. Khalid instant messaging, socialMahmood and Dr. Ishfaq Ali networking sites, mashups,Bukhari have successfully podcasts, vodcasts, wikis, Dr. Khalid Mahmood with his research supervisor Dr. John Richardsoncompleted their post- photo sharing, presentationdoctorate studies from the sharing, virtual worlds, research in the field ofUniversity of California, Los customized webpages and Biological and MedicalAngeles and The Medical vertical search engines have Sciences. The topic of his PostCollege of Wisconsin, USA, helped libraries to involve Doctorate research wasrespectively. their users in service delivery. “Pharmacological Studies on The research found that there novel hybrid CompoundsDr. Mahmood, who is a was a significant positive with a nitric oxide donor”. Dr.Professor of Library and correlation between the extent William B CampbellInformation Sciences at of Web 2.0 adoption in supervised his research.University of the Punjab, libraries and librarians’Lahore surveyed US academic opinion about their Dr. Bukhari has developedlibrarians and library websites advantages,” says Dr. new compounds that areto study the impact of Web 2.0 Mahmood. i m p o r t a n t t o h i stechnologies. Dr. John understanding of the causes ofRichardson supervised his He has re-joined his parent hypertension and ischemicresearch. organization where he intends heart disease and provide to incorporate his learning insights into new therapies.“In my research, I have found about North American Ongoing investigations ofthat Web 2.0 technologies have academic culture in eicosanoid metabolites in theplayed a significant role in curriculum design, classroom laboratory have led to thedelivering library services to teaching, student discovery of novel therapeutictheir users particularly beyond management and conducting targets for cardiovascularlibrary walls. Web 2.0 tools like and supervising research. diseases.blogs, micro blogs, RSS, Dr. Bukhari completed hisHEC scholarship has changed my life: Shaheen KhanHEC Scholar Ms. Shaheen Khan is a doctoral is among few of the outstandingresearcher at University of Warwick currently young Pakistani women scholarspursuing 3rd year PhD study in Women and whose profile is published in aGender Studies. During her study, she published book on “Women Managingfive international papers, presented her work in Water: Inspiring Stories fromthree international conferences (Sweden, Nepal South Asia- 2010” by SacciWatersand Pakistan) including as panel expert and India.received award for highly commended researchposter by the Vice Chancellor of the Warwick Shaheen thinks that PhD scholarship by theUniversity, UK. Higher Education Commission has been a life changing experience, which has opened theShe also organized “South Asia Women and doors of opportunities and advanced learning forWater Exhibition” at University of Warwick. She her. 11
  13. 13. Commission Events Young Scientists HEC Sponsored Project of NUST Develop Arid University ProducesBlast Protection Material Off Season VegetablesThe young scientists of the National University ofScience and Technology (NUST), Islamabad havedeveloped Blast Protection Material havingcapacity to absorb shock and can be applied uponexisting construction.The material when used on existing structureswill be able to protect these and the inmates fromexplosion, blast and seismic activity orearthquakes. During the research Intelligentviscoelastic composites based on segmentednano-polymer technology were developed and The Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi hastested for Seismic and blast protection. completed an HEC sponsored research project on commercial viability of hydroponic vegetableThe blast protection material protects the inmates production and its marketing at internationalfrom the aftermath of a nearby explosion. It can level. The research project has been completed bybe gainfully used on all types of construction sites faculty members and students of the University,both civil and defense platforms, including which is now capable of exporting about one tonsensitive installations and buildings. It is a potent of high quality off season vegetables to Middlesafeguard against any seismic activity, or East on daily basis.earthquake. The material being tough, resilientand flexible, allows only minor deflection, This ongoing activity is generating valuablethereby absorbing the shock effectively. The foreign exchange through export promotion forstructure remains intact mitigating the the already foreign exchange deficit country.possibility of injury, or death to the inmates. Major products include tomato on vine, cherry tomato and coloured bell pepper (orange, yellowThe polymer system and the defining material and red).properties such as impact Strength, TensileModulus, Elongation, Dynamic Mechanical Previously, Pakistan was importing beef tomato,Properties (Storage Modulus, Loss Modulus and coloured bell pepper and cherry tomato fromLoss Tangent), Tear Strength were evaluated. international market. With the success of thisThe material development was assisted by project, the University is now able to substitutecomputer simulations using autodyne that helps these imports saving valuable foreign exchangeto optimize far-field and structural parameters. for the country. These products are also availableInitial field trials were conducted to prove the in Pakistan in major cities on superstores.practical viability of the blast protection material,namely, (a) the DROP TEST and (b) the BLAST The University is also conducting research onTEST. These tests basically determine the production of different vegetables under themechanical shock-induced response of the same hydroponics system including tomato onretrofitted material. Initial tests conducted with vine, beef tomato, cherry tomato, strawberryextremely encouraging results. tomato, cucumber, bitter gourd, egg plant and white onion. This hydroponics system ensuresThe material will benefit the Security agencies disease and pesticide free vegetables in theincluding Defense Forces and Civil Installations country. These products are recognized for theirsituated in whole of the country. taste, shape, colour and quality. 12
  14. 14. Commission EventsAbdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences Recognized Internationally Yet AgainThe Abdus Salam School of no research centre recognized community is a recognition atMathematical Sciences at this level yet. the highest forum.(ASSMS), GovernmentCollege University, Lahore has Second, UNESCO – ICTP in It is the success of its coursereceived two more collaboration with world- work and researchrecognitions from famous famous Centre International programme that has broughtworld organizations. de Mathématiques Pures et the international recognition Appliquées (CIMPA), choose to ASSMS. The School isFirst, European Mathematical only two centres of advanced mainly supported by theSociety (EMS) has announced studies every year from all Higher Educationa number of attractive over the world to fund the Commission (HEC). Its mainscholarships for the foreign advanced level workshops. achievement is thestudents to study at ASSMS. ASSMS is one of the two establishment of a versatileEMS is one of the worlds most chosen centres this year. The and strong PhD programme.prestigious societies. Award of resource persons and mainsuch scholarships for students speakers at this workshop will The School started in late 2003from other countries to study be the ASSMS faculty. and produced its first PhDat ASSMS is definitely an open graduates in 2007. Since then,recognition of the fact that UNESCO, ICTP and CIMPA 63 young scientists haveEMS considers the ASSMS a will be inviting young received their PhD degrees atworld-class institution for researchers from all over the ASSMS and this has doubledadvanced studies and world for learning from the the existing tally ofresearch. faculty of the ASSMS. All Universitys Math faculty at expenses of the foreign doctoral level in Pakistan.EMS awards scholarships to delegates coming to ASSMSmost talented students from will be paid by UNESCO, HECs Foreign Faculty Hiringall over the world for study at CIMPA and ICTP. The Programme (FFHP) is surelydifferent centres of excellence selection of ASSMS by the one of the key factors for thearound the globe. ASSMS is world-class organizations, for rapid growth and success ofthe first Pakistani institution to carrying out high level this Pakistani institution forbe recognized at this level. research workshops to train advanced studies andSurprising fact is that India has the international scientific research.News FlashMr. Walayat Hussain, Assistant Professor, year Postgraduate Diploma fromDepartment of Computer Science, Balochistan Asian Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Information Technology, (AIT), Thailand.Engineering and Management Science(BUITEMS), Quetta has published seven “I am very thankful to HEC for developinginternational research papers during the last research capacity through scholarship underyear. the Faculty Development Programme for one year Diploma at Thailand because of which IHussain did his BS (Hons) from Hamdard was able to publish all these papers,” saysUniversity, Karachi, MS from BUITEMS and one- Hussain. 13
  15. 15. Commission Events HEC Workshop on Dr. Haider Shah Jadoon, Vice Chancellor, Islamia CollegeResearch Methods in Psychology University was the chief guest in the closing ceremony. Dr. Johar Ali, Director, Institute of Social Work, Sociology, Gender Studies and President, Peshawar University Teaching Association (PUTA), Dr. Madiha Asghar, Chairperson, Psychology Department andThe Learning Innovation Division, Higher Education Commission Director, Quality(HEC) organized a workshop on importance and application of Enhancement Cell, IslamiaResearch Methods in Psychology at Bara Gali in collaboration with College University, Dr. SareerIslamia College University, Peshawar. Badshah, Chairman, Department of Statistics,As many as 30 participants attended the six-day workshop. Islamia College UniversityRenowned resource persons in the field of Psychology were invited were also present on thefor this workshop. occasion.The training covered different topics, including Research: Need, Speakers praised the effortsSignificance and Types of Research; Hypothesis Formulation and and initiatives taken by HECTesting; Projective tests used in Clinical Research; Descriptive and for development of the higherInferential Statistics; Presentations of Research Findings and How education sector. The chiefto Find a Referred Journal; Preparation of Proposal for Research guest distributed certificatesProject; SPSS and Data Entry into SPSS. among successful participants. Workshop for Editors of Islamic Studies and Arabic JournalsThe Social Sciences and Humanities Research abstracting, peer-reviewing and publicationCouncil of Pakistan (SSHRCP), Higher process involved in their respective journals.Education Commission organized a three-day Leading academicians were invited to offer theirworkshop for Editors of Journals of Islamic expertise as resource persons.Studies and Arabic journals at Bara Gali Camp,University of Peshawar. The workshop was The participants lauded contributory role of HECaimed at enhancing the quality of research in setting-up guidelines and criteria whichjournals, making the editing process more substantially improved quality of research. Theycontemporary and at par with international thanked HEC for delivering a presentation onstandards, discussing modern research HEC criteria for recognition, publication andmethodologies in editing, introducing emerging funding of a research journal.trends in editing, building an interaction amongeditors and promoting code of ethics. The Council is planning to conduct similar workshops for Editors of research journals ofThe participants highlighted issues and other subjects falling under Social Sciences, Art,challenges faced by them relating to indexing, Humanities and Business Education. 14
  16. 16. Commission Events Continuous Professional Development ProgrammeHEC Trains 249 University TeachersThe Learning InnovationDivision (LID), HigherEducation Commission (HEC)has successfully trained 249university teachers under itsContinuous ProfessionalDevelopment (CPD)programme through a series of10 workshops held over fiveweeks during July-August,2011.LID engaged a visitingPakistani Canadian AcademicMr. Ahmad Salman PMP,from the University ofVictoria, Canada to design anddeliver two remarkablyinnovative facultydevelopment programmes.The programmes addressed Teaching” was to introduce teaching through a design than“Case Based Teaching the highly acclaimed Harvard would engage students in aMethodology” and Case Method teaching highly effective manner.“Understanding the Adult technique to a variety ofLearner”. teaching faculty members It may be mentioned here that from multiple disciplines to faculty development is one ofBoth the programmes started enhance the quality of the key pillars of Higheron July 6 in Islamabad. teaching at various Education CommissionThereafter the programme institutions of higher learning. strategic vision and anwas taken to Lahore, Karachi, important component of theQuetta and Peshawar. Similarly the two-day Medium Term Development workshop on “Understanding Framework (MTDF) (2010-15).University teachers with the Adult Learner” wasbackground of Management designed to equip the faculty Quality of education is highlySciences, Social Sciences, Life members with the skills they dependent on quality ofSciences, Biological Sciences, need in order to design and teachers and educationMedical Sciences, General deliver courses towards managers. In the absence of aSciences and Engineering m a k i n g l e a r n i n g formal pre-service mechanismdisciplines from different environments more for the professional training ofpublic and private sector meaningful and conducive. HE academics anduniversities attended the management it was highlysessions. The overarching theme of the imperative to fill up the gap workshops was to give the through in-service academicThe purpose of the two day teachers more control over the orientation and certification.workshop on “Case Based contents and process of 15
  17. 17. University NewsUniversity of Agriculture, Faisalabad – A ProfileThe University of Agriculture,Faisalabad (UAF) wasestablished in 1961 by upgradingthe former Punjab AgriculturalCollege and Research Institute,whose foundation stone was laidin 1906.The University has six facultiesincluding Faculty of Agriculture,Faculty of AgriculturalEconomics and Rural Sociology,Faculty of AgriculturalEngineering and Technology,Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, curricula after assessing the The University has excellentFaculty of Animal Husbandry and qualitative as well as quantitative hostel facilities for male andFaculty of Sciences and a needs of manpower training under female students, who come fromDivision of Education and the semester system. all over the country as well asExtension. Besides, there are five foreign countries. Hall Wardensinstitutes namely Institute of The central library of the and superintendents guide andHorticultural Sciences, National University has a covered area of facilitate the students in solving their day to day problems. Business Incubation Centre Students are provided economical, hygienic and The Competitive Support Fund of USA, in collaboration with nutritious food. the Higher Education Commission has established a Business Incubation Centre at the University to accelerate A Central Hi-Tech Laboratory the successful development of startup and fledgling was established in 1997 at Faculty of Agriculture with the companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of cooperation of Japan targeted resources and services. The Centre aims to provide International Cooperation management guidance, technical assistance and consulting A g e n c y ( J I C A ) . I n i t i a l l y, tailored to young growing companies, develop linkages specialized and highly between academic/ R&D institutions and private sector thus sophisticated equipment were creating knowledge based enterprises, and facilitate provided by JICA. Later new entrepreneurs with well-equipped laboratories, extensive equipment were purchased libraries, powerful computer systems, technology expertise, through a Higher Education a well-educated workforce and subject matter experts. Commission funded project. The laboratory offers opportunities for scientific research that enableInstitute of Food Science and 45000 square ft and the total researchers to pursue research inTechnology, Institute of Soil and collection is around 2,46,220 disciplines of biological,Environmental Sciences, Institute which includes 21,035 chemical and physical sciences.of Animal Nutrition and Feed manuscripts and 51,800 volumes Services are offered not only toTe c h n o l o g y, I n s t i t u t e o f of national and internationalMicrobiology and Institute of research journals coveringBusiness Management. The various discipline taught in theUniversity has two sub-campuses at Dera Ghazi Khan and theother at Toba Tek Singh. The library has database under the Oracle based module developedThe University has developed by Universitys IT team, besidesflexible and comprehensive, availability of online publicpurpose–oriented and updated access catalogue terminals. 16
  18. 18. University Newsthe students and researchers from this university butalso to other universities, research institutions, non-government organizations and industries.The University is fully committed to implementpolicies of the Quality Assurance Agency of theHigher Education Commission through its QualityEnhancement Cell. UAF strongly adheres to theconcept of quality assurance in institutions of higherlearning with enhanced levels of international Ms. Aayesha Ikram, Director (Media) HEC calls oncompatibility through capacity building. Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Vice Chancellor, UAF. A Few of the UAF Success Stories Intermittent Poultry Feeding System To provide poultry farmers a reliable automatic feeding system, scientists from UAF have developed an electro-mechanic feeding system, which relieves the farmers from the hassle and threat of over/under feeding. Certified Citrus Nursery A certified nursery system developed at UAF provides congenial environment for nurturing healthy citrus budwood and plants. The products (citrus budwood and plants) from these nurseries will be more disease resilient and more beneficial for the citrus growers. It has the potential to eliminate or replace diseased citrus plants. Vaccine for Mastitis Control in Cows and Buffaloes Mastitis Vaccine is very useful innovation from UAF, which is designed to overcome mastitis disease within the mammary gland of the udder in cattle and buffaloes. Zone Disk Tiller Drill ZDTD has been designed to cater the planting needs of wheat, barley and chickpea growers. This machine carries a special feature of sowing without removing the residuals of previous crop thus providing much savings to the farmers in terms of labor time and energy. Rose Perfume Rose perfume is very unique innovation from UAF which caters to the market of perfume in the country. There is no competitive product available at the moment in the market. This alcohol free product has perfect match with our religious society. The product is prepared with highest possible purity standards. Sitara-i-Imtiaz Conferred on Dr. Iqrar Ahmed Khan President Asif Ali Zardari has conferred prestigious civil award Sitara-i-Imtiaz on Prof. Dr. Iqrar Ahmed Khan, Vice Chancellor, UAF for his valuable contribution to the field of agricultural education and research. Dr. Khan has a long career in education and agriculture. He earned a PhD from the University of California, Riverside in 1988. He has released a potato variety (PARS-70), pioneered the research on breeding seedless Kinnow and discovered new varieties of wheat. He is also the author of 252 publications which includes five books and several book chapters. He has initiated an internationally acclaimed programme to solve a problem called Witches Broom Disease of Lime, which poses a global threat to citrus fruits, the vitamin-C provider for masses. He is currently leading international projects to combat citrus greening disease and mango sudden death. 17
  19. 19. University NewsConference on Prospects and Challenges to Sustainable AgricultureA three-day International promoting research as its share planning rather than crisesScience Conference on was 50 per cent in publishing management for upcoming“Prospects and Challenges to research papers of diseases and pests.Sustainable Agriculture” was international repute in the lastrecently organized by the year. Biotechnology sector was alsoFaculty of Agriculture, urged to solve specificUniversity of Azad Jammu The scientists urged the problems faced by agricultureand Kashmir at Rawalakot. Agriculture Department of community and to avoid AJK and Ministry of repetition in order to saveThe conference was attended Agriculture, Government of monitory and manpowerby about 400 delegates. The Pakistan to create a liaison resources.Agriculture Scientists showed between Department ofgrave concern on a dire need of Agriculture Extension and the It was also emphasized thata paradigm shift in agriculture University for promoting improvement in quality ofas the community is feeling problem based research and food and its nutrition be madethreatened due to research based solutions, and by breeding or by fortificationunprecedented changes in the special emphasis be given to and efforts should be made toenvironment which is directly comprehensive collection, process according toundermining food security. documentation and international standards conservation of Germplasm whatever food is produced inWhile addressing concluding from AJK and Northern Areas. the country in order tosession, Dr. Manzoor Hussain facilitate its export.Soomro, Chairman, Pakistan They emphasized on PlantScience Foundation said that Breeders to restructure the The Animal Scientists wereFaculty of Agriculture, genotypes of staple and cash urged to do aggressiveRawalakot has sufficient to be crops to enable them to cope research on production ofgiven charter of a full-fledged with high and low vaccines for various diseasesuniversity. temperature, draught and of poultry and animals, and flooding situations. development of quality animalDr. Habib-ur-Rehman, Vice feed using the culturallyChancellor, AJK Varsity said They stressed on acceptable and locallythat the Faculty has Entomologists and Plant available ingredients.contributed significantly in Pathologists for strategic 18
  20. 20. Commission EventsArchitectural Design Idea Competition at BUITEMSThe Department ofArchitecture, BalochistanUniversity of InformationTechnology, Engineering andManagement Sciences(BUITEMS) organized itssecond annual exhibition inExpo Centre, Takatu Campus.The theme of the exhibitionwas “Architectural DesignIdea Competition” for low costhouses suitable for flood-affected areas of Pakistan,particularly in Balochistan. Chancellor, BUITEMS, were authorities of her support inEntries were invited from 3rd also present on the occasion. nation building programmes.semester architecture studentsfor designing houses up to Arch. Muhammed Sohail Alvi She also offered fullcovered area 500 sq ft. explained the aims and cooperation in the objectives of the exhibition. construction of the mainMs. Ghazala Gola, Provincial The Vice Chancellor boundary wall of BUITEMS.Minister for Women highlighted services of theDevelopment inaugurated the University with regard to First, second and third prizesexhibition. Ms. Hussan Bano grooming competent and were won by EhteshamRakhshani and Ms. Zarina productive youth. Jogezai, Adeel Zahoor andZehri, Advisers to Chief Abdul Majid Malghani,Minster Balochistan, and Engr. In her address, Ms. Ghazala respectively.Ahmed Farooq Bazai, Vice Gola assured the UniversityLecture on Interdisciplinary Research in Medical TextilesThe Faculty of Life Sciences, Baluchistan medical textiles and developing motivation inUniversity of Information Technology, the medical textile study, and identifyingEngineering and Management Sciences potential areas for local postgraduate studies in(BUITEMS), Quetta organized a lecture medical textiles.presentation on “Interdisciplinary Research inMedical Textiles” by Prof. Dr. Faheem Uddin, A number of medical textile products surgeonsChairman, Textile Engineering, BUITEMS. wear, wound dressings, masks, bandages, artificial ligaments, sutures, artificialThe speaker began the presentation with the liver/kidney/lungs, nappies, sanitary towels,identification of aims that included the vascular grafts/heart valves, artificialrealization of medical textiles discipline as an joints/bones, eye contact lenses and artificialinterdisciplinary subject of study, introducing cornea were discussed. 19
  21. 21. University NewsStudent Conference on Engineering, students as well as inculcate a fruitful discussion among the Sciences & Technology at MUET experts from industry and academia. “I hope that papers presented in the SCONEST event may find direct commercial application. Such seminars also gauge status and standard of our engineering education throughout theMehran University of Committee and Dean, Faculty country,” he added.Engineering and Technology of Electrical, Electronics, and(MUET), Jamshoro in Computer Engineering, Students and researchers fromcollaboration with the Higher MUET said that SCONEST is NED University ofEducation Commission (HEC) the most vital series of Engineering and Technology,and IEEE Inc USA (Karachi research paper competition Sir Syed University ofSection) recently organized a from IEEE, to introduce new Engineering and Technology,two-day Student Conference scientists and engineers with National University ofon Engineering Sciences and the field of purposeful Computer and EmergingTechnology (SCONEST). research. Sciences, Jinnah University ofUndergraduate and Women, Sukkur IBA,postgraduate paper Engr. Parkash Lohana, Chair University of Faisalabad,presentations were made on IEEE Karachi Section Balochistan University offirst and second day, mentioned that a total of 58 Information Technology,respectively. Over 200 papers from undergrad Engineering and Managementdelegates from academia and students and graduate Sciences, Hamdardindustry attended the students were submitted from University, Federal Urduconference. around the country, which in University of Arts, Science and fact is an indication of its Technology, COMSATSIn his inaugural speech, Dr. importance. “After rigorous Institute of InformationMuhammad Aslam Uqaili, Pro exercise of reviewing, nine Technology and MUET tookVice Chancellor, MUET postgraduate and nine active part in the conference.appreciated holding of a undergrad papers werecomprehensive technical accepted for oral Speakers from academia andevent devoted to research presentations.” industry highlightedissues in Electronics, emerging trends inElectrical, Computer, Speaking at the concluding technological innovation.Telecommunication, ceremony, Dr. AQK Rajput, Experts from universitiesBiomedical and Software Vice Chancellor, MUET said evaluated paper presentationsEngineering. Dr. BS that exposure of such technical in terms of scope, usefulness,Chowdhry, Chairman, events will go long way in technical strength andSCONEST Organizing developing confidence among research contribution.News Flash Pakistan Botanic Gardens Network Secretariat, Government CollegeUniversity, Lahore is organizing the 3rd International Conference on “Role of Botanic Gardens inConserving Natural Vegetation” from February 2-4, 2012. Conference themes include Conservationand Habitat Restoration, Botanic Gardens and Gene Banks, Ethnobotany and Environmental Services,Horticulture and Urban Green Spaces, Environmental Education for Sustainable Development andEcotourism. 20
  22. 22. University NewsThe Pakistan Institute ofFashion and Design (PIFD) PIFD Holds Fashion Showrecently held a fashion show atits campus in Lahore. Theschool, which has producedmany renowned designers forthe country, exhibited the finalcollection of 35 students ofFashion and Marketing,Merchandising, FashionDesign and Textile Designfrom the class of 2011.The collections showcased ablend of traditional andwestern designs depictingarchitectural inspirations with garnered a personal desert. The collection featuredreferences to buildings like the understanding of every vivid colours and traditionalTaj Mahal. The designs varied students designs. embroidery.with themes based on Kalashculture and F1 racing. The The top few designers selected While introducing thediverse themes were reflective from the class will mark their graduating class, Ms. Hinaof the fact that the graduating debut in the upcoming Tayyaba, Principal, PIFDdesigners were aware of Pakistan Fashion Week. emphasised the effort thatglobal, as well as local, fashion Winner of the show, Zonia went into developing thetrends. Anwars collection Aurora designs displayed at the show, Luminescence: The Glowing adding that it was importantMakhdoom Amin Fahim, Murk, was what the designer that the young designersFederal Minister of Commerce calls “an amalgamation of two explored their culturaland Dr. Sohail Naqvi, tremendous natural wonders heritage. She said that it wasExecutive Director, HEC were to achieve a man-made always harder to sustainpresent on the occasion. termination in the form of four culture, because it took an experimental garments”. added effort to explore theWhile many of the creations According to Anwar, the culture and differing fashions.featured sleek and all-weather inspiration for the silhouette inlooks, it was the inclusion of her design had come from “Initially, the students werethemes that were based on unique bioluminescent not exploring their culturalPakistani culture which mushrooms. heritage. It was after somereceived appreciation from the students took the initiativeaudiences. The young Another talent and the runner- that this trend changed,” saiddesigners works were also up of the show, Raza Tayyaba. “Students havereviewed by a jury comprising Muhammed Baturs collection taken inspiration from far-fashion industrys bigwigs like was a surreal visualisation of flung areas. Its difficultDeepak Perwani, Kamiar societys good and evil side. because, unlike westernRokni, Nilofer Shahid, Rizwan The outfits had a very history which is moreBeyg and Sehyr Saigol. contemporary feel. The other documented, you have toThough the jury had to select runner-up, Muhammad Irfan research through archives andthe top designers, the judges Ali was inspired by the look at the ancient buildings tolater spent extra time with Punjab, with touches of Indian find inspiration and imaginethem to ensure that they Rajasthan and the Cholistan something new.” 21
  23. 23. University NewsNUST, University of Manchester Collaborate for Internship Programme, ScholarshipsA one-month summer internship was arranged The students include Haseeb Shaikh from Schoolfor three students of the National University of of Chemical and Materials Engineering, andSciences and Technology at the National Waleed Ahmad Mirza and Muhammad JunaidComposites Certification and Evaluation Facility Akhtar from College of Electrical and Mechanical(NCCEF), The University of Manchester, as part Engineering.of the British Council sponsored DelPHE project“Capacity building for enhancing R&D in The opportunity exposed the students to thedesigning, manufacturing, testing and expertise required to forward research andcertification of composite materials”. industrial development in Pakistan.The Project coordinator from Pakistans side is Dr “The magnitude of learning can be gaugedRizwan Saeed Choudhry, Assistant Professor, simply from the fact that we saw almost 50 newDepartment of Mechanical Engineering and the machines and worked on nearly half of them. Wecoordinator from Manchester side is Prof. Paul worked on projects related to NASA, with theHogg, Head of the School of Materials. latest in mechanical testing technology from Instron, and our work also encompassed HenryThe internship was one of the series of activities Moseley X-Ray Imaging Facility, the best in all ofplanned for enhancing bilateral research Europe. From state of the art compositebetween the two Universities and in the next year manufacturing technology to machines forof project (starting this September) more than 10 testing and evaluation, combined with mentorsscholarships (travel grants) will be available for and researchers from the American continents,students for presenting research work related to Europe and Asia, including Pakistan, NCCEFcomposites or performing experiments related to was the complete learning package,” the studentscomposites in Manchester. remarked.Dr. Nilofer Shaikh Reappointed VC SALU Dr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Veesar, General Secretary SALUTS have welcomed the selection of Dr. Shaikh and hoped that University will further progress under her leadership. Independence Day Independence Day was observed with traditional fervour, enthusiasm and solemnity at SALU. Dr. Nilofer Shaikh hoisted the nationalDr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan, Governor Sindh has flag at a ceremony held in central lawn of thereappointed Prof. Dr. Nilofer Shaikh as Vice University. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. ShaikhChancellor of Shah Abdul Latif University said Muslim leaders, under the visionary(SALU) Khairpur, owing to meritorious services leadership of Quaid-e-Azam, rendered greatfor the promotion of education, research and scarifies for the emergence of Pakistan. “Atoverall development of the University. Her present, Pakistan is confronting several problemstenure has started from July 30, 2011. which could only be eradicated through unity, education, tolerance and spirit of democracy andDr. Noor Shah Bukhari, President, Shah Abdul institutional building. Education is an importantLatif University Teachers Society (SALUTS) and agent of change and development,” she said. 22
  24. 24. University News SPSS Workshop at JUW KarachiA one-day training workshop MS and PhD scholars, do simple statistical dataon Statistical Package for students, business analysts, analysis, including use ofSocial Sciences (SPSS) statisticians and medical correlation, creating frequencysoftware was organized by doctors. tables, producing bar charts,Jinnah University for Women, moving data from otherKarachi in collaboration with In her welcome address, Dr. applications into SPSS andthe Business Research Shazia Tabassum Hakim, moving SPSS output into wordConsultants (BRC), Karachi. Dean Research, JUW processor application. Dr.Over 50 participants of highlighted the significance Naeem Farooqui, Vicedifferent disciplines attended and purpose of the workshop. Chancellor, JUW awardedthe workshop, including The workshop mainly covered certificates among thefaculty members, researchers, the use of SPSS programmes to participants. Book on Child Labour in PakistanDr. Rana Ejaz Ali Khan, Department of The first and only Child LabourEconomics, Islamia University of Bahawalpur Survey (CLS) was held in 1996 athas written a book entitled “Child Labour in national level, which hasPakistan: Estimated and Determinants”, which is remained the basic data forpublished by an international publishing house, researchers. The second CLS wasVDM – Publishing Germany. expected in 2000, which has not been conducted yet. However, the Dr. EjazThe author has pointed out the reasons for annual Labour Force Surveyscurbing child labour in Pakistan. According to provide the data about child labour in 10-14 yearshim the negligence of the state department has age group. The research work of Dr. Ejaz isfailed to produce any viable data to assess the expected to attract the policy makers, researchers,magnitude of child labour in different age academicians along with general public havinggroups. interest in the subject.Students Selected for US Space Camp Visit ISTThe US Embassies in astronauts face during their Pakistan Space and UpperIslamabad and New Delhi voyages. They also Atmosphere Researchsponsored five students and experienced hands-on Commission, they had anan educator each from training, including interactive session with thePakistan and India to attend underwater exercises and Dean and faculty members inthe Advance Space Academy centrifuge simulator sessions. which they were advisedat the US Space and Rocket about different studying andCentre in Huntsville, On their return, the team career options in the field ofAlabama. educator visited several places Science and Technology in to share their experience with Pakistan.During the 10-day camp, the the students. At Institute ofstudents and teachers learnt Space Technology (IST), a They visited laboratories andabout the mental, emotional, technology-focused academic interacted with students inand physical changes institution sponsored by IST. 23
  25. 25. University NewsRACE Discusses Academia-Industry CollaborationRiphah Advisory Council for Excellence (RACE) represented RIU on the occasion. They discussedheld its fourth meeting at Riphah International matters relating to the requirements of jobUniversity (RIU) Islamabad, which discussed oriented quality education.collaboration of the university with industry andbusiness concerns in different disciplines. Various aspects of university industry collaboration, human resource development,Senior executives from public and private sector research project linkages, career counseling,organizations including NADRA, HEC, Value faculty development and social welfareResources, ICMA, Society for Sustainable programmes came under discussion. ExecutiveDevelopment, Allaninet (Pvt), Pakistan Officers from various public and privateAccumulators, Renewable Resources and Gillani organizations offered internship to theSolutions attended the meeting. Deans and graduating students of RIU in their industry andsenior faculty members from various disciplines business concerns. CALL FOR PAPERSNUML Journal of Critical Inquiry (JCI) has invited papers that engage a deconstructive/theoretical/ideological critique of the standardized predicament as well as offer an intellectuallychallenging education that is international in scope, interactive in process, and interdisciplinary incontent and approach.Topics from all areas of Research, Language, Literature, Linguistics and Education are welcome withoutany limitations as long as there is conviction and reasoning. For submission of papers and further detailsplease visit Focal Person Dr. Sohaila Javed (Editor) NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad Ph: +92-51-9257646 (Ext: 214) E-mail: numl.editor@gmail.comNEWSIN PICTUREA ceremony was recentlyorganized at HECRegional Centre,Peshawar to welcome thenew Director Mr. HazratBilal and bid farewell tothe outgoing Director, Mr.Farman Ullah, who hasbeen transferred to theLearning InnovationDivision, HEC Islamabad. 24
  26. 26. University NewsUoP Conference on Computer Networks & ITThe Department of Computer Science, The aim of the conference was to provide aUniversity of Peshawar (UoP) recently organized platform to academics and professional tothe first International Conference on Computer facilitate effective knowledge sharing. Dr. AzmatNetworks and Information Technology, in Hayat Khan, Vice Chancellor, UoP inauguratedcollaboration with IEEE Islamabad Chapter, the conference.IEEE Peshawar Subsection, and John MooresUniversity Liverpool, UK. Dr. Amir Qayum from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad was the keynote speaker.The main focus was on Computer Networks, He talked about the Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksWireless Communications, Sensor Networks, (VANETs). Other speakers included Dr. AzzamDatabases, Web Semantics, Natural Language Ul Asar, Dean, UET Peshawar who spoke onProcessing and Software Engineering. Almost “IEEE Aims and Objectives”, Dr. Akhtar Hussain120 delegates from various national and Khalil from UET Mardan Campus whointernational universities/organizations, deliberated on Academia, Intellectual Propertyincluding Bradford University, Lancaster and Commercialization and Mr. Imran Malik,University, East Englia (Norwich) University CEO Supernet, Karachi who spoke on theand John Moores University participated in the Importance of Satellite Communication in theconference. Current Era.UAF Chemists, Biochemists Participate in ESDev-2011The 4th InternationalC o n f e r e n c e o nEnvironmentally SustainableDevelopment (ESDev-2011)was recently organized by theDepartment of EnvironmentalSciences, COMSATS, Instituteof Information Technology(CIIT), Abbottabad.About 35 students and eightfaculty members fromDepartment of Chemistry andBiochemistry, University ofAgriculture, Faisalabad (UAF)attended the event.Most of the students andteachers presented their Bajwa chaired different Conference 2011 fromscientific research work in the sessions of ESDev-2011. November 21-23, 2011 underdifferent sessions. the auspices of the Chemical The Department of Chemistry Society of Pakistan, as part ofDr. Tahira Iqbal, Chairperson, and Biochemistry, UAF is also the Golden Jubilee and theDepartment of Chemistry and organizing the 10th International Year ofBiochemistry, Dr. Haq Nawaz International and 22nd Chemistry 2011 (IYC 2011)Bhatti and Dr. M. Asghar National Chemistry celebrations. 25
  27. 27. University NewsNational Essay Writing CompetitionThe Centre for Civic Education, Pakistan, in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission isorganizing a National Essay Writing Competition. The competition is for regular students of public andprivate universities (age 18-25) and aims to promote writing and analytical skills with futuristic approachamong university students along with encouraging research, analysis and argument development onthis important theme.TopicWhat does federalism mean to me?Guidelines1. Students can write on the topic either in English or Urdu.2. The essay shall be original and unpublished and must not exceed 2500 words, including footnotes or endnotes.3. Ensure that all sources for research which are used are given proper reference. Nothing should be copied from books/newspapers without using references. Plagiarism will be checked through software made for this purpose.4. The essay must be typed using font 12 in Times Roman and saved in Word file, or typed by using the In-page. For print outs, use only one side of the paper.5. Do not place the authors name on the text pages. Include a cover page to mention the name, mailing address, phone number, educational institution (department and registration number) and email address.Criteria for JudgmentPrimary consideration will be given to the essays originality and its contribution to new knowledge,insights and creative approach. English and Urdu essays will be judged and awarded separately.Essays will be judged according to the following criteria:1. Substance and originality (Understanding and arguments): 50 marks2. Idea development (Clarity, creativity, practicality): 25 marks3. Writing style, composition and organization: 25 marksPrizes• The authors of three best essays in English and Urdu will be awarded.• First prize Rs. 20,000, second prize Rs. 15,000 and third prize Rs. 10,000 along with certificates of honour and shields.SubmissionDeadline for submission of essays is September 30, 2011. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.Only one submission per student will be accepted. All entries will be property of the Centre for CivicEducation and may be published in future with writer’s names. Essay can be submitted either throughemail to, or by post to The Centre for Civic EducationPakistan, G.P.O. Box 1123, Islamabad. 26
  28. 28. Listings Travel GrantsFollowing grants were sanctioned by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) during June-2011: Name and Address of Applicant Title of Conference Venue The 2011 SIBR Conference Dr. Zaheer Abbas, Assistant Professor, on Interdisciplinary Thailand Department of Accounting and Finance, IIUI Business and Economics Research The 2011 SIBR Conference Mr. Sohail Amjed, Lecturer, Department of on Interdisciplinary Thailand Commerce, AIOU, Islamabad Business and Economics Research The 2011 SIBR Conference Mr. Zaryab Sheikh, Lecturer Department of on Interdisciplinary Thailand Management Sciences, CIIT, Lahore Business and Economics Research The 2011 SIBR Conference Mr. Muhammad Irfan Khan, Lecturer, on Interdisciplinary Department of Business Administration, Iqra Thailand Business and Economics University, Karachi Research The 2011 SIBR Conference Mr. Naveed Ahmed, PhD Scholar, Department on Interdisciplinary Thailand of Management Sciences, CIIT, Lahore Business and Economics Research 5th Conference of ASSP Dr. Abdullah Dayo, Department of (Asian Association of Indonesia Pharmaceutics, University of Sindh, Jamshoro Schools of Pharmacy) Dr. Muhammad Hamid Ullah, Assistant The 22nd International Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Conference on Higher Turkey Riphah International University, Islamabad Education (ICHE) International Conference on Dr. Muhammad Zafar, Associate Professor, Environment and Department of Earth and Environment Malaysia Industrial Innovation- Sciences, Bahria University, Islamabad ICEII-2011 Dr. Farrukh Nawaz Kayani, Assistant Chinese Economist Society Professor, Department of Management China 2011 Annual Conference Sciences, CIIT, Islamabad Dr. Asma Salman, Assistant Professor, International Conference on Department of Business Administration, Sociality and Economics Malaysia Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU), Development Rawalpindi Mr. Muhammad Rafi, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, NUCES, ICIWE 2011 Malaysia Karachi Mr. Muhammad Ishfaq Khan, Lecturer, Global Business and Social Department of Management Sciences, MAJU, Sciences Research China Islamabad Conference Dr. S. M. Amir Shah, Assistant Professor, Management Challenges in Turkey Department of Commerce, AIOU, Islamabad Global Economy 27