Date a girl in 1st meeting secret revealed..


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Date a girl in 1st meeting secret revealed..

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Date a girl in 1st meeting secret revealed..

  1. 1. <ul><li>How To Ask A Girl Out On DateYou met her, you talked to her, you got her number and, so far, everything is going great. But now
  2. 2. comes that awkward point, …
  3. 3. How To Ask A Girl Out For Date
  4. 4. If it is a girl you are really interested in your mind might be filled with doubts and insecurities :
  5. 5. What if she says no ?
  6. 6. Am I trying to move too fast ?
  7. 7. Maybe she thought we were just friends and she will be offended if I ask.
  8. 8. All of these fears, although natural and common, are dumb. If you want a date with this girl you have
  9. 9. the right to ask her out. Don't allow your life to be ruled by doubt and insecurity.
  10. 10. So what are the best ways to ask a girl out ?
  11. 11. There are several cheesy techniques you can use to lower your chances of rejection (such as making a
  12. 12. bet with a girl and the loser has to make them dinner) but these kinds of games are unnecessary. If you
  13. 13. are straightforward, and don't beat around the bush about what you want, a girl will respect and admire
  14. 14. your confidence.</li></li></ul><li>Optimally, you would ask her in a face‐to‐face setting. However, if that is not possible, either because<br />the opportunity won't present itself or because you aren't confident enough, your best alternative<br />would be over the phone.<br />Avoid, at all costs, asking through email or any other written medium (Instant Messenger, a note, etc.).<br />Not only do these methods scream "CHICKEN!" they also leave behind a paper trail that may or may not<br />come back to haunt you.<br />One way to avoid looking like an idiot is to have something in mind to say for these three possible<br />reactions to your question so you won't be caught off guard :<br />If she says "yes"<br />Have a plan in mind; know your schedule and have an idea to suggest.<br />If she says "no"<br />Don't act shocked or offended. Just be like, "Alright." Then carry on the conversation as if you never<br />asked. Be friendly and polite. Too often guys take a "no" personally and get ticked off. Girls don't admire<br />or respect a negative reaction. The fact that you were able to brush off her rejection so easily may<br />actually raise her interest.<br />If she says "some other time"<br />
  15. 15. Have a plan B in case she is busy. If she still acts like she has too much to do it's probably because she's<br />not interested and doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Accept it as a rejection and move on.<br />Of course, you go into it expecting her to say "yes" but it's, as with most things in life, it's important to<br />be prepared for the worst.<br />Tips on how to ask a girl out<br />The real key to getting women to say "yes" when you ask for the date IS TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE<br />ATTRACTED TO YOU.<br />
  16. 16. If a woman is attracted to you then why wouldn't she want to go out on a date with you ? It makes<br />sense but most guys don't think of it that way... they miss the point and focus on "how to ask" rather<br />than focusing on raising her attraction.<br />Steps<br />1. Break the stereotypes. Most colleges (at least in the south) have a vast majority of preppy<br />or otherwise conforming student bodies. The preppy ones are usually in intercollegiate sports and have<br />their own fraternity/sorority. The key is not to try to fit in with their style to keep up, but rather<br />maintain a style that is genuine, and that sets you apart from the thousands of conforming students she<br />will be surrounded by. If you are considered one of them preppy people, don't just limit yourself to<br />these type of people. If you like someone who is a gangsta or nerd or whatnot, go ahead.<br />2. Go all out. Most college students will approach a girl in a drunken stupor. This works on most,<br />and can probably be humorous to girls. But you have to set yourself apart. Flowers, cards, serenading,<br />every cliche romantic tool at your disposal must be used. This will also give her something sweet to<br />compare to drunken frat kids hitting on her. This will give you the upper hand most likely. However,<br />there is a fine line between "romantic" and overdone. You need to come off as mature as ‐ if not more<br />than ‐ the guys she's seeing everyday.<br />
  17. 17. 3. Never surrender. College schedules can be hectic, and studying intense, so do not expect to<br />be able to hang out as much as you could in high school. Work out dates far in advance. If she has to<br />reschedule at the last second, be understanding, she is probably just as upset as you are.<br />4. Do not waste your time together. Do your best to make every moment she spends with<br />you the best part of her day. Your goal is to make sure she has nothing to think about, to make sure she<br />relaxes and to help relieve the stress of college. Even small gestures matter. Pick her up, walk her to her<br />dorm, open doors (of course) and depending on the situation don't make her choose dinner, just pick<br />something you think she would enjoy.<br />5. Let her know of your future plans, goals, and ambitions. Since she's busy working towards<br />her future, it's good to let her know that you've got your eye on yours, too.<br />6. Not being jealous is key. She needs to know that you trust her and care about her, even if<br />you can't see her as often as you might like. No one likes a too‐clingy boyfriend.<br />Want Online Dating Guide ??<br />Want To Make New Friends Online ??<br />Visit:‐<br />