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Lawn Care Company - Case


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Lawn Care Company - Case

  1. 1. Lawn Care CompanyOperations Management By Group 7
  2. 2. 1. Define and draw the customer benefit package (CBP) for The Lawn Care Company and its competitors.Lawn Care company’s customer benefit package (CBP):•Customer’s enjoyed the luxury of getting “the right product to the right customer atthe right time.”•Customer’s also levied highest quality grass seed and fertilizer in the world.Competitors customer benefit package (CBP):•Routine application of the fertilizer and grass seed for its primary customers. Thiscompetitor bundled the application service to the primary goods, fertilizer and grassseed•Its competitor sold the customer “a beautiful lawn with a promise of no hassles.”•The competitor included an application service bundled to grass seed and fertilizer. •
  3. 3. 2) Define the organization’s strategic mission, strategy, competitive priorities, andhow it wins customers. What are the order qualifiers and winners?Strategic Mission:To remain market leaders in quality grass seed and fertilizer in the world of Lawn Caresegment.Target premium class customers like golf clubs and parks.Strategy:To service “the right product to the right customer at the right time.”Competitive Priorities, And How It Wins Customer: The competitor learned the application business in the parks and golf coursetarget market segment and was beginning to explore expanding into the residentiallawn care application service target market. Hence many residential owners becamepotential customers.
  4. 4. • Its competitor sold the customer “a beautiful lawn with a promise of nohassles.” Any customer would be delighted with excellent with after sales serviceand would preferably choose the same supplier for his other requirement atoffice or clubs, etc. So Customer loyalty brought in extra business.•To the competitor, this included an application service bundled to grass seed andfertilizer. All customers are with the mind set of best value for the money spent,when extra good or service is provided, the customer is most likely to promotethe brand through word of mouth. Hence fetching more new customers andexpanding the business without investing heavily on advertising.Order Qualifiers:Lawn care providing quality grass seeds and good physical products was orderqualifier.Order Winner:Competitor providing additional services of frequent application of fertilizer andensuring the lawn condition would remain good throughout becomes an orderwinner.
  5. 5. 3) Make a list of example process that creates and delivers each good or service in the CBP you selected, and briefly describe process procedures and issues.Indigo Airlines Services:CBP:Every time a corporate booking is made with indigo airlines, that corporate customeris eligible for one value meal and beverage onboard.Reliability of on time arrivals and departures make its customers choose indigo overother low cost carriers.Frequency and connectivity of flights, though indigo is the youngest airline Indianaviation sector it has got optimal connectivity of domestic flights.
  6. 6. Process & Issues:To ensure all the corporate customers are identified on board and the service isprovided to corporate customers and at the time not alienating other fliers on board.Most of the times on early morning or late evening flights the corporate customerswould have fallen quick asleep , hence service must be provided without annoyingthem as it would disturb their sleep.Huge investments required for introducing new routes for better connectivity andprocedures for approval of new route are time consuming.Reliability depends on the busy air traffic on run way during peak hours; thoughairline tries its best to be on time due to peak hour traffic the flights usually getsdelayed from metros.
  7. 7. 4. What pre and post services could Lawn Care possibly offer its customers to complement the sale of the grass seed and fertilizer?• Pre Services – Suggestion on when to plant the grass, Season for plantation. – Combination of seeds and fertiliser to be used considering the Soil at the customer’s lawn. – Suggestion from Architects for latest / trendy designs for premium customers• Post Services – Application services – Replanting / Maintenance- AMC – Lawn furniture, Beautification services etc. – Training the workers of the lawn owners for maintenance
  8. 8. 5. What problems, if any, do you see with its current strategy, vision, customer benefit package design, ad pre and post services?The possible problems are listed as below- – Difficult to retain their existing customer – Loss of reputation due to poor application by contractors – Poor relationship with the complement product manufacturer / Services provider – Difficult to gain market share – Very narrow portfolio of products - looses out on the combo offer from the competition. – Cannot maximise the revenue – No one stop solution
  9. 9. 6. Should the company offer lawn care application services to the professional market? If not, why? If so, justify. What do you have to be good at to offer outstanding lawn care services at multiple sites?Yes company should offer lawn care professional services!!For outstanding lawn care services at multiple sites, following will be essential -• Distribution Network – Closer to the customers• Supply Chain – OTIF• Customer segmentation- – Residential – Companies• Alliance with various complementary product/services – Architects, Builders – Applicators / Contractors – Equipment Suppliers