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Blackout models


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Blackout models

  1. 1. Group Members: Adolfo, VanGesulgon,Hanna Grace Relator, Ariel Choi, Young Renojo,Rona Joy
  2. 2.  Bacolod City was became a melting pot of many culture which has been introduced to us by colonization before. It also adapt the culture and been practiced by the passing generation. And culture was been broad and widen because of many factors that influenced the citizen living in bacolod. Bacolod City cannot be promoted with out models.
  3. 3. Eight of Bacolod’s hobbyist photographers came up with a group photo exhibit which aims to raise awareness about Bacolod City’s treasures and some parts of Negros that are oftentimes overlooked or neglected. Locations such as the Burgos Central Market, Chinese Cemetery are used as one of the many subjects of this photo exhibit. This project would also serve as a tribute to the unsung heroes, the local businesses, which helped shape Bacolod as a rapidly rising and progressive city.
  4. 4.  Photographers: Anne Acaso Bart Montinola Kris Dela pena Ranie Decolongon Jimbo Araneta Rommel Sancho Joy Bangero Rexel Baylon Crews: Carlito Balinas Bong Custudio Heiz Macairan
  5. 5.  Founded:July 2009, Bacolod City; Philippines Location: 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines DTI Permit:01046161 BLACKOUT MODELS IS undeniably the fastest and growing modeling agency in Bacolod, Iloilo, Dumaguete and Bohol with 300 models on board from juniors, teens and the men and women
  6. 6.  has an unimpeachable and responsible attitude to its models. determined to nurture and develop their long-term careers whilst ensuring they do not run before they can walk. offer training and workshops in areas that will develop their career and work hard to provide a supportive environment in which each of the models can attain the top level of their profession. treat all models as individuals and put their care, safety and happiness above all else. A models welfare is there absolute interests.
  7. 7.  The BLACKOUT Models Modeling Agency continues to open its windows and doors for potential opportunities to work with big names in fashion, media, and companies, and will continue to serve as premium model and talent provider, aiming to meet the clients specific needs.
  8. 8.  a) To broaden the awareness about Fashion and give opportunity to young individuals who has passion and interest in designs, photography and runway. b) To assist any starting local establishments thru events and marketing and to support the City of Bacolod and the Island of Negros thru Tourism and community projects. c) To come across new talents, provide support and supply the demand of best-trained and professional Models in the field of advertising requirements. d) To uphold a reputation for dealing with its models, the general business community and the modeling industry and to represent their models in good faith recognizing the individual unique quality of the models abilities.
  9. 9.  e) To Uphold professional standards in advertising for clients and promote advertising that is not misleading to the reader as a promise of employment. f) To Uphold a professional image by continuing to educate association members on the newest developments in the industry. Effectively apply new skills, modern techniques and materials needed to effectively maintain the high standard the modeling industry demands. As a body, to further enhance industry professionalism and ethics through the continuous sharing of knowledge and skills among its association members.
  10. 10.  B L A C K O U T exhibit BLACKOUT Ramp B L A C K O U T school tour All 5’4 up is qualified All races with guts and talent can join and be a member.
  11. 11.  Fashion icon Height Devastating sex appeal High class Promote a certain product, show and city