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consumer protection


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consumer protection

  1. 1. CONSUMER PROTECTIONSubmitted by- Sarabjeet SinghRoll No.- 3235Class- professional- 5th semester
  2. 2. What is Consumer Protection ? Consumer : refers to any individuals or households that use goods and services generated with in the economy. Consumer Protection : a concept that are designed to ensure fair competition and the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace.
  3. 3. Contd….. Consumer Protection laws : laws designed to prevent businesses that engage in fraud or specified unfair practices from gaining and advantage over competitors and provide additional protection for the weak for those unable to take care of themselves.
  4. 4. Ethics in Marketing in Consumer ProtectionMarket is flooded with duplicate goodshaving fake labels for selling drugs, foodstuffs, consumables like agarbatis, suparisetc. followed by misleading advertisements.This result in disrepute for the products ofgood companies even though such fakegoods are small in quantities.
  5. 5. Contd…. Setting high ethical standard and enforcing them reverses the position. If Government notices such depletion of ethical standard, rigid regulations are brought in and are never withdrawn. Marketing executives enjoy great amount of social power in influencing the society.
  6. 6. Who is responsible for consumer protection?Responsibility of BusinessResponsibility of ConsumerResponsibility of Government
  7. 7. Responsibility of BusinessThe business including producers andtraders have to due regard to consumerrights as it is their social responsibility.They have to come out with quality goodsat reasonable prices.
  8. 8. Responsibility of ConsumerAll efforts regarding consumer protectionwill not produce desired results ifconsumerism is not accepted as a meansof asserting and enjoying their rights.
  9. 9. Responsibility of GovernmentInnocent and helpless consumers shouldbe protected by the Government throughenacting legislations. Government willhave to set its own priorities for theprotection consumer’s right.
  10. 10. Consumer Protection Act 1986The act came in to effect first in December24, 1986 after being passed by thePresident of India. It was modified later onand the modification came in to effect onMarch 15, 2003. The act is applicable in all States inIndia except Jammu and Kashmir. Theacts makes provisions to include bothtangible goods and Intangible servicespurchased from trader or service provider.The act can apply to any consumer whouses the product for non- commercialactivities.
  11. 11. Objectives of the Consumer Protection Act,1986Better protection of interests of consumer.Protection of rights of consumers.To prevent practices having adverse effect on competition.To promote and sustain competition on market.To protect the interests of consumers.
  12. 12. Scope of Consumer ProtectionApplies to whole India.Applies to all type of goods and services,public utilities and public sectorundertakings.All types of complaints relating to goods,unfair trade pictures.A suit pending in civil court cannot beheard in consumer court.
  13. 13. Functions of a consumer protection agencyAdvise the government on consumerissuesRepresent the consumer interest inother governmental committeesEnforce consumer protection andcompetition lawConduct market surveys and researchinto consumer protection problemsConduct product testing for safety andquality
  14. 14. Who can file complaint ?The consumer to whom the goods are soldor delivered or agreed to be sold aredelivered or the service has been providedor agreed to be provided.Any recognized consumer protection,regardless of whether the consumer is amember of such association or not.One or more consumer, where there arenumerous consumer having the sameinterest with permission of the district forumon behalf of or for the benefit of all consumerso interested.
  15. 15. ConclusionConsumer Protection provides for betterprotection of the interest of consumer andfor that purpose to make provision for theestablishment of the consumer councilsand other authorities for settlement onconsumers disputes and for mattersconnected there with.