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Sociology srcript

  1. 1. News Casting: BALAYAN promoting its organization to 5 USLS Colleges How does the organization planned to reach students to join BALAYAN. What are the effective medium they usually used to promote and present there program How wide is the program reach student and how many percentage of student in differentcolleges know BALAYAN How BALAYAN affect student.Sociology ScriptScene 1Setting: In the lobbyClothes: FormalRona & Van: Good Day to all our fellow La Sallian!!!!Rona: Im Rona Joy RenojoVan: And Van Jethro AdolfoRona & Van: And we are the Socio ReportersRona: We are here today for some interesting news and updatesVan: giving you my fellow la sallian a information about the issues happening inside the campus.Van: Our hottest issues is about BALAYAN OrganizationRona: So van lets now know BALAYAN.Scene 2Intro (a video clip)What is balayanA community Development and Volunteer Formation OfficeWhich Begun in 1987.It was introduced to create a counter culture among college students in the university --- a culture ofservice for the less privileged deeply rooted in the Christian and Lasallian faith, a culture of simplicityand a culture of peace as a means in effecting change. The program has been successful in producing social action and community developmentworkers over the years.It has been handled by 12 different formators in a span of 19 years. In trying to make the programrelevant to the needs of the times , continuing changes are being introduced.
  2. 2. Inspired by our Founder’s charism for the youth, BALAYAN responds to this continuing call of formingyoung Lasallians to embrace a life of service to our brothers and sisters who are among the last, the lostand the least.The ultimate goal of formation is to develop potential social development workers .GENERAL DESCRIPTION:The Volunteer Formation Program is a serving to learn, learning to serve program for students of theUniversity of St. La Salle geared towards social consciousness-raising and deepening of commitment tocommunity service. A Balayan volunteer is guided by the principles of active non violence, respect forthe dignity of the human person, respect for Mother Earth and rootedness in Christian values and thethree fundamental Lasallian core values of spirit of faith, zeal for service and communion in mission.GENERAL OBJECTIVES: to develop the knowledge, skills and orientation of each student volunteer to imbibe in each volunteer the principles, values and orientation that Balayan strongly believes in, adheres to and commits to to enhance the collective development in the areas of community service, counter-culture, alternative lifestyle and active faith to prepare the volunteers for social development work to embrace and live out the Lasallian mission of serving the less privileged in our midstWho are the staffsDirector: Ann Gladys PonterasProgram Officers: Michael Guanco Teresita Barcoma Jhun Ivor Jimera Julie Dojillo Leslie Abello John Paul Gabriel Dexter Ian TabujaraSecretary: Renee PocesionFlash of some pictures of there activity Apostolate Work Social Awareness and Issue Advocacy
  3. 3. Community Building Capability Building Spiritual IntegrationScene 3Rona: Van about BALAYAN Organization we came up some research and survey about how it start whoare the people behind in this organization and where it originates.Van: And addition to it Rona, By this we will able to know how they planned to encourage students tojoin in their organization, What is the effect medium that draw student to join and also HOW wide is theprogram reach student in 5 colleges.Van: So Rona we have here some correspondents that chosen by our field partner Hanna GraceGesulgon and Young ChoiRona: How Are Guys!Hannah: Hi Van & Rona.Lucy: Were fine here.Rona: It good to hear that both of you are ok so now we go to our agenda according to our sourceBALAYAN is a active organization so Guys can you tell us how they promote to encourage students tojoin in their organization and What is the effect medium that draw student to join?Hannah: Guys; BALAYAN Display some Posters, Exhibit on the Volunteer Formation Program andInformation campaign through Religious Studies and NSTP teachers.Lucy: Van, Rona; Aspirants are given information about the Thrusts and Programs of BALAYAN withemphasis on the Volunteer Formation Program and Its Activities and Applications forms are distributedduring the orientation only. Those who have not attended the orientation are not accommodated forinterview.Scene 4Van: Wow! They Promote well their organization very interesting so Rona are you curious about howwide is this promotion and marketing reach the student.Rona: Yes, Van I’m excited to know how many percentages of students know BALAYAN. So guys can seetells us.Lucy: According to our survey per college department out of 10 students in nursing department 3students know BALAYAN which means 30% of which is not familiar about the BALAYAN
  4. 4. Hannah: In College of Art and Sciences out of 10 students, 8 students know BALAYAN which means 80%of student knows. BALAYAN was able to reach student a lot in CAS departmentLucy: Now we go to Engineering department only 50% of students familiar and able to understand whatBALAYAN is.Hannah: BALAYAN was able to reach student a lot in CBA department because of 9 out of 10 studentsknow and familiar to BALAYAN, so meaning BALAYAN was popular already in CBA department and mostof them are already a member in the Organization.Lucy: Last is the College of Education which is 50% only.Hannah & Lucy: Guys that the result of the survey we done in the 5 colleges so back to you guys.Scene 5Van: Well that survey show more convincing information of the range where BALAYAN promoting itsorganization.Rona: Correct Van! Analyzing those results we can say that CBA showed the most involved and knowBALAYAN. And Nursing Is the least which means maybe because of the academic curriculum some ofthem are so busy and able to miss some of the campaign program of BALAYAN.Van: So maybe we can ask Hannah and Lucy to give us some reaction why CBA has the highest studentpercentage.Hannah: Van I have here a student from the College of Business and Accountancy. Here Name isMarianne Grace. So Grace Can you tell us how do you able to know BALAYAN and what can you sayabout this organization.(An Interview to Yani)Hannah: So Grace can tell us how this organization encouraged you to join in their organization.(An Interview to yani)Rona: Well done Hannah so now let’s hear the report of Lucy!Lucy: Rona I am here at the Nursing Café were we can interview some nursing students while takingthere break. Come on!!!!!! Ahmmmm excuse me Guys do you know BALAYAN?Nursing students: What BALAYAN org. Ahm nope why.Lucy: Oh!!!! Well that an organization here in La Salle. So thank you for you time.Lucy: Rona we find other nursing student.Rona: Okie lucy. Good luck for itLucy: Thank you. Ohhhhhh here. Excuse me Whats your name……….Nursing student: Im Brodit a 3rd year Nursing Student.
  5. 5. Lucy: Nice to meet you Brodit. Im Lucy from Socio ReportNursing student: HiLucy: So are you familiar to BALAYAN.Nursing student: Yes, why?Lucy: Can you tell us how do you able to know BALAYAN and what can you say about their org.(An Interview with Brodit)Lucy: Can you tell us why only few students from your department know BALAYAN organization.(An Interview with Brodit)Lucy: Rona well that all ive got here back to you.Rona: Thank you Lucy!!!So everyone now we know the reason why CBA has the highest percentage and Nursing for lowest.Van: So BALAYAN do there best to market and promote their organization. The reasons why only fewstudents involve and know BALAYAN is every student has there own interest and perspective in joiningin an organization usually it depend on the student’s behavior.Rona: Well my Fellow La Sallian!!Lets know BALAYAN more by getting involved an considering there effects on you as a student of LaSalle be an active student and be familiar and aware in USLS different pillar, organization or clubs andevents.Van, Rona, Lucy, Hannah: Well Thank you for listening and Goodbye. Once again we are the SOCIOREPORTERS(Ending song background…)Bluppers and Pictures………