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Ecosystem services provided by natural vegetation..


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A part of the talk delivered at Department of Biology, University of Leicester.

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Ecosystem services provided by natural vegetation..

  1. 1. THE ECOSYSTEM SERVICES PROVIDED BY NATURAL VEGETATIONOF THE NARAN VALLEY PAKISTAN By Shujaul Mulk Khan Supervisor Dr David Harper Field Supervisor Prof Dr Habib Ahmad Co Supervisor Dr Sue Page
  2. 2. Ecosystem services of Himalayan vegetation “components of nature used for human wellbeing” (Boyd and Banzhaf, 2006) Himalaya worlds youngest and highest mountain range with fastest uplift rate have 7,500 - 10,000 species of ethnobotanical uses (Pei, 1998)
  3. 3. Introduction to study area (Naran valley) 0 100 200 Km 0 5 10 KmNaran Valley is: a mountainous valley in North Pakistan located on 34° 54.26´ - 35° 08.76´ N latitudes and 73° 38.90´ - 74° 01.30´ E longitudes at an elevation of 2450 - 4000 m 276 Km from Islamabad capital of Pakistan Naran Valley, Google earth map
  4. 4. Naran LalazarLower Naran Valley; Picture view from top of a mountain Middle of the valley Lake Lulusar Jalkhad peakUpper Valley Upper most end of the Valley
  5. 5. Data Analysis (First year Field Work) 1296 releves/quadrats from 144 sample sites being analysed with 5 environmental variables through; I. EXCEL 2007, II. PC-ORD version 5 and III. CANOCO version 4.5
  6. 6. EXCEL 2007Was used to calculate; Absolute and relative values of quantitative and qualitative attributes (Presence/absence, Density, Cover & Frequency) of plants Species and environmental data matrices, according to the CANOCO and PC-ORD requirements Constancy, % constancy and fidelity of species for a specific community Graphic presentations of basic climatic, species and environmental data
  7. 7. Results Taxonomic divisions No. of No. of Families Species Total species 198, Dicotyledonae 53 161 Monocotyledonae 9 23 Total Angiospermae 62 184 12 trees Gymnospermae 3 8 20 shrubs TOTAL SPERMATOPHYTA 65 192 166 herbs PTERIDOPHYTA 3 6 belong to 68 families GRAND TOTAL 68 198 Taxonomic divisions of the plant species Herb species Shrub species Tree species Various habit forms of vegetation
  8. 8. Final analyses (Ecosystem Services)