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Diversity Management in Pepsi Co


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Diversity Management in Pepsi Co

  1. 1. Diversity Management in PepsiCo By: Arun BS Debraj Chatterjee Praveen EK Shubha Brota Raha Sujoy Dalal
  2. 2. About PepsiCo…PepsiCo is #2 Food & Beverage Company Worldwide.
  3. 3. About PepsiCo…PepsiCo has 18 megaglobal brands.
  4. 4. Talent Sustainability…
  5. 5. Diversity and Inclusion…PepsiCo Website quotes –“We have a core belief that making the most of diverse strengths andtalents helps make our company successful. We take great care toweave diversity and inclusion (D&I) into the very fabric of our cultureto improve as a global, multicultural and multigenerational companycapable of serving the worlds communities effectively”Caleb Bradham, inventor of Pepsi Cola said –“Diversity isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do forour business”Ex-CEO Steve Reinemund had enforced aggressive hiring and promotingrules. Today the policy says that half of all new hires at Pepsi have to beeither women or ethnic minorities. HALF! And managers now earn theirbonuses in part by how well they recruit and retain them.Today 33% of Pepsis board members and 31% of Pepsi’s executives arewomen.
  6. 6. PepsiCo Diversity History… 1947 to 1951 – Pepsi had a “special markets” team, comprising 12 black menwhose job was to sell the soft drink to what was then called “the Negro market” 1950s – Pepsi-Cola signed a 12-month advertising contract with EBONYmagazine. It was the 1st time that a major US company signed such a contractwith a minority publication After this, Harry C Russell is named VP of Corporate Planning for Pepsi, the 1stAfrican-American VP of a major US corporation Next Dr. H Naylor Fitzhugh, the 1st African-American to graduate fromHarvard Business School is hired as VP of special markets 1971 – New York League gives Pepsi, the “Fredrick Douglas Award” forcontribution towards the cause of equal opportunity 1980s – Pepsi Black Employee’s Association is formed to help the companydeal effectively with diversity.
  7. 7. PepsiCo Diversity History… 1985 – Black Enterprise Magazine names Pepsi, one of the 35 Top Firmsfor Minorities 1994 – Pepsi begins formalized diversity training 1999 – Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) spun off from Pepsi and became apublicly traded company 2000 – PBG appoints a Diversity Advisory Board to develop new strategiesand principles to be put into practice 2004 – PBG holds 15th spot of the Top 50 companies for diversity 2005 – PBG is named in the 30 best companies for diversity 2007 – PBG is ranked #2 on the Diversity Inc’s Top 50 companies fordiversity.
  8. 8. PepsiCo Diversity – Women… This video says it all:
  9. 9. PepsiCo Diversity - Suppliers…Pepsi’s brands appeal to an extraordinarily diverse array of customersand they are sold by an equally diverse group of retailers. To trulyunderstand the needs of the consumers and customers—and tosucceed in the marketplace—PepsiCo reflects that diversity in itssupplier base also.In 2010, in the U.S. alone, Pepsi spent nearly $1.4 billion dollars withminority- and women-owned suppliers.PepsiCo has expanded the supplier diversity programs into other majormarkets, where the issue is most relevant—the U.K. (namedCorporation of the Year by MSD-UK in 2010), Canada and South Africa,and would continue expanding the program as appropriate.
  10. 10. PepsiCo Diversity - Suppliers… Despite a continued difficult economy, in 2010 PepsiCo grew its diversity spending by 4 percent.
  11. 11. PepsiCo honored for Diversity…
  12. 12. PepsiCo honored for Diversity… PepsiCo—United States List of Rating Asian MBA 3rd in Best Companies for Asians Best in Class Award for Promoting Asia Society Asian Pacific American Leaders and Global Diversity National Association for Female NAFE Top Companies for Executive Executives Women list for 2010 Best Company for Multicultural Working Mother Media Women Top Among Its American Womens Business Enterprise Corporations for Womens Business National Council Enterprises Black Collegian Top 100 Employers for Diversity (67th) Top 50 Organizations for Diversity Magazine (17th)
  13. 13. PepsiCo honored for Diversity… PepsiCo—United States List of Rating United Spinal 2010 Visionary Award The Corporate Achievers for 2010 Corporate Achievers Award Individuals with Disabilities Black Enterprise BEs Top 40 Companies for Diversity 5th in Americas Most Respected Reputation Institute Companies Boston College Center for Corporate Placed 5th in Reputation Institute Citizenship CSRI CR Magazine 3rd in 100 Best Corporate Citizens
  14. 14. PepsiCo honored for Diversity…PepsiCo International List of Rating PepsiCo Turkey Top List of "Companies Where WomenForbes Magazine Could Be Promoted the Fastest" Placed 22nd in Mexico in the 500—5,000 EmployeeGreat Place to Work—Mexico CategoryGreat Place to Work—France Ranked 1st in the Fewer than 500 Employees Category PepsiCo Italy listed in "Best Workplaces in Italy 2010"Great Place to Work—Italy (ranked 12th)Top Employers—Italy PepsiCo Italy listed in "Top Employers Italy 2010" PepsiCo Greece (Tasty Foods) listed in "BestGreat Place to Work—Greece Workplaces in Greece 2010" (ranked 4th) PepsiCo Turkey listed in "Best Companies to Work For"Best Companies to Work For—Turkey for University Students in Turkey (ranked 7th in FMCG Sector) PepsiCo Turkey certified as "Best Employer" (rankedHewitt Best Employers—Turkey 5th) PepsiCo Ireland listed in "Best Workplaces in IrelandGreat Place to Work—Ireland 2010" (ranked 3rd—over 250 employees) PepsiCo Ireland listed in "Best Workplace in theGreat Place to Work—Ireland Manufacturing Sector 2010"
  15. 15. PepsiCo honored for Diversity…PepsiCo International List of Rating PepsiCo U.K. & Ireland listed in "Best Workplaces inGreat Place to Work—U.K. United Kingdom 2010" PepsiCo U.K. & Ireland won "Team of the Year AwardEverywoman Awards 2010" at the MAN "Everywoman" in Transport and Logistics Awards PepsiCo Spain ranked 4th as "One of the BestActualidad Económica (local newspaper) Companies in Spain" that invests in training PepsiCo Spain awarded "Companies with BiggestCRF Institute Future" in terms of CSR PepsiCo Spain listed in "Most Reputable Companies"Reputation Institute in Spain (ranked 41st of 140 large companies) PepsiCo Portugal ranked 1st for its work-life balanceDeloitte & IESE Business School policies for working familiesWall Street Journal Asia 35th in Asia 200Ethisphere Listed in Worlds Most Ethical CompaniesFortune 1st in 50 Most Powerful Women in BusinessFortune 2nd in Worlds Most Admired Companies
  16. 16. Thank You…