LCP Application Manifesto 2011


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Shubhanshu Mishra : Candidate for Local Committee President AIESEC IIT Kharagpur, 2011

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LCP Application Manifesto 2011

  1. 1. Application for Local CommitteePresident, 2011 AIESEC IIT KharagpurShubhanshuMishra DREAM 12/21/2010 BIG
  2. 2. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011 Application For the post of Local Committee President 2011 AIESEC in IIT KHARAGPURDear Candidate,I would like to start by congratulating you on deciding to apply for what’s going to bea life changing opportunity. The opportunity to lead a Local Committee that’s as newand diverse as AIESEC in IIT KGP, only a few have had. It’s a platform for one toguide and shape the future of this local committee, a platform that promises to bechallenging and stressful but also exciting and fun with a unique learning curve.This is your manifesto, they’re your thoughts and ideas for the Local Committee andit’s YOUR vision. So use this form to express your vision and dream for this localcommittee and share it with everyone.So all the best and most importantly in AIESEC, as in Life do something only becauseyou enjoy it and believe in it and then you’ll be able to cross any hurdle that comesyour way!Regards,Sachin JaiswalLCP, AIESEC IIT Kgp 1 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  3. 3. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011GENERAL QUESTIONNAIRE:Personal Details and ExperienceCONTACT INFORMATION First Name Shubhanshu Surname Mishra Date and Place of Birth 1st May, 1989 , Allahabad Permanent Address 98/25/33 LIC Colony Tagore Town, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh – 211002 Permanent Telephone ( a number +91-9734425811 on which you will be reachable anytime) Personal Email STUDIES AND WORKING EXPERIENCE 1. Please provide details of your different academic levels achieved, studies completed and other relevant academic backgrounds. 2007-Present: 5yr. Integrated M. Sc. Course in Mathematics & Computing CGPA: 7.75/10 after 7 Semesters, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 2006-07: Indian School Certificate Examination Overall: 94.75%, Mathematics: 100%, Physics: 98%, Computer Sc.: 98% Boys High School & College, Allahabad 2004-05: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination Overall: 92%, Mathematics: 94%, Science: 92%, Social Sc.: 90% Boys High School & College, Allahabad 2. Please give details of all relevant practical and professional experience in chronological order (starting with the most recent). Indicate whether it was full-time, vacation work or another type of position. Dates Work/Emplo Description Responsibilities/experience yer and knowledge gained 2 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  4. 4. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011Dec 2009 – Lead Web My work involved Responsibilities:Feb 2010 Developer designing and  Develop the website and Global building a content ensure it meets all the Venture Lab, management system company standards. Finland based website for  Bring new ideas to the GVL and also Portal and design its designing a Web framework. AIESEC Portal for their Experiences and Learning: Internship internal Processes  Learned to work with (TT) which will help the deadlines and take company operate responsibility for the job Globally role allotted to me  Worked in Global Team and in a corporate environment which gave me a really rich international perspective f work culture  Travelled in Finland and understood the Lifestyle there  Networked with lots of people both from corporate as well as student sectorMay – July, Research Worked on Cloud Responsibilities:2010 Assistant at Computing Web  Ensure the proper Institute of Application related development of the Web Systems to enhance online Application and bring Science, experience of Innovative Ideas in the National Singapore residents project to make sure the University project meets the Singapore objective of helping the residents and tourists of Singapore  Ensure coordination between my team. Experiences and Learning:  Worked in research environment with deadlines and proper feedback of my team  Keeping pace with the work culture in Singapore and adhering to the Professional Demands by people. 3 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  5. 5. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011May 2008 – Web Team Worked on all Responsibilities:April 2009 Member, technical aspects of  Was responsible for the Kshitij 2009 the fest including successful start and managing the conduction of the first content management ever Hacking event in IIT system, developing KGP. Online games and  Managed Server having continuous Web more than 10000 hits a Server Maintenance. day.  Responsible for proper and timely content updates on the website and also for the overall design of it  Organized ACM-ICPC programming content Overnite both Online and On Campus  Designed and Managed Woodstock and Forex 2 most played games of Kshitij.  All internal technical aspects of the fests including in campus online events, web promotion etc. Experiences and Learning:  Working in a team of young students all driven towards same goal of making the fest successful.  Managing 500+ audiences for Overnite prelims in the campus and more than 1000 users in all online applications.  Managing a September web server crash and getting the website back in due time and still beating the last years registered users time mark in record time. 4 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  6. 6. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011 November Microsoft Deliver sessions on Responsibility: 2008 – Till Student Microsoft  Deliver sessions on MS Date Partner at IIT Technology and be a technology and create Kharagpur promotional link awareness about MS between the products in the campus. company and the  Be a link between the institute company and the institute Experiences:  Attended Boot Camp at Hyderabad for MSPs from all over India. Great networking opportunity with like-minded people.  Still working as YUVA MSP Coordinator of a project conducted by Student society Aarambh and the project got selected as the best case practice in India YUVA MSP network. December Web Made website and Responsibility: 2008 Developer for online promotion of  Develop website in the Why New Website required deadline and Coal connect to the target www.whynewc audience online. Experiences:  Networking with Socially Aware and enthusiastic people.(This networking was responsible for the Vision Green Panellist and also the Discussion Coordinator)  Contribution through my skills to a social cause Visit my complete Professional Profile: Please list your specific Software/PC experience (outlining packages used) in the table below. Software Skill Level (Basic, Intermediate, Expert) MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel ) Expert HTML Editors Expert Data Analysis Software (SPSS) Basic Experience Expert 5 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  7. 7. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011 Internet (explain usage) Immense browsing Expérience and good knowledge of Social Media Practices and using the internet properly for the proccess related to Organizations Other – C++ and Java C, C++, Java, C#, PHP, Python, MySQL4. Please list down what the year 2011 looks like for you personally and what are the main timeconstraints/commitments that you will have?2011 – Final Year in College, Motivational, I want to make a Mark, Enthusiastic, Mature, Passionate.Lots of goals to meet, ensure that I end my college on a high note and also to ensure that I learn themaximum I can from my IIT Experience as well as whatever I do throughout the year. An year where alot of my long term efforts are going to bear fruits and lots of relationships I have forged through my 4year long stay and 2 year stay in AIESEC are going to impact my live more and more.A year when I will celebrate my success, become a responsible citizen, will be bestowed withopportunities to work in great places and IMPACT many lives.A few constraints with regards to Time and Availability will be there for me during this year:  May – July, 2011 – Internship at Barclays Capital Singapore. So I will not be available in India during this period.5. What would you like to gain personally and professionally from holding this position in thisyear?I have always believed in gaining the maximum from wherever I have ever worked and this has been thedriving force for my committed and passionate performance in various teams. I have gained immensely asan AIESECer and have always loved working in this Fun and Hard working environment.Becoming the Local Committee President of this Local Chapter is a really challenging Opportunity.AIESEC has established itself amongst all its stakeholders in IIT Kharagpur in 2010 and this yearpromises to be an year when we will launch into a new space with our base set up and all our membersmore focused towards the key areas AIESEC has always been into: Exchange and Global YouthLeadership. This will give me an immense opportunity to gain the experience of driving a local bodytowards more challenging goals and attaining new heights in terms of AIESEC performances.This will also be an year when we will be focused on becoming a Member on Probation in the AIESECIndia National Plenary which will ensure there we become a more responsible local chapter and will besubjected to the various constitutional rules of AIESEC India and India as a whole. Although this makesthings difficult as compared to the past but it also ensures that we have more solid job roles and ourmembers finally feel a part of being an independent Local Chapter. I see this as an ultimate leadershipopportunity any student in IIT KGP can apply for and the challenges and the success attached toovercoming those challenges this year is something which motivates me every single second to take upthe ultimate leadership role of this amazing and prosperous Local Chapter.Also as a AIESEC IIT KGP President I will get a larger amount of opportunities to network with moreAIESECers both Nationally and Abroad and also to play an instrumental role in creating impact onAIESEC India’s performance by communicating properly the inputs from our Local Chapter.It’s a great platform to network with corporates, AIESEC Alumni and Institute Administration which willreally give me a larger perspective about professional work processes and will surely help me in my future 6 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  8. 8. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011endeavors.Finally but most importantly, the opportunity to lead a team of more than 60 students ready to make animpact on this world and my vision to ensure all of them get the best out of this beautiful organizationand feel proud about being an AIESECer. I have gained immensely from this organization andunderstand the important role it has played in shaping up my personality and I always feel that we as thestudents of the most premier institute of India can gain immensely from this organization in all aspects,be it Global Culture, Leadership, Corporate Networking, Having fun while working hard 24x7.To me this post as Local Committee President of AIESEC IIT Kharagpur will give me a chance toconvert my words into actions and give substance to my saying “DREAM BIG”6. Elaborate on the key focus areas (3 Maximum) for the LC in 2011 and actions steps for thesame. Member Development Outgoing Exchange Events Structure and & Leadership Pipeline Pipeline Importance Management • Send members on X • More responsibility • Events need to be • Tap more 1st years for members student focussed so for DT • Rotating Jobroles as to ensure more • Tap colleges/ schools • Project based teams participation in Nearby markets for having members from • Smaller low cost DT only all departments social issue based • Raise TT/MT forms focusing on all events like Earth only after proper aspects of the the hour, Plantation Drive screening and project(funding, • Online competition to clarification about promotion, logistics, boost participation of the Exchange process finance etc.) all students with EP • More conference • Proper publicity and • Focus on Bulk Experience Media apprearence partnerships with • Better and more of all events schools for OGX to motivating RnRs • KM of each and every specefic countries. • Fruitful GBMs with part of the event (TN recon in country proper Agenda and to • Involvement of paid by us) be DONE THE AIESEC Trainees, EPs, BoA, DT WAY (Should include and TN clients into 1 lerning session) events • Proper KM culture • Recruitment focussed development in events members 7 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  9. 9. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011AIESEC EXPERIENCE7. List all positions held for the year. Dates Position Key Learning Jan- Dec, Vice President  First ever National, International 2010 Communications Media Articles and client relationships established with many media houses.  How market the AIESEC brand to our different stakeholders and how to have customized communication strategy for all of them  Good Knowledge Management Practices in the Local Chapter and effective usage of (Best usage in terms of statistics)  Establishing a Brand by using the power of Social Media and making AIESEC IIT KGP social Media No 1 Brand in the AIESEC Network in terms of Quality Content and outreach.  Setting up Branding guidelines in the Local Chapter and ensuring all members follow it  Learned to lead teams and drive them towards the set targets of the year. Also developing them as efficient individuals who can make an impact where ever they go.  Delivering Sessions and making my members realize the importance of AIESEC in their lives Feb and July, Recruitment Promotion  Pitching the AIESEC way to the KGP 2010 In-Charge audience in a way they find something in it for themselves.  Reaching out effectively to the students through various means and establishing a connection. August 2010 Executive Body  Good relationships with the Institute – Till Date Coordinator: Administration and knowledge about Inter IIT Energy Saving the working structure of the Institute Championship and how to get the Job done.  Leading a diverse team and guiding the whole college towards one Goal of achieving Maximum Impact 8 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  10. 10. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011 October 2010 Executive Body  Converting the idea of my member Coordinator: into a successfully conducted initiative 10/10/10 Gurgaon Event and motivating him to go ahead with the event.  External avenues for AIESEC IIT Kharagpur members to develop their leadership skills and implement projects March - Branding and  Year round publicity of the event and November Promotional In charge: linking all AIESEC activities with 2010 Vision Green 2010 Vision Green.  Successful delivery of Earth Hour and participation in the cause online.  3000 Social Media outreach for the event and many small sub events to increase the impact of VG 2010.  First ever large scale press and TV coverage of AIESEC IIT KGP activities both pre and post event.  Last minute Publicity chaos (Although this was not an achievement but for sure it was a great learning in terms of inviting participation )8. Please list the National/Local Meetings you have attended in the table below. Year Meeting You’re Role (Delegate, OC, Facilitator etc.) 2010 AIESEC Jaipur LCong, 2010, Facilitator Jaipur 2010 National Strategic Conference, Chief Delegate 2010, Silvassa 2010 AIESEC International Delegate (Only for Special Events) Congress 2010, Hyderabad (Global Youth to Business Forum and India Night ) 2010 Communications Summit, Delegate Mumbai 2010 National Congress, 2010 Delegate Kodaikanal9. Rank the 3 main areas where you have had the most experience. Highlight briefly your experiences in each. Area Describe briefly your How would this benefit the position experience you are standing for? 9 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  11. 11. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011Brand Positioning My Experience as Web Being a President especially in aand Information Developer, Social Media university based Local Chapter itsOutreach enthusiast for past 6 important that we keep a good years has given me communication of all the AIESEC enough experience in activities to all the students and our the Technical, creative stakeholders. and Management part of communicating with I have always felt that Brand of AIESEC diverse audiences. in IIT KGP will only increase if every Also my experience as single members communicates honestly VP C in positioning the and properly the values we learn and Brand AIESEC IIT tackles negative feedback in the smartest Kharagpur successfully way possible. Being an LCP I can set in the Media Market these guidelines and set an example for members. Also communication from the president of the local body needs to be there often in order to make sure that the LC is represented in the best possible manner in all forums. My network of conferences and previous experiences in delivering sessions enable me to get more chances to represent AIESEC externally and thus showcase the initiatives of our Local Chapter.Global Visited Finland on My global experience and especially theExperience AIESEC exchange and AIESEC Global experience help me CEED at AIESEC NUS, understand the values of the Singapore organization from an International Perspective and drive the feeling of AIESECs immense benefits in the members. I have lived varied AIESEC Experiences abroad and have taken learning from it to ensure that we live by the Global AIESEC values and are always driven to create Global Impact. As LCP I feel that I can convince people on taking more leadership and exchange roles (X+L) as I myself have lived that experience and have reaped its benefits. 10 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  12. 12. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011Team VP Communications I wanted to have a big team forManagement communications because I felt the need to create more leaders and also I had enough job roles. As a Vice President I experimented with my leadership style all throughout the year and was able to keep my team together and motivate them all. I believe in setting examples and also in leading my feedback and motivation. This kind of leadership has helped me in ensuring that all my members were satisfied with the job roles and were active for a major point of time in their AIESEC journey. Membership will be our biggest strength in coming years and I feel that We need to focus on producing leaders who live by the AIESEC values and implement them in their life to get more benefits in any sector they are working. The culture of participating actively in LC discussions, innovation and decisions needs to be built apart from the normal fun culture. We need to have more intuitive ways of learning. For an LCP leaderships starts by leading the EB towards the LC Vision and ensuring them that they all are well versed and skilled to drill down the same values into each and every member of the LC which will really bind the whole local chapter together along with people having extensive AIESEC Experience. 11 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  13. 13. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 201110. What have been your three main achievements in AIESEC in the past? (Which have tangibly contributed to the LC) Best LC in •Content rich and highly active social media channels which invite Virtual a lot of new AIESEC participants to our LC [Best case practices in Facebook, Twitter] Media •Quality utilization of all resources to improve AIESEC IIT KGP Brand Positioning in the AIESEC Network and also Platform serve as a really good Knowledge Management Practice which will has give our LC a good knwledge infrastructure for future. Utilization •Rock Your Campus Awards for maximum campus feedbacks in Brand Survey. (JNC 2010) •Event Branding done through out the year through social media, theme based events (Earth Hour, Quizzes, Plantation Drives, Switch Offs) •Pre and Post event Media Articles. 2 International Articles about Vision Green AIESEC IIT KGP and immense utilization of our Web Partners for post event pblicity. 2010 •Good on campus visibilty of AIESECs efforts as an organization consisting of people who believe in change. •My network helped me arrange for the British Council, Eastern Region for hosting the Panel Discussion and also one of the Panelists (Ekta Jaju) •Theme based rectuitments. Pitching AIESEC in a new way. Great Recruitments turnout and good Seminar Delivery. (400+ forms sold) •AIESEC positioned as Leadership Organization and all activities (Exchange, Events) shown as a part of Leadership experience & AIESEC provides. •Training sessions by my team in terms of Personal Developments (Articles on Group), Sessions on wiki making and Learning web Development. •Opportunities like Campus Reporter, Campus ambassadors given Sessions to Members to help them in applying skills outside AIESEC and also for rewarding them for their good performance. 12 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  14. 14. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011Detailed Questions1. Why have you decided to run for the President of AIESEC in IIT KGP?I joined AIESEC to explore the one side of m called Leadership and to get a Global Team Experience.Right from the beginning I was focussed on getting the maximum from the Organization and learningas much as I can. My Experience at Globe Trekker (our 1st event during SF 09) got me to believe in theopportunities to actually connect with different cultures either by going to different countries or byservicing them in your Local Chapter.My Experience doing CEED at AIESEC NUS was a major milestone in defining where I will go inAIESEC. It was an experience where I lived the AIESEC culture and saw how students like me andimpact lives of thousands around them using a platform called AIESEC. The “WORK HARD PARTYHARDER” culture quickly got me to be emotionally as well as professionally attached to thisorganization. The network, the reception and the friendship bonds that were forged during thatExperience were immense. It was after this experience that I started taking AIESEC very seriously andstarted believing in the values it is governed by.The responsibility of OCP Recruitments 2009 got me into a leadership role in my own local chapter.Designing plans for the future of our Local chapter and the enthusiasm to make it an Independentchapter drove me to work harder and be innovative in this organization. And to my pleasure myinnovation was never suppressed just because of the nature of working of this organization.My AIESEC Internship Experience brought me closer to the organization and motivated me to applyfor the post of Vice President.But the Major reason for applying for the Post of President is the year 2010 where I feel I lived the trueAIESEC leadership, Networking and Learning Experience. Setting goals for this LC, achieving them,being rewarded for our efforts and some really enthusiastic set of individuals in this organizationmotivated me and helped me understand the need to take a higher leadership Experience in thisOrganization. Throughout the year I gained necessary skills , lead various teams, implementedinnovative ideas with my team and networked with some really amazing individuals in this organization.I feel 2011 will be an year of Change. An year when lots of our Dreams will come True. But I feel thatwe need not stop here. 2011 will also mark the start of an era when we will be Officially on theNational Plenary as a separate identity and so will it mark the start of the era when we will be testingout mettle in front of many other more performing entities. This year requires us to startDREAMING BIG and more importantly to convert that DREAM into REALITY.I believe that I take the responsibility of Leading this Local Chapter to Chase down those dreams andBe what we always wanted to become. TRUE PERFECTIONISTS It’ is this belief which compels me to apply for the post of Local Committee President of AIESEC in IIT Kharagpur. 13 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  15. 15. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 20112. Analyse the Exchange Performance of AIESEC in IIT KGP over the past 1.5 Year.Our Exchange Performance has really not been up to the mark. I would critically comment on eachsector: OGX: We need to work on realization. In past 1.5 years we have been able to raise a lot of forms butor realization rate has been way below the expectation mark. This has resulted in a bad experience forthose who raised their forms and also resulted in a lot of Bad branding about our Major Product in theCampus (Exchange). We did a mistake in raising lots of TT/MT EPs for the summer cycle and didn’tfocus on 1st year who comprise of our DT EP pool. Result: Summer cycle was wasted. Decembercycle also looked promising but we were not able to perform as we expected.I believe we have a good 100+ OGX market in our college and we need to target 1st years for DTs alot. Also we need to get ourselves updated with all VISA Issues so that we can communicate the sameto the EPs. Holding an EP Induction seminar is a must for our LC reality and we need to be a bit strictwith those who raised their forms so that they don’t back out. We need to do our Matching part at theearliest and get them all major documents so that EPs can start working on VISA Issues ASAP. It willshow professionalism from our side and will help us win many more prospective students eager toexperience AIESEC Exchange program.Also we need to ensure our members go on Exchange as we can’t ask others to try our product if weOURSELVES don’t endorse it in the first place. Also this practice will help in building healthier LCculture and more educated members with rich AIESEC experience. Especially for an LC where wedon’t get to attend many conferences EXCHANGE is the best way we can gain the maximumAIESEC Experience. Also I feel the raises we have currently and the various partnerships we haveright now need to be utilized at the earliest and to the fullest to that we have a healthy pipeline forSummer 2011 Realizations. We need to focus more on Partnerships as they will drive Exchange growthin the LC and members will also understand the importance of the various Exchange portfolios.Also we need to focus on raising from nearby schools and markets in Ranchi and Jamshedpur and BITMesra.ICX (DT): I believe the Trainee House issue needs to be sorted out and better Trainee Deliverymechanism should be there. We should have constant feedback from trainee and the Organization togive them a better experience and maintain good client relations. Also new projects with NSS, HSSdepartment need to be started. Schools in KGP are still an exploited market and same goes forJamshedpur. We need to start running PBoXs to ensure DT fulfils the minimal Exchange numberneeds. We need to have more DT events to ensure our projects are well prompted and publicized inmedia and we grow our base in nearby markets. We need to run projects for summers as well and needto ensure members live year round experience.ICX(TN): TN raises in December have been good and we need to make sure that we get therealizations done at the earliest. More projects inside the campus need to be started. We can also havePBoXs with various Schools(VGSOM, School of Entrepreneurship, Medical and School of IP&L) toensure TN has good market in KGP itself.Overall on Exchanges we need to be a bit more aggressive about the portfolios and make sure thatmembers also feel the same. The exchange job roles need to be made more interesting and we shouldhave more Exchange based events involving EPs and Trainees and Exchange clients. 14 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  16. 16. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 20113. How important are Finances to a Local Committee? Track the Financial Health of the Local Committee at present.We plan to become an independent Local Chapter this year and we have to make sure that Finances arein place at any given moment of our work. Finance Task force should also look into Budgeting and becritical about spending money judiciously. I believe Exchange money should be spend on core LCfunctions like member developments, conferences and reimbursements. And ER money can directly beused to PBoXs and LC events. ERs jobrole in terms of raising money should also increase so that wehave partners for various processes (travel, promotion, logistics, stationary, externals sessions formembers) this will include a full term ER jobrole and a big responsibility on the ER team.All event budgeting should be done before the launch of any event. We should try to budget theminimum part of the event using the LC money and see it is feasible. Once launched we should bedelivering that minimum part of that event with the LC money in case no funds have been raised forthe same.As a support portfolio Finances need to be taken seriously by all the VPs as well. We should make surethat we always send our Tally details on time and are free of MC fine. Use of should beencouraged and properly taught to finance task force.We need to get an Office by August in Kharagpur4. What is your proposed organisational structure for the year 2011? Provide a brief job description for each portfolio. President Exchange Support Trainors Team 2 VP OGX 1 VP CIM Will consist of Alumni and high performing members. 2 VP DT 1 VP TM Responsible for Taking Training Sessions for members if required. 1 VP TN 2 VP ERJobroles:  VP OGX: One for in-campus EP Raising and University Partnerships another for Jamshedpur and School Expansions.  VP DT: KGP Projects and Exchanges and 2nd for Jamshedpur Tapping  VP TN: Full Market Analysis and growth in TN Sector.  VP CIM: Full promotional and branding related responsibility including proper KM in the LC. 15 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  17. 17. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011 Striking Branding, Promotional Partnerships and External Representation of the LC in major forums. Conduction of Branding events.(Also guide and lead teams responsible for Communications jobrole in various projects in the LC)  VP TM: Proper Member Recruitment & Induction, Training for members by Externals, AIESEC Knowledge, X+L pipeline management, Timely performance review of each and every member and Department Rotations. Knowledge partners for LC member training in various personality development traits. RnR  VP ER: LBoA Management and Engagement both Financially and Intellectually in LC activities. Fund Raising throughout the year for various LC activities and new events. Proper endorsements by all corporate partners. (National December Internships for high performing members)  Trainers Team: Will be required for training members in special skills and practices and will directly work with the LCP as an when required.Apart from this all VPs are supposed to have these common Jobroles:  Training of members in all Department related Skills (can also be done in synergy with TM)  Leadership Pipeline Management. Proper Jobrole Allocation for OCPs and proper review and feedback on their performance.  Development of AIESEC Culture in the Department members and making them passionate about their jobroles.  Ensuring participation of members in all LC activities and their performance and activity in GBMs.  Promoting Innovation in their department.5. How many Members are you planning to recruit in 2011? Are you planning to have 2 recruitments? How will you ensure member retention?I believe in a 2 phase recruitment process in each recruitment cycle which should start with pocketrecruitment of a few members and then using then to get more members after the conduction ofEMPOWER and Recruitment Drive. Pocket Recruitments will help us find members with spcefic skillsets (Designing, Web Development, Tally etc) other recruitment can be for members looking to go onExchange or for leadership.Both recruitments should focus on Exchange Raising as a part of them with Feb Recruitment primarilybeing OGX based. Re-integration needs to be focused on as well for growth in X+LMember retention can be attained by switching members periodically in between the Exchange andSupport portfolios so that at the end of the year each member has experience working in 1 Exchangeportfolio and 1 Support Portfolio. Putting non performing members on probation for 2 weeks can be agod way to increase member retention after which still non performing members need to be completelyexpelled from all official AIESEC activities.6. How would you ensure that the events, which have been taken up by AIESEC in IIT KGP, run smoothly and successfully?  Proper Budgeting needs to be done before the launch of any event requiring more than 1k investment.  A promotional plan and target audience and list of promotional Deliverables need to be there before the launch of the event. 16 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  18. 18. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011  Agenda, Sponsorship and Promotion teams should be decided at the launch of the event with proper Jobroles to be allotted to them.  All major events involving lengthy agenda need to have a run through a day before.  No event to be launched if it can’t be supported by 30% of LC budget.  Proper usage of BoA for financial Support for various events.  All sponsorship deals need to be strictly dealt with and all deliverables should be met along with recovering the sponsorship amount on time.  All permission related things need to be taken care of before the launch of the event to check its feasibility.  Trainee Participation should be there in all events in some form or the other.  All documents, slides, posters PSDs, Banners related to the event need to be updated on the Event wiki on at the earliest.  Word of mouth and campus wide publicity needs to be in place at least 2 weeks before any major event.  AIESEC way to be included in all events and the agenda should be student friendly and valuable to the audience.  Proper Coverage (Online Streaming, Social Media Update and Competitions, Photos, Videos, Media,) need to be done of every event and it should be compiled to for the Event report in a Maximum of 1 week. To be send to all our different stake holders  Press release to be done on the day of the event.7. University Relations could have been one of the strong points for AIESEC IIT KGP during the year. Do you feel we have used this strength of ours well?I feel University Relations has been the BIGGEST achievement for our Local Chapter in the year2010. Our Brand Image in the university has been established as a socially aware student organizationand we have been helped a lot by our Board Members from University.We have been able to establish ourselves as a TRUSTED, PROFESSIONAL and FAIRorganization and we should continue to take steps to ensure this Brand doesn’t get hampered.In terms of utilization of University Relations I feel we have been greatly benefitted by getting freeroom in VGSOM to conduct meetings, DOSA endorsements, support for VG, attendance for IC 2010and immense support from the professors. I feel we need to do more Institute impacting things toensure this Brand value doesn’t go down.8. What are your opinions on the current LBOA? What are your plans for the same?I believe except for the Board members in the University our current LBoA has hardly been of anyusage to us. I suggest a proper review of all their support and the formation of a new LBoA wthinactive board member removed.We should add more faculty person in the Board and some financially well of people from ourJamshedpur Market. It will give a lot of strength to our board structure.I feel the LBoA should be divided into the groups like Intellectual Support Groups (includinguniversity profs, DOSA etc.), Financial Support Group (people who can support the LC financially orInkind support in terms of Branding, Logistics, Media Releases), Exchange Support group(Organization heads who can take interns from us : like school principle from Jam etc.) 17 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  19. 19. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 20119. What according to you would be an ideal culture for AIESEC in IIT KGP next year? How would you implement the same as the LCP?Motivated members and well versed with all the AIESEC Knowledge will help the LC tobecome sustainable in terms of performance and member retention. Also rewarding initiativesand ensuring ALL the members get to explore their best side in AIESEC by allotting themproper team/ leadership jobroles in AIESEC.Organizational Hierarchy needs to be respected and members need to be responsible towardstheir jobroles and answerable to their various Team Leaders/ OCPs etc.Activity in all GBM and a minimum strength for a GBM to run needs to be implemented. Funshould play a filler element in all meetings and should be there between sessions. Knowledgeof AIESEC Culture and a certain amount of maturity needs to be developed in all membersextensively to ensure they are capable of taking Leadership positions.Punctuality and Performance needs to be rewarded and will be a criterion for fast forwarding toLeadership roles. Each and every single member needs to be enthusiastic to apply for aleadership role as and when it is offered.Minimum Participation in ALL National Conferences and Focus on ILCEPS and CEEDs forthose going on FT. Also members need to go on Exchange to become Official Alumni ofAIESEC IIT Kharagpur10. AIESEC in IIT KGP Vision 2011: To be the No. 1 Leadership Organization in IIT Kharagpur and to ensure that every Members Lives a 100 % AIESEC Experience. To Become a Local Chapter known for setting new standards and being the first choice partner for any Impactful Activity11. In one word, describe how you feel about AIESEC in IIT KGP? IMPACTFUL God Speed! 18 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India
  20. 20. Application for President of AIESEC in IIT KGP 2011 I have lived it many times, And every time I have wanted more, And every time I have gone ahead with it This time too I am ready to GO and GET IT.I’ll make them reality and then make new onesI’ll continue to DREAM BIG 19 AIESEC in IIT KGP, India