Ref letter for shubhanshu mishra aiesec president


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Shubhanshu Mishra : Candidate for Local Committee President AIESEC IIT Kharagpur, 2011

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Ref letter for shubhanshu mishra aiesec president

  1. 1. Letter of Endorsement for Shubhanshu Mishra for the Post of Local Committee President, 2011,AIESEC IIT KharagpurDecember 27, 2010I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Shubhanshu Mishra since November 2009 when he was invited to workwith Global Venture Lab (GVL) as an AIESEC trainee. GVL is a university-based business creation platformwith co-founders from University Alliance Finland (JYU), University of California (UC Berkeley) and theIndian Institute of Technology (IIT Kharagpur). As the Global Connections Manager for GVL, I asked our IITKharagpur co-founder, Professor Dhrubes Biswas, to search for a capable and global-minded web developer tocome to Finland and assist us in developing our GVL web portal and website. Professor Dhrubes held acompetition at IIT Kharagpur and Shubhanshu Mishra was chosen among his peers for the position.Even before his arrival, Shubhanshu was eager to get started on his job. He asked for information in advance sothat he could prepare to the best of his abilities. While in Finland, he joined high-level discussions regarding theweb portal with GVLs senior advisors and entrepreneurs with ease and experience. His problem solving skillsand friendly demeanour made him a joy to have in the quiet office. He enjoyed the challenge of the task at handand was always willing to follow through to see the end result – even if that meant staying late at the office, orassisting our team online when his term was over and he was back in India.It should be noted that Finland in the wintertime is extremely dark and quiet with the sun only rising a few hoursper day and most of the students and employees away for the holidays. I was worried at first that Shubhanshuwould not meet many people due to the timing of the traineeship. I had no need to worry. Even thoughShubhanshu was in Finland for only a short period of time, I was amazed with how quickly he got to know theFinns and join the community. Shubhanshu was particularly active with the AIESEC group on campus. He wasalways full of spirit and eager to meet new people and experience the real Finland.Although I myself have never been active with AIESEC in my home country of Canada, or in France andFinland where I have lived, I have years of experience in student leadership and global student-runorganizations. I believe Shubhanshu Mishra would make an excellent Local Committee President at AIESEC IITKharagpur. Not only does he have global experience and competence for doing a job well, I believe hepossesses the leadership skills, personality and drive necessary to guide a team successfully. I fully endorseShubhanshu Mishra for the highest leadership position at AIESEC IIT Kharagpur.Yours sincerely,Jane Porter (M.Sc.)PhD Candidate, University of JyväskyläGlobal Connections Manager, Global Venture Lab (2008-2010)