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  • Baseball game appsych

    1. 1. Singles Doubles Triples HOMERUNS A A A A B B B B C C C C D D D D E E E E F F F F G G G G
    2. 2. Singles A What is another term for thinking?
    3. 3. Singles B Words are spoken or written in a particular order.
    4. 4. Singles C The ________ stage is where baby’s experiment with sounds by producing incomprehensible noises.
    5. 5. Singles D Rule of thumb.
    6. 6. Can animals, such as dogs, learn to comprehend words. True/False? Singles E
    7. 7. Singles F Smallest unit of sound used in a language
    8. 8. Singles G Mental pictures we create in our mindsMental pictures we create in our minds of the outside worldof the outside world
    9. 9. Doubles A Which are less error prone, heuristics or algorithms?
    10. 10. Doubles B Tendency to search for information that confirms one’s preconceptions.
    11. 11. Doubles C What is the inability to look at a problem from a new perspective?
    12. 12. Doubles D The mental groupings of similar objects, events, and people.
    13. 13. Doubles E ___________ is the tendency to overestimate the accuracy of our knowledge and judgements.
    14. 14. Doubles F Set of rules we use to derive meaning from morphemes, words, and even sentences.
    15. 15. Doubles G At about __ + months, little children begin to develop language rapidly into complete sentences.
    16. 16. Triples ‘Big Doggy’, ‘Silly Bunny’, ‘Scary Man’ Are all examples of ________ ________.
    17. 17. Triples This hypothesis says that language determines the way we think.
    18. 18. Triples ________ memory is learning how to do something even without knowing that one knows how to do it.
    19. 19. Triples God is love. Love is blind. Ray Charles is blind. Ray Charles is God. This is an example of what?
    20. 20. Triples Name 1 of the 4 influences on our intuitions about risk.
    21. 21. Triples If looking for something at the grocery store and you want to follow an algorithm, how would you find the item?
    22. 22. Triples Apes gain their limited vocabularies with ease. True/False?
    23. 23. This person came up with the linguistic determinism hypothesis.
    24. 24. Name 4 of the 12 Intuition Deadly Sins.
    25. 25. Name 1 of the 2 psychologists that identified representativeness and availability heuristics.
    26. 26. Name the linguist that believed language will naturally occur, given adequate nurture. Said that our capacity for developing language is natural and quick because we have a language acquisition device already in place.
    27. 27. _________ _________ is when one learns to inhibit one language while using their other language and is better able to inhibit their attention to irrelevant information.
    28. 28. B.F. Skinner believed that we can explain language development with familiar learning principles, such as _______, _______, or _________. (Name 1)
    29. 29. This psychologist noticed apparent insight while studying chimpanzees off the coast of Africa. One of the chimps were named Sultan.